Shop Fox W1855 Review

Shop Fox W1855 Review [Ideal For Small Workshops]

Shop Fox W1855 promises to give trouble-free work experience for years. It has some unique safety features, a single-phase motor, backstop, adjustable belt bed, and miter gauge, and so much more. These sanders help finish and shape wood or certain kinds of materials. While the disc sander can round edges, the belt sander can curve, take ridges off, level a workpiece. It is a woodworker’s dream to come true to find all of these qualities in one belt and disc sander. With the first look, the sleek white color will get your attention and give your workshop a boost of color. So make sure to read till the end cause I assure you this shop fox w1855 review article has everything you can know about the Shop Fox W1855 belt and disc sander. 

About Shop Fox

Woodstock International’s Shop Fox started its journey at the beginning of this century. Now, the Shop Fox machinery line has come a long way from there as it is one of the top brands of metalworking and woodworking equipment in America. This brand has a wide collection of machines like jointers, table saws, shapers, dust collectors, wood and metal lathes, sanders, drill presses, and many other specialized types of machinery that people use worldwide for their DIY or commercial workshop. Shop Fox has satisfied customers for 25 years with its service and reliable machines. 

Technical Specification of Shop Fox W1855 Belt Sander:

Features Shop Fox W1855
Motor:  1/2 HP, 110V/220V, single-phase
Blade size:  4 x 36 inches
Disc Size:  6 inches
Rip capacity:  Up to 30 inches to the right of the blade
Arbor speed:  3600 RPM
Grit number: 80 RPM
Blade tilt:  Left, up to 45 degrees
Dust collection port:  4 inches
Weight:  38 Pounds
Fence system:  T-shaped, with adjustable scales and magnified cursor

Horizontal & Vertical Belt Sander Shop Fox W1855 Review 2024

We have discussed all the details that the customers need to know before purchasing it. We tried to bring out every specification and quality and the things we liked and disliked so that you could find all the information in one place.

Stable Cast Iron Base

Shop Fox W1855 has a cast iron base and weighs about 38 pounds. The cast iron base gives stability so that it does not fall over while you are working. It also minimizes the vibration that the belt disc sander causes. This base holds up the disc and the belt sander and gives them a firm base that is not wobbly. 

Horizontal or Vertical Belt Adjustment

The belt of Shop Fox W1855 has been designed in a way that it can sit both vertically and horizontally for user preferences. It tilts from 0 degrees to 90 degrees in either way. Experts use the belt bed horizontally to sand the curves or sand with the grain along the workpiece. Usually, you will need it vertically when you sand outside the curves or work on the table attached to the bed and miter sanding. You must use the work table while using it vertically to ensure proper support to the workpiece. The belt has more surface area than the disc sander so, it can be a little harsh on the workpiece. 

Shop Fox W1855 Belt Sander Features Single Phase Motor

The Shop Fox W1855 comes with a powerful 120V, single-phase motor that runs on ½ horsepower. It provides enough motor power to sand almost every type of wood without getting tired. The sanding belt speed reaches 1900 feet per minute, and the disc goes 3600 RPM. Both the belt and the disc are strong enough to give you the result you desire. 

Construction and Design

The Shop Fox W1855 belt disc sander comes with 4×36 inches belt. It is long and wide enough for all sizes of workpieces. The disc is 6 inch which is sufficient for all kinds of curving and rounding. Sanding disc also comes with a disc table, sized  6-1/4” W x 9” L. It can tilt 0-45 degrees. The table is aluminum-based and supports the workpiece when you work on it.   

Belt Tracking

Shop Fox W1855 does not have an auto belt tracking system. But there is a knob that can help put it in the right place. You will have to do it manually. Luckily, the belt stays in place most of the time. But you will need to adjust the knob after changing the belts to bring them back to the right place. 

Replaceable Belt and Disc  

You can easily change the belt and disc sandpaper when needed. But you need to unplug the machine first. After that, you can gently peel off the sandpaper on the sanding disc and attach a new one. The sanding disc usually accepts cloth or paper-backed pressure-sensitive adhesive sandpaper discs. You need to pull a lever attached to the belt sander to release the tension. Then, gently remove the belt and replace it with another, and by pulling the lever again, secure it in place. 


Shop Fox W1855 belt and disc sander have a backstop installed on the belt bed. It is there to ensure your workpiece does not fly off while you work. This backstop is a unique addition that we rarely see in other machines.  

Additional Features of Shop Fox W1855

Some other additional features also need mentioning, like Shop Fox W1855 belt and disc sander has a miter gauge that you can adjust in any angle to get precise curves. The 2 ½ -inch dust port ensures it can connect to a vacuum hose and provide a cleaner workplace. Just like the miter gauge, the working table is also adjustable to provide you with all the facilities.

Safety Measures

The Shop Fox W1855 belt and disc sander has taken some steps to make sure it is safe to use this sander. There is a small gap between the working table and the disc sander. To keep away your finger from reaching the moving sander while working. The backstop is there for another safety measure. It will make sure the workpiece does not fly away while working at high speed. The On/Off switch features a removable yellow tab and can lock it to an off position. These features will avoid many accidents, but you still need to be cautious while using a machine like this. 

What We Like About Shop Fox W1855 

  • Wide belt and disc cover large areas while working 
  • 6-foot long power cord
  • Cast iron base and die-cast aluminum-based table makes it sturdy and stable
  • Quick-release system makes replacing belts easy 
  • Adjustable belt bed can be horizontal or vertical
  • Single-phase 60 Hz motor runs on ½ horsepower
  •  Wide variety of discs and belts available
  • Miter gauge and work table are adjustable
  • T slot to guide the miter gauge

What We Did Not Like

  • There is no adjustable speed option


The Shop Fox W1855 belt disc sander has all the features you look for. After going through our shop fox w1855 review, we can say that it is a reliable, durable, and high-functioning belt sander that also has some extraordinary additional features. If you are learning, this can make your work a lot easier, and if you are a professional, you know how to use this better to get the precision you desire. This belt disc sander is highly affordable and suitable for all kinds of users. Shop Fox is famous for its customer service, so if you face any problems, Shop Fox W1855 comes with a two-year warranty to take care of that. 

FAQS Realted to shop fox w1855

Can we remove the backstop?

Yes, you can. It is really easy to remove and attach to the belt. The backstop can work on every position, whether the belt is situated horizontally or vertically. This will stop your workpiece from flying away while operating it at high speed.

Is the speed variable?

No, it does not have any variable speed option. It works at the highest speed the motor can produce. So make sure you use it accordingly. 

Can I change the belt with different grit sandpaper?

 Yes, you can choose any sandpaper for your belt sander. It depends on the type of sanding you are doing. If you need to polish, you will need high grit sandpaper, and to take off edges, you will need a low grit one.   

Can I use it on metal?

Yes, you can. Light metals like aluminum can work well here. Just make sure to apply light pressure while working. 

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