Stihl 361 vs. 391 chainsaw: Which one satisfies your requirements?

Short overviews of the Stihl 361 petrol engine chainsaw

If you need a workhorse, durable, and super fast cutting chainsaw, buckle your seat belt because I will introduce you to a massive hunk named the Stihl 361, considered one of the finest and heavier editions of chainsaw by the renowned company Stihl. Some tools are designed for multipurpose and heavy-duty use that can be used in serious cutting chores, and you will be happy to know that the Stihl MS 361 is one of those machines that will fulfill your need in every aspect.Stihl 361 chainsaw Review

What are the pros of the Stihl 361 chainsaw?

  • The most enticing feature of the Stihl 361 is that it has a guide bar that has a length of more than 24inches. The larger edition of the Stihl 361 has a guide bar between 18 to 20 inches that utilizes maximum flexibility.
  • A vigorous engine that incapacitates more than 59 ccs and has a capacity of 4.4 horsepower. With this much capability and high profile, you can cut through almost any type of tree you want.
  • It has a preheating system of carburetors that works in a cold environment. The high-performance anti-vibration system is used here to compensate for the excess vibration during the cutting process.
  • The decompression valve helps to give an easier starting performance, and the capped fuel and oil tank are built in a regressive manner.
  • The parts are largely available in the market, and they use supreme quality material in manufacturing this product. 
  • Stihl is providing this colossal item with a sensational ten years warranty.

Weakness of the Stihl MS 361:

  • The biggest negative of the Stihl 361 is its price tag itself. It is comparatively more costly than most other chainsaws in the market. 
  • The cold starting is another downfall of the machine. It fumbles to start in a frigid region. 
  • Some users have complained that this device is cumbersome, so the operation and handling of this gadget are much more difficult than many other tools.

Detailed overview of the Stihl 391 high torqu chainsaw

A competitive market needs a better product to sustain the business. Stihl 391 is one of those products that can fulfill the aspect of cutting down the pile of logs in a short period of time. It has extremely high energy torque with a wide range of speeds. It saves 20% less fuel consumption and up to 50% reduction in emissions. Stihl 391 chainsaw Reviews

Strengths of the Stihl 391 chainsaw:

  • It comes with a pre-separation air-filtration system that makes the life of the filter more lengthy and durable. It can effortlessly remove the tiniest particles of dust and mist.
  • The chainsaw incorporates a  more advanced combustion technology that is able to swirl the fuel-air mix before ignition. 
  • The majestic anti-vibration system is something that blows your mind. They are an inherited technology that reduces the oscillation while the machine is in an active mode.
  • Robust technology is incorporated into the carburetor controlling system, preventing the engine firm from clogging rampantly. The air-fuel mixture must be in a standard model so that it doesn’t allow more fresh air in the system.
  • The ElastoStart mechanism declines the sudden shock caused by the engine’s compression during starting. The compression shock is absorbed so that the users can’t feel the vibration. Through a spring or rubber element in the starter handle, the joints and muscles push all the limits to invigorate the desired level of workmanship. 

Weakness of the Stihl MS 391:

  • This tool is not for an extensive project rather, and it is mostly for the amateur and beginners. The load capacity and the cutting performance are not that robust compared to the other models of the chainsaw.
  • The 391 is a heavy and bulky chainsaw that is difficult to pull off during the courting work. It has a history of massive leakage caused by the transfer port covers.
  • The fins sometimes get clogged by debris and dust. The muffler bolts sometimes become lost while using them for a long time.

A detailed chainsaw comparison between Stihl 391 and Stihl 361

Points of comparison  Stihl MS 361 Stihl MS 391
Engine power  59 cc 64.1 cc
The efficiency of the chainsaw 4.4 hp 4.4 hp
Displacement  3.3 cu in  3.9 cu in
Weight 12.3 pounds  14.1 pounds
Length of the bar 24 16 to 24 inches
Standard of the chain  Domestic  Domestic
Fuel tank volume  0.68 L 0.68 L
Price tag Relatively lower than Stihl 391 Comparatively high price tag

Stihl 361 vs. 391: Final Verdict

If you want a final verdict, which one is the most effective and worth buying? According to the user forum and the expert’s opinion, buying Stihl 361 will be a more prudent decision than choosing Stihl 391. In the case of the weight and power, the Stihl 361 is a clear winner because it gives you a stupendous power while being less heavier than the Stihl 391. 

Stihl 361 balances better and gives better IMO performance than the other one. Stihl 361 has come into the arena to stay; in some cases, the Stihl 391 showcases more bulk and sluggishness than the Stihl 361. IN terms of budget and affordability, we also place Stihl 361 ahead of Stihl 391. It is slightly 200 to 400 dollars less expensive than the Stihl 391. According to all this research and discussion, we recommend you buy Stihl 361 instead of Stihl 391.


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