8 Best Wen Belt Sander Reviews of 2023

The woodworkers and the artisan can put their wildest imagination to reality if they have the correct tools. Wen believes that and tries to bring out tools that can help the woodworkers achieve what they want. For this, they have experimented and created different types of belt sanders that each have individual specifications and functionality. So, now you end up with an extensive list to choose from. Wen has standard belt sanders, orbital sanders, palm belt sanders, belt and disc combo belt sanders belt, bench sander, and spindle belt sanders. Each varies in weight, motor power, color, construction, and design. Are you excited to look into these to see which one is suitable for you? Then wait no more. Read till the end of our Wen Belt Sander reviews to see all the options and then decide which one you prefer to see in your workshop. 

About The Company Wen

Nick Anton founded Wen in 1951. Back then, Wen made a mark by introducing electric power tools in the market. They have introduced many different power tools like chainsaws, electric soldering guns, electric jigsaws, etc. They have evolved in these 50 years and also managed to be the first to introduce random orbital technology. Wen now has a wide variety of products like bench grinders, belt disc sanders, generators, hand tools, and many more. Wen’s headquarters is situated in Elgin, Illinois. They prioritize their customer needs first and therefore keep bringing new products into the market. 

Popular Wen Belt Sander Reviews For Professionals & DIY

Here is a list for you containing some of the most popular belt sanders from the most demanding brand Wen. Here you will see a variety of Wen belt sanders that have the best reviews from the customers. For your help, we have added the specifications and functionality and the advantages and disadvantages of the belt sanders. 

WEN 6502T BenchTop 4 x 36-Inch Belt  and 6 Inch Disc Sander 

If you are concerned about which type of belt sander to choose, then stop right here. Wen 6502T brings to you a two-in-one belt sander that also has a disk sander built-in. This particular sander comes with a fierce 4.3 amp ½ horsepower motor that can sand anything without any hesitation. The belt sander’s belt is broad enough to cover a large area and also rotatable to give you the flexibility to work. The 6-inch disk sander comes with a beveling table and Mitre gauge for rounding the wood edges. For stability, this big belt disc sander is placed on a cast iron base. The belt speed can go up to 1900 FPM, while the disc speed can go 3600 RPM enough to handle any rough job in hand. 

Advantages of WEN 6502T Belt Disc Sander

  • Fierce 4.3 amp and ½ horsepower motor 
  • A wide belt gives enough space to work 
  • Cast iron base helps to stable the sander
  • Minimizes vibration
  • Disc sander has a table and mitre gauge
  • It comes with 80 grit sandpaper
  • Stop bar to ensure safety
  • Easily replaceable belts
  • Sands aluminum and fiberglass apart from wood
  • You can attach the dust collection port to a vacuum hose
  • Weighs 38 pounds


  • Not safe to use metal

Handheld WEN 6321 Corded 3×21-inches Sanding Machine 

Wen presents a handheld belt sander that has a strong motor of 7 amps. It only weighs six pounds that are light enough not to create any fatigue. This light-weighted belt sander comes in a sturdy, compact design that is easy to work with. The dust bag attached to it can be detached and cleaned. Also, it has a lock-in safety feature that will keep the machine on even when you pull out your finger from the trigger giving you the freedom to hold it comfortably. It comes with a D-grip on the front, which is bulky enough to provide you with a good hold. Wen 6321 is relatively cheaper and better in performance than most other belt sanders that cost more than this. Buying this will not be a loss project. Now let’s check its feature details listed below in this wen 6321 belt sander review section.

Pros of WEN 6321 Sanding Machine

  • 7 amp motor operates 13 feet per second for a really smooth finish
  • It weighs only six pounds
  • It does not heat up quickly
  • It has a sturdy handle to grip on
  • Easily replaceable belt 
  • Easy to maneuver in tight places
  • Adjustable belt
  • Offers 2 years warranty
  • It comes with replacement belts


  • The dust collection of the bag is not that effective
  • The dust collection port does not come with a suitable adapter to connect it with any vacuum 

Steel Base Benchtop Belt Disc Sander WEN 6500T Review

Wen has a variety of belt disc sanders. From cast iron base to this steel iron base, Wen has never compromised with the quality of the sander. This heavy-bottomed sander weighs about 32.2 pounds, so everyone prefers to use it as a benchtop. It has a powerful 3.2 amp motor that can do some massive, heavy-duty jobs. This sander is versatile and reliable, with 4-inch by a 36-inch belt rotatable from 0 to 90 degrees. The disc sander is a 6-inch disc with a table and Mitre gauge to get the desired shape. 

Advantages of WEN 6500T 

  • 3.2 amp motor can build up a speed of 1150 feet per minute
  • Steel base gives it stability 
  • Low vibrations
  • Both belt and disc in one machine
  • Easily replaceable belt
  • It comes with a rotatable belt that can bend to 90 degrees
  • Stop bar for safety
  • Has 2-years warranty

Disadvantages of Wen 6500T

  • Creates loud noises

Stationary 6515T WEN 1×30 Belt Sander Review with 5 inches Sanding Disc

Wen 6515T is another type of belt disc sander that comes with a slightly narrow belt. This belt sander is not that heavy, weighing about 16 pounds, so it is a benchtop belt sander too. The belt is 1 inch by 30 inches, while the disc is approximately 5 inches. Please do not underestimate the 2.3 amp motor as it can make the belt speed up to 3160 feet per minute and the disc go 3450 RPM. Weighing 16 pounds, Wen 6515T has mounting holes and a heavy-duty base to work well. 

Things we like about Wen 6515T

  • The belt and disc sander ensures that this machine is enough to handle any sanding job you can have
  • Lightweight but stable and sturdy because of the metal base 
  • The belt and disc both have a beveling table to help work with precision 
  • Easily replaceable belt
  • 100 grit belt and 80 grit disc sander
  • Mitre gauge added to the disc sander
  • Two adaptable dust ports for effortless dust collection


  • It does not come with adjustable speed

WEN 6502 Cast Iron Based Benchtop Sanders 

Wen 6502 sander has almost no difference from Wen 6502T. Some say the difference is only in the ‘T.,’ But there is a price difference in them too. To find out the reason behind that, we looked deep into the specifications. The only mentionable difference we could find is in the weight and price of these two belts and disc sanders. While the Wen 6502T weighed about 38 pounds, the Wen 6502 weighed 38.6 pounds. So Wen 6502T is lighter than Wen 6502. Maybe the extra few pounds cost extra as Wen 6502 is almost 150 dollars while Wen 6502T is a little over hundred dollars. There is one other thing we noticed in the manufacturer section. Wen 6502T is manufactured by WEN, while Great Lakes Tool MFG INC manufactures Wen 6502.

The other specifications, functions, specialty stays the same in both of these belt sanders. You can choose the lighter and less expensive one and still get the same service as the other one. 

WEN 6500 Steel Based Belt and Disc Sanding Machine  

Wen 6500 steel-based sanding machine is exactly the same as the Wen 6500T. These two belt sanders weigh the same, look the same, and have the exact specifications and functionality. The only difference we could notice was in their product dimensions. While the Wen 6500 had ‎20 x 14.5 x 12.5 inches, the Wen 6500T had 17 x 13 x 11 inches. This slight difference does not affect the price or the performance of the sander. So, if you do not mind some inches, they are basically the same belt sander in the market. The steel base is sturdy enough to create fewer vibrations promising you a comfortable working experience. 

Freestanding WEN 6508 Disc Sander (Ideal For Professionals)

Here is Wen introducing the heaviest and most expensive belt and disc sander in this list. It weighs about 83.8 pounds and comes with a stand that withholds the weight and makes it easily accessible. Wen 6515 is enormous with 6 inches 48 inches belt and a massive 9 inches disc sander. The stand keeps it three feet off the ground, which is why you will not be feeling any vibrations while working. Wen belt sanders can take down any challenge with their belt speed of 2700 feet per minute and the disc speed of 3450 rotations per minute. It also comes with a disc table that creates enough support and space to work freely. The Mitre gauge and dust collection port fill up all the necessary qualities that you need in a belt and disc sander.    

What are the Advantages?

  • Supportable stands are adjustable.
  • Powerful belt and disc sander can do the toughest jobs at ease
  • Low vibrations
  • A superb motor of 9 amps can create really high speed
  • It comes with the standard 80 grit sandpaper
  • Mitre gauge helps angled sanding
  • Has two dust ports to keep your workplace clean


  • It is too heavy and expensive

WEN Oscillating 6524 Belt and Spindle Sander

We must admit Wen has a fabulous collection of different types of belt sanders. This one has a belt sander and a spindle sander all in one. Moreover, the spindles come in different sizes for you to find the one you need in time. A spindle sander can help smooth out the curves and remove extra materials. This sander comes with an adjustable table that can go from 0 degrees to 90 degrees angle to give you the correct angle and support to sand your wood. The manufacturer provides five different-sized spindles and one big belt with 80 grit sanding paper for each. Also, this machine weighs about 27 pounds with a 3.5 amp motor. It comes with an onboard storage system that can store all the table inserts, throat plates, rubber insert drums. The spindles oscillate 58 times in a minute for about a 5/8 inch stroke. 

Wen 6524 oscillating belt and spindle sander review

  • The belt speed reaches up to 1575 feet per minute, and spindles speed up to 2000 RPM
  • The adjustable table helps to sand at an angle
  • The motor of 3.5 amp can do the heavy-duty job without fail
  • Onboard storage system keeps everything in place
  • 1-1/2 inch dust port to attach with any dust collection system
  • It comes with two dust ports that can collect the massive amount of dust it creates
  • Amazing oscillation time and speed


  • Makes loud noises

Final Thought on Best Wen Belt Sanders

Wen has been creating some really high-quality products in the last few years. They are available in different price ranges, so if anyone is looking for a simple one to start learning woodwork, here is something for him. The high-tech professional ones also come in pieces that you need to put together before you start using them. Usually, the professional ones are the expensive ones as they have the functions required to achieve precision. Wen has something for everyone that has an interest in buying belt sanders. You just need to go through the Wen Belt Sander reviews article, find what you need, and start giving life to your imagination and dreams.


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