Yeswelder 205DS Review 2023 [Multiprocess MIG Welder]

The Yeswelder 205DS is a budget welder that will surprise you with its versatility. It is capable of multiprocess welding, including MIG, TIG, stick, and flux core welding. This product is impressive in many ways, from its versatility to price, efficiency, robustness, and power performance. So If you are planning about getting one, you should stick with us throughout the Yeswelder 205DS review article.

The manufacturer is relatively new, and they are from outside of the USA. However, Yeswelder has been getting a reputation recently with their low budget high performing products. The Yeswelder 205DS is one of their early releases, and it is one of the best products by the Yeswelder manufacturer. If you are looking for a welding device at a reasonable price that will serve you with multiple welding processes, the Yeswelder 205DS is the right choice for you. The price is lower than the Yeswelder MIG PRO 250 Synergic welder. This budget-friendly, synergic, and compact machine will be an absolute addition to the user’s collection.

Take A Look Inside The Box

At first, let’s have a look at the packaging. The product comes with the following accessories.

  • 10 feet MIG gun
  • Ten feet Electrode holder, cable 35-50 quick connector
  • American gas hose
  • One additional 0.030inch and 0.035inch contact tip
  • 110V/220V adapter
  • 10 feet earth clamp, cable 35-50 quick connector
  • Hammer 
  • Brush
  • User Manual

Who Should Buy Yeswelder 205DS MIG Welder?

Yeswelder mig 205DS reviewsA diverse group of people can use this intuitive, user-friendly MIG welder. From novice learners to professionals, everyone can use this outstanding product to their needs. 

If you are a beginner and not very familiar with the complicated settings of configuring a welder machine, then Yesweder 205DS will come to your aid. It has preset settings and intuitive settings that will allow you to get started on your welding.

On the other hand, Hobbyists, DIY workers, artists, and professionals can use this product for a range of different work except industrial level welding. This MIG welder will serve you for your home welding, garage welding, repair shop welding, and automotive welding works. The versatile Yeswelder 205DS will also allow the user to perform metal fabrication, metal artwork, and DIY welding projects. Now let’s Check out the features that Made the Device A Standout.

Dual Voltage Yeswelder 205DS Reviews in 2023

This article will take a good look at Yeswelder 205DS and discuss all of its features, advantages, and limitations.

Compact Design

The design of Yeswelder 205DS is genuinely an excellent piece of work by the manufacturers. The dimension of this big deal machine is 18.5 x 14.2 x 7.9 inches with a weight of 33lbs which allows the user to use this device portably. Also, it does not take ample space for storage. 

The gripping rod on top of the device allows the user to carry it around without struggle. In addition, the LCD screen made the device look more sophisticated. It will enable the user to keep track of current settings and changes in settings. Finally, a few buttons and voltage knobs will allow the user to operate the machine with ease. 

There are buttons to switch between processes. Also, the 2T/4T mode will allow you to select whether you will weld for an extended period or short period spot welding. Furthermore, the wire selection buttons come in handy while welding and are gasless/with a gas button to choose your preferred welding setup. 

Yeswelder 205DS is Portable

Yeswelder205DS reviewThe lightweight 33lbs product has a grip rod on top of it. Also, there is an adapter for your different voltage needs. These features of the product make it highly portable. With this advantage, the user can carry it around to various project locations without breaking a sweat.

Quick Setup

Setting up the machine for welding is pretty straightforward. The control panel is user-friendly, and the machine itself is a synergic machine, which means you can depend on the auto-setting feature.  

Therefore, right after unboxing, you set the wires to your preference, select gas mode or gasless mode, 2T/4T mode, amperage, and set metal thickness. Then the intuitive machine will automatically choose the compatible voltage and wire feed speed for the welding. 

Versatile Machine

The Yeswelder 205DS is a multiprocess welder. It can perform MIG, flux core, stick, and TIG(lift) welding.

The MIG / MAG welding can take up to 0.035inch MIG solid wire(Gas MIG) and 0.035inch flux wire (gas-less MIG). In synergic settings, the machine has the following diameter 0.023inch, 0.030inch, and 0.035inch. It can handle 2lbs and 10lbs rolls of wire.

The lift TIG welding option is usually not very common in multiprocess welders. However, lift TIG welding is possible with an additional TIG torch (You have to buy separately). Moreover, this machine can stick weld with 7018/6011 electrodes up to 5/32inch at 220V.  

Synergic Settings

The intuitive settings of the welder made it a more dynamic machine. Moreover, With the option of synergistic settings, you do not have to worry about configuring more often. Instead, you need to select the thickness level or the amperage, and the intuitive machine will set the voltage and WFS accordingly.

Yeswelder 205DS Welder Features 2T/4T Option

The addition of this feature with this device made this device more automative. If you are not familiar, let me introduce you to these options. The 2T option setting is for spot welding, where you pull the trigger to start welding and release it to end the process.

 On the other hand, the 4T option will allow you to weld for a more extended period without holding on to the trigger. Instead, you need to pull and then release the grip to start welding and end the process in the same way. 

Weldable Materials 

This unit can weld in various materials with the versatile welding option, including mild steel solid steel and stainless steel. However, this welder does not support a spool gun; therefore, aluminum welding is not possible. Nevertheless, the device is capable of welding 24gauge up to 3/4inch thickness material.

Duty Cycle

The duty cycle on this device is impressive. It gives 60% at 200amp. So after every 6 minutes of welding, the machine needs to cool down for 4 minutes. This high duty cycle percentage is rare even in the high budget welders, but Yeswelder 205DS introduces a high duty cycle in a low budget product. 

Power Source of Yeswelder 205DS MIG Welder

The Yeswelder 205DS can perform on 110V input voltage as well as 220V input voltage. Therefore, the user can use their preferred settings depending on the project. In addition, there is a 220V adapter to switch from 110V to 220V. The unit can provide up to 200amp output. 

Safety MeasurementsYeswelder MIG 205DS rewiew

Safety measures are crucial for a machine to last for an extended time. The inverter technology machine, Yeswelder 205DS, has an automatic protection function. That protects the device from overheating, overcurrent, and overvoltage.

Affordable Price

This excellent product costs only around 300$, which is unbelievable considering similar functionality products in the market. This low price of the product enables a wide range of elders to work in multiple welding. 

Limitation OF Yeswelder 205DS

It is without a doubt that the Yeswelder 205DS has a lot of exciting features to offer. However, the product has some limitations, which I believe the user should know before purchasing. 

  • Not made in the USA, there for the user manual might look confusing.
  • You have to buy the gas regulator separately.
  • There is no spool gun, therefore, no aluminum welding.
  • The measurement unit may not be understood as an offshore company that manufactures this product.
  • Lift TIG gun sold separately.


The Yeswelder 205DS is one of the earliest releases from the Yeswelder industry, and it is one of their best products. The ever-growing industry is getting a remarkable reputation through its product, and now we can trust the brand to bring our welding devices. 

The MIG unit is a complete package at a reasonable price that will fulfill most welding needs. There are many cheap MIG welders out there. However, this one beats all of them by its functionality and longevity. Furthermore, it will serve you with smooth spatter-less welds, so you are satisfied with your work.

The portability and synergistic feature of this welder make it more fun to use. Also, the duty cycle and operation mode gives the user lots of options for their specific projects.

Overall if you are thinking about spending around 400 bucks for a welding machine, it is highly suggested that Yeswelder 205DS will be a great option. You can check the user review of Yeswelder 205DS, who are already working with this product are satisfied customers.


Is there any warranty for Yeswelder 205DS?

The Yeswelder 205DS comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Is there any millimeter to inches setting chart available with the product?

There is no additional conversion chart available. Therefore, the user has to convert the number manually.

I am a beginner at welding. Can I use Yeswelder 205DS?

The Yeswelder 205DS is a beginner-friendly intuitive machine. Beginner welder can adapt to welding quickly with this unit. 

Can I use an additional spool gun for aluminum welding?

The Yeswelder 205DS is not compatible with using a spool gun. Unfortunately, no aluminum welding with this unit.

Which Country manufactures Yeswelder 205DS?

The Yeswelders products are manufactured in the city of Wenling in eastern China.

Do you have any questions related to our Yeswelder 205DS review topic? You can comment on your question below, and I will get back to you ASAP.


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