Stihl 361 vs. 362 Chainsaw: Which is Better for Cutting Wood?

The chainsaw has a vast number of models, but not every one of them is best for business. It seems more complicated to choose a decent-quality chainsaw. In this article, we will compare two of the most vigorous and adept chainsaws available on the market: the Stihl 361 and Stihl 362. Let us have a close comparative look at these two progressive chainsaw models.

Stihl 361 Petrol Engine 59cc Chainsaw Review

The Stihl 361 is one of the most popular chainsaws on the market, and it goes without saying that it is a brilliant specimen of its kind. Let us have a look at the specifications of this model. Let us also have a look into the special features of the Stihl 361.Stihl 361 Petrol Engine 59cc Chainsaw Review

Robust decompression valve:

The decompression valve is one of the parts of the starting system. It has been the most significant element of the chainsaw. In the Stihl 361, a semi-automatic decompression valve has been used that can effectively reduce the noise and pressure while starting the engine.

Dynamic anti-vibration system:

The anti-vibration system is a colossal addition to the device as it minimizes the vibrations to the front and rear handles. This mechanism is supported by various cushions, and the self-sufficient system analyzes creating some certified buffer zones that reduce the shaking effect while cutting the logs.

Incorporated oil compartment:

In the Stihl 361, there is a compact system that reduces fuel consumption in a congested manner. The smooth lubricating system plays an active part in decreasing fuel consumption. However, the oil chamber is much more spacious and effective than most chainsaw models.

Amazing compensator component:

The amazing carburetor compensator component regulates the air-fuel mixture so that it doesn’t get too heavy or rich. Too much air and not enough fuel can cause a grim consequence like it may stop the device any time soon,

Review of the Stihl 362 Professional Gas ChainsawStihl 362 Professional Gas Chainsaw

A long-life air filter system

The Stihl 362 has a much more durable air filter system than the previous models. The air filter system of the chainsaw is much more original and inclusive than the other models. It can stop even the smallest minuscule particles of dust. For stubborn and rough grime, a thorough wash with Stihl special cleaner or warm soapy water will cleanse the filter.

STIHL 2-MIX engine:

They used the ultra-legendary engine in the Stihl 362, which optimizes fuel utilization while allowing a high torque over a wide rotations per minute range and links in between the engine compartments. The STIHL 2-MIX engine is much more effective than most two-stroke engines.

STIHL ElastoStart and decompression valve:

Two of the most necessary elements of the chainsaw are the autostart and decompression valve, which minimizes the chance of friction and power loss. The decompression valve is the component that can reduce the loss of emission energy while starting the device.

professional and effective anti-vibration system:

The anti-vibration system makes it pertinent that the effect of vibration and oscillation has been minimized during the cutting mechanism.

Captive nuts in full swing:

It’s impossible to lose the sprocket cover nuts when you’re swapping cutting attachments, as they are attached to the sprocket cover itself.

The key differences between the Stihl 361 and 362 chainsaws

  • The Stihl 361 weighs 12.3 lbs, while the Stihl 362 weighs 13 lbs more, making it significantly heavier than the previous one.
  • The Stihl 361 is the smallest version of the Stihl 362 and has 4.4 bhp; the other one has 4.6 bhp power assisted.
  • MS 361 is a conventional two-stroke motor; on the other hand, the new Stihl MS 362 has significantly better emissions.
  • The MS 362 has a new chain stop in the handle, which is missing from the previous one. 
  • Stihl MS 362 is much more advanced, so it is more costly than Stihl 361. 

Stihl 361 vs. 362: Which one is best for you?

If we compare the two chainsaws, the Stihl MS 362 is undoubtedly the best, as it is the revised version of the previous MS 361. The mechanisms that are used in the MS 362 are far better than those in the MS 361. And there is another point to be noted: the MS 362 has been manufactured to serve professional loggers. Its weight is internally built up, and the power of its main engine is much more exclusive than the MS 361. But there is a simple and most apparent demerit that the MS 362 is much more expensive than the MS 361. But if you want a more vigorous pro-level chainsaw, the MS 362 is a far more suitable device for fulfilling your professional aspects.


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