Wen 6502 Review 2023 [6-Inch Belt Disc Sander]

Wen 6502There are different sanders available in the market. Typically there are two types of sanders- belt sander and disc sander. If it is hard for you to choose one between them, why not take them both? It might sound unbelievable, but Wen brings you a versatile sanding machine that combines a belt and disk sander. While the belt sander can cover the shape contours and surfaces, the disk sander can do the clear-cut edge work. This affordable, popular, and durable belt disk of Wen 6502 comes in different varieties, but we will be focusing on the 4”x36” belted cast iron base model. If you are wondering which sander to choose, take a look at this Wen 6502 review and decide if it matches your needs. We try to bring you the best product review so that you do not have to find the details somewhere else.

Technical Specification of the Wen 6502 Disc Sander

Feature Wen 6502 Disc Sander
Motor 4.3 amp, 1/2 horsepower motor
Belt size 4-inch x 36-inch belt
Disc size 6-inch diameter disc
Speed Belt: 1900 SFPM, Disc: 3600 RPM
Table tilt Adjustable tilt up to 45 degrees for both the belt and disc
Dust collection Dust port for attaching a vacuum to collect dust and debris
Belt release Quick-release lever for changing belts without tools
Disc brake Stops the disc quickly for increased safety
Belt tracking Adjustment knob to keep the belt centered on the sander
Warranty 2-year warranty

Two-in-one wen 6502 Belt Sander Reviews

Here we will add all the specifications, functionality, things that we liked and disliked to help you get a good view of this machine. 

Construction and Design

Wen 6502 is one big sander weighing about 38.6 pounds with an impressive 4.3 amp and 1 ½ horsepower motor suitable for all heavy-duty works. It is heavy and not possible to move and work by hand. We suggest fixing it someplace with nails or clamps. Also, it comes with a 4-by-36 inch belt and a 6-by-6 inch disk. The belt has 80 grit sandpaper attached to it that is easily replaceable. 

The huge belt rotates from 0 to 90 degrees angle to give you the perfect angle to work with. The 6-inch disk also has 80 grit sandpaper attached to it. It comes with a cast aluminum table and a Mitre gauge to keep the piece steady. Wen 6502 also has a 2.5-inch dust port to connect with a dust extractor. They have designed the disk belt sander to sand not just wood or lumber but also sand plastics and aluminum. 

Wen 6502 Features High-Speed 4.3 AMP Motor

Wen 6502 has an excellent motor quality that comes with a 4.3 amp capability. It is enough to take out any rough and challenging jobs. This sander guarantees a speed of around 1900 feet per minute, perfect for splinters and creating a seamless edge. The disk speed is about 3600 RPM, ensuring accuracy at work.

Mitre Gauge With Spacious Table 

One of the exclusive additions to the Wen 6502 belt disk sander is the spacious table with a Mitre gauge. The support table comes with a leveling guide that tilts from 0 to 45 degrees with a  removable Mitre gauge. These help the sanding disk bevel perfectly and also to round the edges of different pieces.

Heavy-Duty Base

The sander is quite heavy, so you need to place it somewhere and sand it. To ensure it doesn’t move while sanding and create any accidents, it has a sturdy cast iron base that is wobble-free. This also helps by absorbing the vibrations and giving a solid base to work on. 

Wen 6502 Comes With Adjustable Belt

 The adjustable belt allows you to move the belt at a 90-degree angle to get your job done. It has a locking system that locks the belt so that no accidents occur while you work. Some woodwork might need another belt angle to sand it properly. Wen 6502 gives exactly that to help you work without any complaints or difficulties. You can adjust the 4 x 36 inches belt horizontally or vertically according to your preferences. It makes the machine easier and safer to work with. The flexibility also helps the user gauge and place the wood at a certain angle to sand it properly.   

Port for Dust Collection

The most annoying part about sanding is cleaning the dust for hours. Wen 6502 is a heavy-duty sander which means it will get a lot of sawdust out. But there is nothing to worry about. It comes with a 2.5 inches port that you can adjust to your favorite dust collector. This will minimize the clean-up at your workstation and leave it nice and tidy. 

Long Blade Guard For Safety

Wen 6502 and 6502T both have a long guard for the blade to ensure safety. It directs the sawdust to the collection tube and helps prevent any hair or nails from getting in. The guard also adds control and stops the wood so that you can have some precisely cut wood. 

Protective Shourds

The disk sander has a protective plastic-made shroud to protect you from unavoidable accidents. Also, it keeps your skin safe from scraping while working on the disk scraper. The protective shrouds are quite an incredible feature. Adding it was really thoughtful of the makers. 

Short Feature review of Wen 6502

  • Replaceable and adjustable belt
  • Strong cast iron base
  • Powerful 4.2 amp motor
  • Has both belt and disk sander in one place 
  • Suitable for sanding not just wood but also plastic and aluminum
  • This Versatile machine can give both a coarse and a fine finish 
  • The tension release mechanism helps to change the belt easily
  • Has protective shroud for safety
  • The on/off switch is within reach
  • Two dust ports can connect to any suitable dust collector of your choice

Things We Did Not Like About Wen 6502 Belt Sander

  • Not safe to use metal on this
  • It is basically a sander, not a grinder

Safety Measures 

It would be best if you stay safe and cautious while using this big machine. Make sure to keep your fingers far enough from the sanding belt and disk to avoid injuries. Also, do not wear loose-fitting clothes near this. The clothes can get caught in the sander and create an accident. Working at high speed can be more dangerous but do not forget to stay safe while operating it at low speed. 

Who Should Buy Wen 6502 Disc & Belt Sander?

This product is comparatively quite affordable than the other sanders with the same features. Suitable for both the professional ones and also the occasional woodworkers. It can fit perfectly in your garage. Just make sure that children are not allowed in there. The functions are pretty simple for a beginner to be able to operate well. Wen 6502 can do heavy-duty wood straightening, polishing, or removing hard glue and other essential works. 

Final Thought on Wen 6502

There is no doubt this Wen 6502 belt disk sander is one of the best tabletop sanders anyone can have. If there are a lot of small projects that need work, this sander is perfectly suitable for them. It is perfect for beginners as there are angles marked on the sander, which eliminates the guesswork. After purchasing this, you will have tight and proper joints for your wooden projects. This sander comes at a highly affordable price, but you need to check if it satisfies your needs first. 


Does Wen 6502 disk sander come with a warranty? 

Yes, it does. As I have already mentioned above in our Wen 6502 review article that the belt sander has a warranty of two years.

Does the Wen 6502 unit come assembled?

No, it does not. You will have to assemble the Mitre gauge and the table. It comes with instructions and is really easy to assemble. You will know which piece goes where right when you first unbox it.


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