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Titanium 125 Welder Review in 2024 [Easy-Flux MIG Welder]

Ever wonder that a transformer-based welding machine can weigh less than 20 pounds? Well, the Titanium 125 Welder makes this possible. This super portable welding unit is an ideal beginner welder whose price tag is also unbelievably affordable. Additionally, it comes with many of the high price welding unit features. Choosing a suitable welding device can be challenging, as there are lots of options from various brands. A user has to find one product that fits their description containing price, power, versatility, efficiency, and durability among all the products. Therefore, we bring you this Titanium flux 125 welder review article to discuss this unbelievable Titanium Easy-flux 125amp welding unit. 

The manufacturer of this incredible welder is Harbor Freight. They are a family-owned manufacturer with 40+ years of expertise in the relevant category. In addition, they provide quality products while keeping the price range unbelievably low and winning people’s trust and hearts. The Titanium 125 welder is a perfect example of this reliable manufacturer.     

Titanium Easy-Flux Welder’s Accessories 

First of all, we will take a look inside the product package. It comes with the following components. 

  • User manual
  • Backpack strap
  • Shielded wire
  • Two contact tips
  • Tip cover
  • Ground clamp
  • 6.5-feet MIG gun
  • Gasless nozzles

With all the accessories, the simple welding unit comes as ready to start your work.

Lightweight 120v Titanium Easy Flux 125 Welder Review

We highlight product construction, packaging, power performance, and efficiency throughout the piece.

Also, we recommend the user traverse through the whole Harbor Freight Titanium 125 welder review article to get a better perspective that will come in handy in your decision-making.  

Design & Construction

The best feature of the Titanium Easy-flux welding device is its thoughtful design and incredible construction. The compact unit has a dimension of 17.25x 12.75x 9 inches, taking a shallow storage space making it a more convenient device. In addition, it weighs only 15 pounds, which is a rare weight for any welding device. Thus, the size and weight of the welder make it somewhat a pocket device, meaning the user can carry it anywhere effortlessly. Also, the product package contains shoulder straps for better moveability.

Titanium125 mig Welder reviewThe user control panel design is minimalistic and easy to understand and operate. It consists of two knobs for variable control, fine-tuning voltage, and WFS control. You will find an on/off switch on the back of the machine, and inside there is a cooling fan. Overall the device has a rugged case that promises durability and safety from any external damages.   

Power Settings of Titanium 125 Welder

The voltage settings, amperage settings, and duty cycle determine the device’s work capability, and this welding unit has moderate settings options considering its price range. It is a DC welder with inverter technology, and it runs on a standard 120V household outlet. Additionally, it provides an amperage range of 30-125amp, which gives considerable power for most small to mid-scale welding tasks.   

The duty cycle of this compact device is 30% at 90 amp, meaning it will take 7minute to cool off for every 3 minutes of the welding operation. In addition, the device has a wire feed speed range of 60-200 IPM. The two knobs will allow controlling the voltage/amperage and wire feed speed settings to user convenience. Furthermore, the device can weld 18gauge up to 3/16 inch thick materials with all the power settings, and advanced DC inverter technology ensures stable arc and clean weld.   

Quick Setup & Better Usability 

Before, we mentioned that the product comes as a complete package, and setting up the unit is fast and straightforward. In addition, the owner’s manual will come in handy while setting up the machine. Once you open the box, first connect the power cable to the proper outlet, select the spool wire, and control the voltage and wire feed speed, and you are good to go.

The lightweight construction (almost 50% less weight than traditional MIG welding machines with similar specifications ) enhances the product’s maneuverability. For example, a user can take the machine from one working site to another, moving while the operation is more accessible.  

Who Will Benefit Most From This Device

This is a perfect welding machine for beginner welders who aim to work on the home or DIY projects. Also, it has the capability to attend most of the semi-professionals welding tasks like farm, kitchen, and garage repair works if you are a hardcore welder, we do not recommend this product, although the lightweight feature of the product can come in handy for every welding enthusiast.    

Titanium 125 Welder Has In-Build Safety Features 

The low-budget Titanium Easy flux did not compromise the safety measures while manufacturing this incredible machine. It comes with some of the advanced safety features that are available on high-end products. First of all, it has overload protection to deal with any heat-related issues.Titanium 125 Welder review Additionally, the cold contactor keeps the wire electronically cold, so the user can focus on their welding rather than checking on the machine. Also, it ensures that the product will serve for an extended time.   

Advantages Of Using Titanium 125 Easy Flux Welder

  • Affordable price
  • A lightweight and portable device
  • The setup process is very convenient 
  • Inverter technology ensures better power settings 
  • Stable, clean, and spatter less weld 
  • Excellent usability for the beginner welder 


  • Not suitable for hardcore professional welders 
  • The warranty period for this device is only 90 days 

Final Thought on Titanium 125 MIG Welder

The super lightweight Titanium 125 Easy flux machine can be a great addition to the welder’s collection. Also, for the beginner welder, this is a must-purchase to get started. This budget-friendly welding unit with advanced inverter technology will allow its users to get clean spatter-less welds with stable arc performance. Titanium 125 mig Welder reviewIn addition, the easy access and effortless setup of the unit make the machine truly unique from other products in a similar category. Furthermore, if you are looking forward to exploring more products before making a decision, we recommend you go through our popular MIG welders review, where you will find the collection of some of the best products in this category. 


Does the Titanium 125 Easy Flux come with a warranty?

The Titanium 125 Easy Flux machine comes with a 90 days limited warranty.

Does this Titanium 125 have any safety features?

The easy flux machine comes with thermal overload protection and a cold contactor safety mechanism.

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  1. does not come with wire but the flux core wire harbor freight sells in made in Italy and is a very good quality for a very good price. To vastly improve the weld quality, go on Amazon and purchase the 300amp brass ground clamp. The welder wire attaches to the brass clamp with out modification. i added zip ties to the ground clamp handle so the cord does not flop around. Weld power goes through the ground clamp into the work and into the flux core wire to melt it so reducing the electrical resistance vastly improves the weld quality. I have a complete welding shop and this titanium 125 flux core welder is a welcome addition to an already collection of more extremely expensive equipment. The portability makes it a go to piece of welding equipment.

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