Weldpro 200 Review [115V Inverter MIG Welder of 2023]

The Weldpro 2000 multipurpose (3 in 1) amp inverter is designed in a user-friendly way, allowing beginners and professionals to complete their welding work efficiently. This MIG welder comes with the added feature that can handle flux core welding, proper lift TIG welding, aluminum welding, stick welding, and all of this with a highly affordable price considering other available products in the market. Continue reading our Weldpro 200 review article to get all the technical details related to this product.

Weldpro 200 weighs around 30lb which is lightweight than the Weldpro 155 and gives the user high portability. If you are a professional, you can carry it from one worksite to another; also, you can easily use it in your home, in the garage, and in the shop.

Complete Super Portable Weldpro 200 Review 2023

This product version from Weldpro is a genuinely excellent release on the market. This product is so versatile that users such as professional welders, personal home users, and new ones can use Weldpro 200 amp inverter without worrying about the price.

Optimal Design & Efficient Use

As mentioned above, the product design is very user-friendly with a dual digital display that shows bright and significant figures for the user to operate it without difficulty. The layout is easy to read whether you are working in bright sunlight or low light area. Controls are intuitive; you can set amperage and wire-speed for specific welding tasks and consecutive settings changes accordingly. 

The product also comes with an easy-to-understand instruction manual to familiarize the machine, and the user can look up when faced with a problem.  

This machine takes less storage space with high portability, which is handy for users as you do not have to worry too much about maintenance space. Moreover, with an overhead rod for grip, carrying it around becomes easy. 

Powerful Performance of MIG Welder Weldpro 200

Performance is the main issue for MIG welders, and the Weldpro 2000 will ensure your satisfaction with its compact and powerful performance. One can work on any metal surface with this. This welder can work on up to ¼ inch of thickness of mild steel. Therefore, Weldpro 2000 is ideal for construction and fabrication work. Furthermore, this product can easily do farm work, DIY work, or simple house-related welding work.

This dual voltage (115V/230V) machine can give you output up to 200 amperages. The duty cycle of Weldpro 2000 is 30% at 200 amps. Therefore, the device is suitable for long-term use. Weldpro 200 mig welder reviewsAs mentioned earlier, the user can operate it for MIG welding, TIG welding, core flux, and stick ark welding. Furthermore, aluminum welding is possible with an optional spool gun. In addition, there is a variety in MIG wire diameter, TIG needle diameter for your convenient use. 

Safety Measures

Safety is a big concern while working with electrical or mechanical machines or devices, and Weldpro 2000 manufacturers design the product while considering its safety measures. For example, the pre-installed display indicates VRD’s high temperature and lets you know when the machine is overloaded to protect it from heat damage.

The inverter technology in Weldpro 2000 automatically adjusts the output power measuring the input voltages. As a result, the users do not have to worry about high-speed power switches, and the machine’s longevity increases.

Unbelievable Price

The price of the Weldpro 2000 is very affordable with all its features and specifications. If you are a beginner in welding, you should think of Weldpro 2000 as you will never find another product with the combination of this pricing and beginner-friendly features. Also, if you are a professional, you already know this is the best option in this price range. 

All specifications of Weldpro 200 at a glance

  • Multipurpose- 3in1 Welding machine capable of MIG, Lift TIG and Stick welding.
  • Dual digital display- To set or read amp rating and wire-speed, and to show VRD’s high-temperature display to protect from overheating damage.
  • Dual Voltage input – 115V and 230V.
  • Output current under 115V: 40A to 120A(MIG), 40A to 120A(MMA), 15A to 120A(TIG).
  • Output current under 230V: 40A to 200A(MIG), 40A to 200A(MMA), 15A to 200A(TIG).
  • MIG Welding wire diameter – 0.024, 0.031, 0.039. Welding thickness 19ga- .197in.
  • TIG tungsten needle diameter – 0.063, 0.094. Welding thickness 25ga – ¼ in.
  • MMA electrode dia – 0.063-0.157. Acid electrode, alkaline electrode, welding thickness 14ga- 0.0315in.
  • Duty cycle – 30% at 200amp.


  • A compact multipurpose welder. 
  • Exceptionally affordable price.
  • Super portability.
  • The welder works on all metal surfaces, including aluminum (with an additional spool gun).
  • Inverter technology enables it to work on significantly low voltages.
  • VRD’s high-temperature display to protect from heat damage.
  • Synergic design that allows even beginner users to use the product easily.


  • An additional spool gun is not provided.
  • The unit does not have auto temperature control.

Final Thought

The overall value of Weldpro 2000 is exceptionally high. This product version is one of the best releases from Weldpro, and it is a flagship product of Weldpro as well. It is a genuine budget MIG Welder; you cannot ask for a lower price with the features it provides. In addition, the user-friendly design with the portability option makes this a standout product. Whether you are a beginner in welding or a pro, you have to consider Weldpro 2000 if you are thinking of buying a MIG Welder in this price range.Weldpro 200 ReviewWe try to list all the features and functionalities related to this model, and I hope our Weldpro 200 Review article will help you choose the right product that fulfills your requirements.


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