Wen 6321 Review

Wen 6321 Review [Affordable Corded Belt Sander]

Wen Has been around for almost 70 years now and has earned a trusted place in the market. This reliable company has all sorts of power tools developed into modern-day tools with some extraordinary features. Wen has tools suitable for both professionals and beginners. The Wen 6321 sanding machine is specialized for beginners. It is reliable, durable, compact, user-friendly, highly affordable, and ideal for new woodworkers. This lightweight Wen 6321 belt sander can take on some tough jobs around the house and repair things here and there. You can find all the functionality, specifications, and details about its performance throughout this Wen 6321 review article. Make sure to stick till the end to find out the frequently asked questions to get more information. 

Detachable Dust Bag & Front Roller Featuring Wen 6321 Review 2024

If you are new at this and do not have much knowledge about belt sanders, you are at the right place. Because here we have all the details, you need to know about this Wen 6321 belt sander suitable for beginners.

Size and Weight

The Wen 6321 comes with a 3×21 inches belt, a moderate-sized belt sander, which is quite common in the sanders of this class. It weighs only about 6.2 pounds making it easy to carry around. A lightweight sanding machine also means that you can work with it for hours without feeling any fatigue or cramps. 

Design and Construction

Wen 6321 comes in a classy black color that will take all your attention at first glance. It is a simple, compact, easy to work with, and portable belt sander that anyone can use with basic knowledge about this. Wen comes with an ergonomic handle and a comfortable front grip so that you can operate it efficiently. It uses a 3×21 inches belt that is easy to find in the market and easily replaceable. However, you have to ensure that the arrow of the belt matches the arrow on the machine so that it turns the right way. It also has a dust collection system that collects dust. 

Protruding Front Roller

The front roller of wen 6321 slightly sticks out past the body. So the protruding front roller can reach out to some unreachable corners and confined spaces. Also, the tight corners and edges will not be a problem when you have this sanding machine to do the work for you. 

Moderate Motor

Wen 6321 belt sander has a 7 amp motor, which seems powerful enough to do a lot of woodwork but not the heavy-duty kinds. It rotates the belt at 820 feet per minute. That is a low-speed rate compared to the Makita 9403 belt sander. However, this low speed will stop it from doing heavy-duty work like sanding a whole floor. You can do little DIY projects, work on windows, banisters, and small things like these. Having a lightweight and handy tool like this can help take care of minor problems in the house. 

Dust Collection

The dust collection port is crucial as it gets extremely messy when it comes to sanding. Sawdust can cover the whole working space and get into your eyes and lungs and create some serious health issues. Usually, all modern belt sanders have a dust collection system to make work a lot easier. Wen 6321 also has one. But the dust collection bag seems a little smaller compared to other brands and models. Also, the dust collection port is rectangular, making it hard to attach it to any vacuum. The dust port of this sander does not come with an adapter, so you will have to figure it out on your own. Or else, use the small dust bag that will need cleaning now and then. 

Additional Features of Wen 6321

The Wen 6321 comes with a manual belt tracking system. A knob on the side adjusts the belt, straightens it, and brings it back to its place if needed. This feature is vital because it can get damaged if the belt is not in its place during work. A lock-on trigger switch makes sure you do not need to keep pressing the trigger to keep the sanding machine on. You can leave the trigger, and it will still stay on while you work freely. 

Affordable Price

The compact-sized Wen 6321 sanding machine is highly affordable as it comes in under fifty dollars. At this price, this is the only belt sander that can give you a durable 7 amp motor that can handle all sorts of housework. The price is so budget-friendly that you can keep it in your house even though you will not use it regularly. It will be useful later on when you need to do some repairs around the house. 

Wen 6321 Belt Sander is Suitable For The Beginners 

The durable  Wen 6321 belt sander is suitable for beginners who only need to do some small repairs or polishing around the house. It is absolutely not for the professionals because it lacks speed, longevity, and other features like variable speed dial and auto-tracking belt. This sander will come in handy if you ever choose to do carpentry or DIY any wooden projects. But if you are new and want to start woodwork, you can start by purchasing this and learning things slowly through small projects. It can also be helpful to keep close if you are moving to a new house that might need a tool to repair things.

There is also an added pros and cons section in this wen 6321 belt sander review article to guide you on the correct path.

Pros of The Wen 6321 Sanding Machine

  • Ideal for small or DIY projects
  • Budget-friendly
  • Lightweight and compact sized
  • Detachable dust bag
  • Easily replaceable belts 
  • Corded power saves money for batteries 
  • Comes with two year warranty
  • Extended front roller can reach the corners and edges
  • Ergonomic front grip handle
  • Lockable trigger

Cons of The Wen 6321 Belt Sander

  • No adjustable speed
  • No auto-tracking belt


If you will not use a belt sander often but still want to purchase it for occasional uses, then The Wen 6321 is perfect for you. It is affordable, so you will not feel that you wasted your money on a sander that you are not going to use often. It is compact and portable enough to use and keep away in your toolbox. Keeping this in your house will save you from spending a lot of money on minor repairs. This sander can give you trouble-free performances for years if you can take care of it properly. 

FAQs Related to Wen 6321

Does Wen 6321 come with a belt?

Yes, it does. The sanding machine comes with one belt, and you will have to buy other ones. Wen 6321 sander’s quick-release belt system will make your job easier.

Can I attach it to my workbench?

Yes, you can. Wen 6321 belt sander has two clamps that fit perfectly in the holes of the unit so that you can attach it to a workbench. Attaching it will make the belt sander even more secure and stable. 

Does it come with any warranty?

Yes, it does. Wen 6321 offers a two-year warranty to this belt sander. But if it is maintained well, it will last even longer than that. 

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