Wen 6502 VS 6502T: Know The Exact Differences

A common question we all have been facing is what could be the difference between Wen 6502 VS 6502T. Is it just the ‘T’ that is making the difference, or is there more? We will try to dissect these two sander’s functions and specifications to find that out. Wen has not clarified this, and neither of the consumers has any idea about it. So, these two models from Wen are the belt and disc sanders meaning it is two in one sander. Both of these are pretty popular, but no one can figure out the difference between them. It seems that there are more similarities between Wen 6502 and Wen 6502T. So let’s look at the similarities first, then we shall go for the differences. 

Similarities Between Wen 6502 and Wen 6502T Belt Sanders

Both the belt and disc sanders have a cast iron base and a 4.3 amp motor. The belt and disc sizes are the same, a 4×36 inch belt and a 6-inch disc sander. They have a powerful 4.3 amp ½ horsepower motor that can have 1900 FPM and 3600 RPM.  The belt size is 4×36 inches on both the sander with a 6-inch disc sander. The specialty of these belts and disc sanders is the adjustable belts that can be horizontal or vertical. You can adjust the belts according to your preferences. Another part that makes it so unique is that the disc sanders have a table attached to them. The table acts as support and has a 0 to 45 degrees angle with beveling capabilities and a removable miter gauge. These belt disc sanders come with a dust collection port that is 2.5 inches which you can attach to any vacuum cleaner for the tidiest workplace. 

Pros of Wen 6502 and Wen 6502T

  • Has extended safety guard
  • Adjustable belt
  • 80 grit sanding belt and disc
  • Easy to set up
  • 4.3 amp and ½ horsepower motor
  • Speeds up to 1900 FPM and 3600 RPM
  • Wide belts cover large areas
  • Easily replaceable belts
  • Dust port attaches with the vacuums easily

Cons of Wen 6502T and 6502 Sanders

  • Sanding disc changing is a bit difficult

Differences Between Wen 6502 VS 6502T

There are not many differences between Wen 6502 and Wen 6502T in the functions and specifications. They are mostly the same sanding machine with just an added ‘T’ in the name. Several consumers have asked if they are the same, but no one seemed to have any specific answers. Some said that they were the same, while some said they were not. Wen has not confirmed anything or explained the price difference between them. From a general view, they both have the same construction and design and work exactly the same. 

However, there are some slight differences that we have noticed while checking them deeply. That difference is mainly in the price and the weight. The price of the Wen 6502 is a bit higher than Wen 6502T, and the weight of them is respectively 38.6 pounds and 38 pounds.  There is just a 0.6 pounds difference between them. 

Wen 6502T or Wen 6502?

If a little bit of weight and a bit of extra price does not affect you, you can choose any of them for the same type of functionality. But if you want to save that extra penny, you can surely go and select the less-priced one without compromising any quality. I would recommend getting the Wen 6502 at a low price and use that money to get more tools for an easier work experience.

Final Thought

There are many belt disk sanders in the market, and Wen is one of the most popular and trusted belt sanders. Wen 6502 is so popular that they have two of the same type, Wen 6502T and Wen 6502. However, there are no specific differences between them other than the weight and the price. People tend to buy whichever one is available and affordable. None of them have any negative reviews to ensure that one is worse than the other, so we can confirm they are of good quality. So, no matter what type of user you are, you will not need any other sanders if you have this. 

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