Vmax AGM Deep Cycle Battery Review in 2023

Vmax BatteryThe Vmaxtanks Vmaxslr125 AGM deep cycle battery is a reliable and safe battery to use indoors, such as in a camp or any other place of choice. It is also a great option for solar energy storage and as a deep cycle battery. The Vmaxtanks deep cycle battery is created to produce current for over a longer period of time. That’s why it is suitable for storing solar power, marine application, and for recreational vehicles. The battery does not need a lot of maintenance like other types of batteries. Read this Vmax Battery Review to know more about this.

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Technical Features of the Vmax Battery:


Vmaxtankx AGM deep cycle battery- Vmaxslr125

20-Hour Capacity: 125AH
Reserve Capacity @25 Amps: 260
Terminal Posts: 8mm (included)
Width: 6.8 in
Length: 12.9 in
Height: 8.5 in
Weight: 75lb
Charging Current*: 8A-35A
Charging Voltage: 14.4-14.9V
Nominal Voltage:  12V
Group Size: BCI: 31
Float Voltage: 13.5V-13.8V
Float service life span:  8 to 10 years

Vmaxtanks is a famous brand known for designing high-quality AGM deep cycle batteries. The Vmaxtanks Vmaxslr125 AGM battery has superior performance with an 8 to 10 years lifespan in float mode. Additionally, it is designed for 99% recombination capabilities. Thus it has no life-threatening gases or fumes. Also, it is very durable as it is made of military-grade custom made plates that make it last longer. Read on to learn more features about this high-quality and durable AGM battery.
Vmaxtankx AGM deep cycle battery

Vmax Battery Review 2023

Excellent lifespan

The manufacturer has rated the average lifespan of this battery to be between 8 and 10 years. Though, you should note that this lifespan can only be attained if the battery is charged and maintained according to the instructions. If not, it will not perform optimally.

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Sturdy construction

The battery itself is constructed for durability as it features sturdy materials such as heavy-duty alloy plates. These are able to withstand any adverse weather conditions that are thrown at the battery. So, this is a good investment as you will use it for many years to come.


One of the greatest challenges of owning marine batteries is maintenance. But with the Vmax Vmaxslr125 battery, you won’t have to add water in order to check its particular gravity during the float service life.

Leak-proof operation

Since this is an AGM battery, you won’t experience leaks or spills of any kind. This is because it is constructed and sealed properly to ensure leak-free operation. Moreover, it is not dangerous thus approved for marine, surface or air use. In short, it is extremely versatile as it can be used in your solar system, boat or even RV.

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Low self-discharge rate

The Vmaxtanks Vmaxslr 125 AGM battery has a very low discharge rate of 1 to 2 percent rated capacity per month at room temperature. Apart from the low self-discharge rate, its extremely low resistance makes the battery 99% efficient in performance.

AGM electrolyte suspension system

This is what makes this battery to be unique. The Absorbed Glass Matt (AGM) utilized in the electrolyte suspension system assists in completely absorbing and containing the electrolyte. Substances like gel are not used in the battery.vmaxslr125 agm 12v

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It is safe to use

This AGM battery is designed for 99 percent recombination capabilities, thus it comes with no life-threatening gases or fumes. So, it is safe around your family and the environment.


  • It has a long lifespan of 8-10 years
  • Vmax battery has military-grade custom made plates
  • It has a fast recharge rate
  • It doesn’t produce dangerous fumes or gases
  • 12-month warranty

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  • It doesn’t hold the charge after some time
  • It is quite costly
  • Not the best customer support as it is a tedious process to have it replaced or repaired


Overall, the Vmax Vmaxslr125 AGM battery is a powerful and durable battery that can be utilized for different purposes. It can be connected to a solar system to store solar power, it can be used for maritime, and finally, it can be used in a cabin or camp. The battery has a long lifespan and it is maintenance-free. It is also leak-proof and very efficient in performance.

If you want a reliable battery that you can use on land, maritime, or air, then the Vmax Vmaxslr125 AGM deep cycle battery is a good alternative.


Question: Is it possible to mount this battery sideways without losing any capacity?
Answer: Yes, you can. This is because this is an AGM battery and they don’t come with any free-roaming fluids like a lead-acid battery and they have small venting so that you can use them inside. Therefore, if you intend to utilize this battery while it is enclosed, ensure that you have at least some venting to prevent the possible build-up of explosive hydrogen gas. In short, this battery is sealed and can be mounted in any position.

Question: How many batteries do I need to run a small camp?
Answer: This totally depends on the size of your camp. So, if you have a small or large camp, you need to know how many amp-hours it has to fulfill its demands. In most cases, two 125 amp hour batteries will do great as they can power on many things such as a laptop, light bulbs, and much more.

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