Supermax 16-32 Drum Sander Review in 2023

Are you a professional woodworker that needs to work large-sized wood pieces daily? Then you need a tool that can help you to finish your work faster and smoother. A drum sander is a must-have tool if you work with industrial things that need a powerful tool. The Supermax 16-32 drum sander review will help you know all about the functions and the specifications of this sander so that it can help you decide whether you need this sander or not. However, the supermax drum sander is one of the most famous drum sanders in the market that helps to level the wooden workpieces perfectly. 

Smooth & Fast Supermax 16-32 Drum Sander Review

The Supermax drum sander 16-32 claims to be different from the other sanders available in the market. Let’s take a look at the functions and the specifications of this sander to figure out the reason behind its popularity.

Drum and Frame of Supermax 16-32 

This drum sander comes with a frame. However, there is nothing to set up with the sander as it comes all assembled, but the frame or the stand needs a setup. Although it does not take much time and it is fairly easy to assemble too. If you manage to get the heavy sander on the stand, you will notice that the stand is quite rigid and stable. Moreover, placing and securing the sander on the sander creates no hassle whatsoever. The stand has swiveling wheels in the bottom so that you can easily move it around. Also, to help place it on an uneven floor, it has adjustable leveling feet. 

Dual Motor Design

The supermax drum sander is huge compared to the regular-size belt and disc sanders. These are capable of handling any sanding task given to them easily because of the two motors. They produce enough power for this sander to turn into a powerhouse. The first motor has about 14 amps and 1 ½ HP of power to drive the drum, while the other motor is 45 amps with 1/20 HP, which helps run the conveyor. The dual-motor design is a great idea as it divides the power source and ensures the full competence of the sander while it is still under control. However, the manufacturers mention using a 20 amp circuit to power the sander. 

User-friendly Controls

The Supermax 16-32 drum sander has advanced controls that stand out among other sanders. However, they are so simple that even a beginner will not need any guidance. The control buttons are at the top front so that it is easily accessible. The red button turns the machine on while the yellow button turns it off. 

Adjustable Height

The Supermax  16-32 drum sander has an adjustable knob that helps adjust the height according to the different thicknesses of the materials. This adjustable height feature is one of the most important features of the drum sander. However, the knob can be a bit difficult to adjust sometimes. TO solve that problem, the Supermax 16-32 comes with a lever that can disengage the adjustment knob quickly with one pull. It saves 48 revolutions of the handwheel, which could take a long time. By pulling the lever, the drum comes straight to the point you need it to. After that, just adjust the thickness you prefer. This is helpful when you have a lot of wood to sand, but they each have different thicknesses.

Digital Read-Out 

It is quite difficult to read out a whole manual to figure out how to fix the machine’s thickness, sizes, and widths. The Supermax 16-32 drum sander has a digital readout that allows the sander to set down between 1/32  inches and 1/ 128 inches.  There is also a millimeter range added in the setting to give you specific adjustments. However, you can also choose from two modes. One is the ABS or the absolute mode that indicates the original thickness of the workpiece. The second one is the INC or the incremental mode that shows the amount the sander will shave off. 

Speed Control   

There is a dial Rheostat that controls the speed of the conveyor up to 10 feet per minute. The speed control scale is between the bed and the drum as it shows the speed tuning on the dial rheostat. 

Turbo Vented Vacuum Port

The Supermax  16-32 drum sander is as big as an industrial sanding machine. It is quite big in size and also powerful to sand large pieces. So it is normal that the amount of dust it will produce will be quite high. This can make the place really messy unless you attach a good and strong vacuum to it. However, this sander comes with a turbo vented port that can take in all the sanders’ dust. It also has a fan in it which helps it to absorb dust even better. 

Sanding Drum 

The sanding drum is the center attraction of this drum sander. The 16×5 inch drum is made of aluminum and has a self-cooling system. As it has its self-tensioning fasteners, it becomes easier to mount the rough strips in a small amount of time. You can improve the durability of the sandpaper and make it long-lasting by cleaning the abrasives regularly and reversing the strip if there are any noticeable tears or wear. 

Lighter Than Other Drum Sanders

Although we all know that drum sanders like Powermatic and Supermax are not portable as they are heavy and hard to move from place to place. However, the Supermax  16-32 drum sander is one of the lightest compared to other sanders as it weighs only about 148 pounds. Most people prefer this sander because its weight is lighter. 

Fast Drum Speed

Speed plays an important role in every sander. If the sanding machine does not have enough speed, the material will not sand efficiently. However, the Supermax  16-32 drum sander comes with a high speed of 1740 RPM. That speed is quite impressive, and it also makes sanding tons of material easy. 

The Fast-Acting Lever

One of many attractive features is the fast-acting lever of the Supermax  16-32 drum sander. This lever comes in handy when you have a lot of work and you are in a hurry. This lever saves you time by adjusting larger scales at one go, while the knob can work when you need to fix the details. The micro-adjustment wheel can adjust projects that are quite small in size. 


This is one of the recent and most famous technologies that has attracted all the sanding world. As it is very slick and comfortable to use, it is in demand. The INTELLISAND technology helps to maintain the workpiece at an exact speed of the load of the sander. With this technology in the Supermax  16-32 drum sander, there will be no gouging or burns on your workpiece. It also has an autoregulation system that helps the conveyor work smoothly so that the drum can work for hours without getting out of track. 

The Instruction Manual 

Most drum sander comes with a manual that is quite difficult to understand, but that is not the case here. The Supermax 16-32 drum sander comes with an instruction manual that has discussed all its functions. The manufacturers invested a lot of time to give you this manual, so it is helpful. They claim that this manual can make you a pro of using this drum sander even if you are just a beginner when you buy it. The easy manual will clear out the process without any confusion or doubts. Read till the end of this Supermax 16-32 drum sander review article to find out why you need to buy this drum sander.

Why Is The Supermax 16-32 Drum Sander So Famous? 

Whoever has used the Supermax  16-32 drum sander before talks about it and recommends others. It has got to the point when the customers only come to check this model and later move to the other drum sanders. The features and the specifications show its capability, and if you think it can make your job easier, let me introduce you to the reason why it stands out among other drum sanders. 

It comes with a stand

Not every stationary drum sander comes with a stand. But the Supermax 16-32 drum sander comes with a metal stand that is strong, sturdy, and durable. It will last a long time. Also, it saves your money because building a stand all by yourself can be tough and expensive.


When we talk about the drum sander with utmost efficiency, the Supermax  16-32 drum sander always stands out. It is of high quality and has a larger area with an average drum speed. Also, it is much more durable and long-lasting as it rarely gets burned or faces any damages. 

Good Dust Collection System

The bigger the sanding machine, the more it can take sanding, which also means that it will create a lot of dust. So you need a better dust collection system when working with a big drum sander like the Supermax 16-32 drum sander. However, the dust unique dust collection system in the Supermax 16-32 drum sander is not present in any other drum sander, which helps it work much neater and effectively. 

Tips To Use The Supermax 16-32 Drum Sander

A drum sander is different from the belt sander, orbital sander, or palm sander. It is a bit difficult to use without a manual. So if you are having trouble with operating the sander, here are a few tips listed below in this Supermax 16-32 drum sander review article to help you out. 

Install The Sandpaper

Firstly, install the sandpaper on the drum sander. So go ahead and take out the sandpaper. Now, take the sandpaper and begin to roll it on the drum. Make sure the whole drum is covered with sandpaper. There are clips to hold the sandpaper in place, so do not worry about the sandpaper getting loose. 

Adjust The Height And Tension Rollers

To sand anything, you will have to adjust the height of the sander. By pulling the lever down, get the drum down so that it touches your workpiece. Now adjust the height so that it sits perfectly on the workpiece and can sand only the amount needed.

Now you can turn the sander on by pressing the button. By placing your first workpiece in it, watch it as it gets sanded automatically in the machine. We have also added the pros and cons of the product in this supermax drum sander 16 32 review article for a clear view.

Advantages Of The Supermax 16-32 Drum Sander

  • Metal construction makes the machine heavy, sturdy, and firm
  • Easy to assemble
  • Effortless belt alignment
  • Capable for sanding wide boards
  • Simple belt adjustments
  • It comes with a strong conveyor belt
  • Top-quality power and efficiency
  • Two years warranty
  • Drum size is accurate enough to sand larger pieces easily
  • Designed to last long and work fast


  • Not suitable for simple DIY works. The Jet 16-32 drum sander would be ideal for beginners.
  • Some controls might seem difficult for the beginners

Why Should You Buy The Supermax 16-32 Drum Sander?

If you need to buy a drum sander, then this is the best choice you have. Some of the reasons you should get this can be the Intellisand autoregulation of the conveyor, which helps reduce scratches and or damages. It also has abrasive fasteners that make sure the sandpaper stays in place. The height adjustment system is made easy for its no-counter track system. To lower down the vibration, the drum sander has a cast aluminum body. However, there are many kinds of drum sanders in the market, but none of them will have the same features that the Supermax 16-32 drum sander offers. 

Bottom Line

This drum sander is perfect for sanding thin panels, leveling cabinet doors, or veneered plywood. As it is heavy and hard to manage, it is a tool suitable for professionals. It might be a little expensive, but the unique features and the quality of service it will provide you for years make up for it. It is highly durable, and the steel body guarantees to last longer than any other sander. This amazing and powerful drum sander deserves a place in your workshop if you have a passion for woodwork. 


Where is the Supermax 16-32 drum sander made?

The supermax company has been famous for its award-winning drum sanders in the past, and they are looking for improvement every day. The sanders are probably made in St. Paul, Minnesota. 

Is a drum sander worth it?

If you work with big workpieces and constantly need to level them or cut them into the desired thickness, investing in a drum sander will be worth it. It will give you perfect work in a faster and easier way. 

Does a drum sander flatten?

No, that is more like a jointer’s job. A drum sander takes off materials from the surface using sandpapers and cuts them in a particular thickness. The planer works the same, but it has knives on its drums instead of sandpaper.

Which one should I choose between a drum sander and an orbital sander?

Orbital sanders are portable and also cheap. But they work well. However, they cant take a long time to sand as they come in a smaller size. On the other hand, the drum sander is heavy and stationary, so you cannot carry them from place to place. But it is suitable for any heavy-duty job that comes in a large amount. 


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