Stihl MS170 vs. Poulan Pro: A Detailed Chainsaw Comparison

Short overview of the Stihl MS 170 Lightweight Chainsaw

Stihl has been a pioneer for a few decades in the area of chainsaws and different rigorous devices. By following the tradition, this company has introduced some of the greatest chainsaws of all time. And today, I will introduce them to one of the most amazing chainsaws sold under the banner Stihl ms170. The Stihl ms170 is one of 6he famous and evergreen editions by the renowned Stihl brand. It is the most popular amateur chainsaw of all time, and it is a perfect choice for use in domestic chores.Stihl MS 170 Lightweight Chainsaw

Excellent attributes of the Stihl ms170:

  • The two-stroke engine has been incorporated with a Stihl 2-mix technology that gives you massive discontinuation of the fuel consumption, and the file has been saved up to twenty percent in gross.
  • To minimize the acute vibration at the front and rear handles during the cutting process Stihl have added an anti-vibration system.
  • The colossal edition has added the single lever function that can simultaneously handle the start, choke, throttle, and stop.
  • The fuel-air ratio in the combustion mixture is constant, and the controller carburetor does not monitor engine power.

Cons of the Stihl ms170:

  • The most irritating matter is that this device is for beginners, so you can not perform heavy projects using this device.
  • It does not possess a powerful combustion engine, so it can not serve you for a long time. 
  • Though the price is relatively less, the performance of the device is not up to the mark.

Short Review of the Poulan Pro 42cc Chainsaw

This device is introduced to meet the requirement of bulky jobs and projects. It has a rigorous engine performance and relatively; lower fuel consumption. The adjustments to the chains are made without the help of any supporting material. It is really a hunk that is proactive and can perform any task. Review of the Poulan Pro 42cc Chainsaw

Key features of the Poulan pro gas chainsaw

    • Poulan pro works on massive built-in projects as the engine displacement is 42 cc. This machine is durable enough to give you the support for a lifetime.
    • There is an almost null chance of the oil chamber defecting due to any unknown matter. It consumes less fuel compared to the other counterpart models of its kind. 
    • It has a two-cycle and double motor system that makes it inevitable in the world of the chainsaw. 
  • The handle and other portions of the device are padded with a soft and adjustable cushion that curbs the harmful effects of shaking and dismantling.

Unavoidable constraints of Poulan pro

  • According to some users, there is an acute heating issue in these devices. When you use it ceaselessly, some heat is propelled into the system. 
  • Handling this device is more than a headache as the grip and the twists it emanates are very difficult to control.
  • The unavoidable mechanism of the device, especially the blade, has been turned roughly, which can hurt anyone.

Stihl MS 170 vs. Poulan Pro Chainsaw: Key Differences

There are mostly several aspects that can differentiate these two chainsaws. Some of the dissimilarities are, 

Factors of comparison Stihl ms170 Poulan pro
Engine displacement cc 30.1 42
Fuel tank capacity oz 8.5 11.3
Maximum cut diameter inch 30 36
Engine type Two cycle Two cycle 
Oil tank volume oz 5.25 10.25
Chainsaw type PMM3 Hand chainsaw
Warranty Two years Two years 
Weight lb 9.03 11.8


Stihl ms170 or Poulan Pro: Which one is worth it?

After all, they discuss, the time has come to decide which one is the most worthy chainsaw that can successfully cut down the logs and woods. Let us discuss this with some aspects and points of consideration,Stihl ms170 or Poulan Pro

  • The power of the engine of the Poulan Pro is far more vicious and rigorous than the Stihl ms170. The displacement of the engine of the Poulan Pro is much ahead of its counterpart.
  • The diameter of cutting of the Poulan Pro covers a more massive arena than the Stihl ms170. Poulan Pro enables fast cutting, whereas the other one is best suited for noobs and beginners.
  • Though the price tag of Poulan Pro is much higher than the Stihl ms170, as money increases, it brings tremendous features and fast-cutting endorsement.
  • The capacity of the oil tank is bigger and better in the Poulan Pro than in the Stihl ms170. Poulan Pro requires less oil consumption, but it emanates a much more vigorous set of energy.

This detailed discussion suggests that the Poulan Pro is a clear winner and far ahead of the Stihl ms170 in terms of efficiency and diversity. So make the best use of your money, and undoubtedly you can go for the best, that is the Poulan Pro.


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