Hobart 500549 Auto Arc Review

When you’re buying equipment for work that’s as demanding as welding, the first thing you should look for is high quality and safety. When you’re messing around with high voltage and amperage and very high temperatures, durability and reliability can be difficult to find in entry-level equipment. Hobart is one of the most trusted names in welding, and seeing their nameplate on a machine can help put your mind at ease while you’re buying it – and using it. They’ve been building industrial machinery in Troy, Ohio, since 1917, and the Hobart 500549 is entirely designed, fabricated, and assembled in the USA, which is becoming a real rarity.

Hobart 500549 is an Entry-Level Unit, Not A Toy

The Hobart 500549 Auto Arc is designed as an entry-level welder, but like all Hobart units, it’s hardly a toy. It’s small enough to be tucked away in a garage or workshop until it’s needed, and it runs on regular household current, so you’re sure to find uses for it. Even professional welders that don’t require a machine to weld heavy gauge materials would find the Hobart 500549  to be a competent machine that delivers great welds. The Hobart 500549 MIG welder is a wire feed welder, can use flux wire if you’re welding without gas or can be easily switched over to bottled gas for MIG welding. Although the 500549 doesn’t have the cast aluminum wire feed rollers you’ll find on Hobart’s more expensive models, the wire feed is well designed and gives a good consistent feed, which will make welding for amateurs much easier and give experienced welders fewer things to gripe about as well.

Hobart Welders Have An Enviable Reputation

Like most other Hobart welder models, the Auto Arc receives almost universal praise in reviews by users. Since many entry-level welders purchase the Auto Arc, the amount of people that praise the ability of the machine to produce competent welds while being used by amateurs is remarkable. Reviews from professionals that use the Auto Arc Hobart, 500549 MIG welder, as a backup unit or as a portable welder for small jobs are just as enthusiastic about the machine, and comparisons of the weld quality to more powerful Hobart units are favorable. Some seasoned welders even report being able to weld ¼” steel with this unit, which it’s definitely underpowered for, by laying down welds in two passes. Beginning welders also enthusiastically praise the Hobart 500549 for allowing supplying everything you need to begin welding in just a few minutes after you open the box.

The Hobart 500549 Mig Welder Is Inexpensive, Not Cheap

This unit has a list price of around $550, but it’s usually available heavily discounted, putting it in the reach of almost anyone that needs an affordable and reliable welder. Its small size and lightweight (just 52 pounds), which means it can ship by regular parcel service, too, and is often offered with free shipping. It’s as good an entry-level welder as you’re likely to find anywhere, and the Hobart brand is known for its durability, so it’s bound to last you a long time.

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