Pre-Assembled Skil RAS900 Router Table Review

The traditional woodworking practices evolve with technological integration over time. It makes our working capacity more comfortable and accuracy more precise. Route tables are one of the adjustments in woodworking that allows the writers to get their work done intelligently with comfort and satisfactory results. This article will cover Skil manufacturer’s best budget-friendly route tables, ‘Skil Ras900’. If you want a detailed review of the Skil Ras900 router table, stick throughout this article as we will review everything, including features, specifications, advantages, and drawbacks.

Skil Power Tools is a renowned manufacturer of a variety of products. They have been operating their manufacturing services for nearly a century, and people who use their products appreciate them. The manufacturers of Ras900 emphasized the accuracy of work output while developing, and as a result, it is popular among the woodworkers.

The Skil Ras900 is an exceptionally well-built route table with a pre-assembled unit, storage compartment, and quick-release router mount. As a result, it ensures better precision in your woodworking projects, including cutting, crafting, edging, and grooving. 

Skil ras900 Unboxing

The router table comes with a foldable design making it a unique route table. Upon opening the package, the user will find a foldable leg router table, storage containers for your accessories, a laminated MDF top, two containers include a clamp cam system. Also, you will find two feather boards, a bit height gauge, a miter gauge, nit starts, and a quick-release router mount.

Who Should Get Skil RAS900 Router Table

The Skil ras900 is a famous route table among the woodworking community. But, first, if you are a beginner and thinking about getting into woodworking, this is the perfect answer for you. This device’s practical and pre-assembled settings make it a suitable product for beginners.

The professional or experienced woodworker will find this route table fascinating. However, if they are looking for a routing table with a budget that will not break the bank and bring profit, the Kreg ras900 is your table. It will provide unmatched accuracy working with routers. 

Skil ras900 Product Details

The manufacturer of the Skil ras900 emphasizes accessibility and routing accuracy while manufacturing the table. The dimension of the product is 17.72 x  27.87 x 9.17 inches with a weight of 31.3 pounds. The lightweight feature, compact size, and foldability option enable great portability for this route table.

There is also an accessory storage container which makes storing routing accessories more convenient. It also keeps them safe. There are also two feather boards and a tall fence. The fence is adjustable with MDF faces. In addition, the Skil ras900 comes with a miter gauge, bit inserts, and a bit height gauge. The bit height gauge assists in bit setup and better accessibility. 

The quick-release router mount integration with the table allows the user to change the router without complications easily. Moreover, the starter pin and guard help support the workpiece while working on the curvy edges.

Medium-Duty Skil RAS900 Router Table Reviews in 2022

The Skil ras900 is a robust router table that is preferred over other products by so many people. There are many reasons for choosing this table as it has extraordinary features, unique design and some other facilities using the table. In this section, we will discuss some of the top reasons to choose the Skil ras900.


The first and most impressive feature of the ras900 router table is that it comes with most assembly it needs. As a result, the users do not have to sweat over setting up the table. Instead, you unbox the package, open the foldable legs, set your router, and start routing. It takes around half an hour to work with the table after the unboxing.

The manufacturer did not even attach a user manual, as the usability of this pre-assembled table is that straightforward. It allows the beginner woodworkers comfort, and they can focus on routing rather than exhausting themselves over setup.

Portability of Skil Ras900 Router Table

The router table offers a great deal of portability to its users. First, the table’s weight is around 30 pounds, meaning that carrying around the device is no issue. Second, the compact size allows the table to fit in small places enabling you to work in your home or shop comfortably. 

Lastly, the foldable legs are an intelligent integration to a router table. It unlocks the table’s mobility to a higher level, and storing a router table has never been easier. 


For the beginner woodworker out there, this is the perfect router table for you. The tables fit the low budget, offer extreme portability, pre-assembled with superb usability. So what else does a woodwork learner need from a router table? 

Accessory Storage Container

If you face trouble keeping things securely or lose accessories now and then, you will love this feature. The Skil ras900 has two self-contained storage facilities integrated with the product. First, it assists users in keeping track of the belongings of the device. Second, it protects and safely stores them.     

Tall MDF Fence

The fence is a compulsory addition to most of the router table. It ensures whether the router fits precisely with the table and also the quality of the routing. The Skil ras900 has a tall fence with a laminated MDF top and adjustable faces. 

The MDF top has moderate space for a better routing experience, and the lamination part ensures smooth movement on the top of the table. It is also adjustable so the user can use the fence according to the router’s needs.

Two Feather Boards

The inclusion of two feather boards makes the Skil 900 a bit more versatile and capable router table. It comes in handy if you are trying to get accurate routing as it guides your workpiece correctly.

Quick Release Mounting System

The professionals know how annoying the changing of the mount can be as every time you change the bits. So the Skil manufacturer addressed the problem and introduced a quick-release mounting option that allows the user to mount easily with a flip of a switch. Also, changing the bit is easier with this table as you do not have to level them manually.


Our recommendation to the Skil RAS900 review article readers is to buy the router first and later the router table based on the router. However, this Skil ras900 is a genuinely versatile product compatible with almost every router out there. 

Furthermore, some other features make the Skil ras900 a super router table. Such as bit height gauge assists during setup and accurate routing. Also, the meter gauge and bit inserts make the table more valuable in terms of routing. Lastly, the insert plate for the router setup comes with the table. 

Advantages Of Skil Ras900 router table

  • Pre-assembled allowing easy setup
  • Super Portable router table
  • Cost-effective
  • Compatible with almost all the routers in this range
  • Quick-release mount system
  • A tall fence with adjustable faces, laminated MDF
  • Accuracy in routing


  • The foldable legs reduce the sturdiness of the product
  • There are some cheap plastic inserts
  • No user manual 
  • Less durable

Final Overview on Skil RAS900

The Skil ras900 router table is an excellent product choice if you are browsing around this price range. Although this might have some durability issues, the overall feature of this routing table makes it a popular option among the woodworkers looking for a table that can handle more at an affordable price.

The foldable legs, quick-release mount system, bit height, bit insert, and miter gauge allow this table to add more value to its user’s work. In addition, the budget-friendly table with its features will enable routers to route with an unmatchable accuracy. 

Cutting, crafting, grooving, or shaping the table increases the value of the output with its design specifications. Also, the Skil manufacturers deserve praise for this device. The previous releases of the routing table were not as good as this one. Finally, if you are looking for a routing table in budget and come upon our Skil RAS900 router table reviews, we suggest you stop searching further and choose the Skil ras900. It will ensure to fulfill your routing effectively and conveniently. 


Will the Skil ras900 router table fit any router?

The Skil ras900 is absolutely a versatile device that is compatible with almost every available router.

Is the working table removable?

Yes, the working table is removable for better usability.

What is the Significance of two feather boards?

The two feather boards assist the user in guiding the workpiece for more accurate cutting.


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