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Ryobi RY3714 Reviews [Small 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw]

Different chainsaws have a variety of their specialties. The choices of the user also vary in selecting them, emphasizing a particular specialty. Usually, they put an emphasis on what makes their works comfortable. Today I will introduce you to a chainsaw that has an easy air filter cleaning system. Without taking any help from the toolbox, the logger can easily clean the filter. That chainsaw is none but the Ryobi ZRRY3714. It has a 37 cc powerful engine with 14 inches bar and chain. It has extra safety measures, SAFE-T-TIP on the bar, a low kickback chain, an adjustable automatic oiler, an inertia chain brake, and an anti-vibe handle. There are some additional features that we will discuss later in our Ryobi RY3714 reviews article.

Fully Assembled Chainsaw Ryobi ry3714 review 2024

This chainsaw is an ideal instrument for the homeowners, farmers for their heavy cutting of small-medium-sized logs and wood. However, we recommend the homeowner, farmer, and occasional user buy it. If you are a beginner, we also suggest you buy it. 

Cutting ability

The Ryobi ZRRY3714 chainsaw has a powerful 37cc 2-cycle engine that is sufficiently capable of delivering speedy and accurate cuts. Its 14-inch chains are long enough to cut through any small to medium-sized wood and log. If you are going to prune, limb, trim, buck, clear the yard, and cut firewood, you will be satisfied with its cutting performance.

Ryobi ry3714 Features Anti-vibe Handle

Vibration is one of the deterrents to the smart control of the chainsaw. Years after years, it has caused the problem of loosening up the speed of the work. If the chainsaw handle is firmly grip-able, but the saw’s vibration is overrating, it will be very hard for a logger to control it. The vibration rate of the Ryobi 14-inches 37-cc chainsaw is less than its counterparts. The handle of this saw is of less vibration. For this convenience, the logger can easily and comfort fully can maintain the saw. That helps him for a smooth and accurate cut. However, this convenience also helps reduce the fatigue that keeps the logger energetic for his longtime cutting work. 

Oiling chain without manual effort

For a smooth and continuous cutting job, the chain of the bar should always be lubricated. Unfortunately, keeping the chain lubricated is not so easy manually. Don’t get worried; the Ryobi 2-Cycle 14-inches chainsaw chain saw has an adjustable automatic oiler system. This system always keeps the chain lubricated. As a result, the logger does not oil it manually. That keeps him free from extra hassle and energetic for longtime cutwork. Besides, it saves the time of the logger.

Keep in mind that the lack of oil seeping into the chain may harm the chain. It causes trouble in smooth and speedy work. That deters continuing the work for a long time. However, the logger can increase and decrease the lubrication by tuning the adjustment. Turning the adjustment screw to the bottom with the wrench, he can do it. Additionally, you have to check the oil box regularly to see if the box is empty or not. Always keep the box filled with oil. 

You are suggested not to use busty, contaminated, dirty, and used oil. It can bring adverse consequences to the oil pump, bar, and chain.

Easy release of the air filter cover

One of the jobs that loggers have to do in using gas-powered chainsaws is to clean the air filter. Using the Ryobi RY3714 chainsaw, you can easily clean the air filter effortlessly, removing the filter cover. Just Rotate the knob of the air filter, and release the cover of the filter. To clean the mesh area of the air filter, blow compressed air to clean the dust. After cleaning, keep the cover in the previous position and rotate the knob. You will hardly find such the easiest way of cleaning air filters in other chainsaws. You need not take the help of the toolbox. Sometimes loss of the wrench may hamper your work. 

Exceptional Safety T bar

Ryobi 14-inches 37-cc chainsaw has a safety T Tip. It acts as a protector from the rotational kickback that happens for the tip contact of the bar. This attachment is at the end of the guide bar. It helps to prevent the chain at the end of the guide bar from contracting the wood.

The kickback of a chainsaw may happen when the nose of the bar touches an object. This kickback either loosens the control of the logger over the chain or causes an injury to the logger. 

However, as a precautionary measure, do not let the nose of the guide bar contact a log, branch, or any other obstruction. Because it causes reducing the actual control over the saw for the happening of the Kick-back, therefore, he should hold the saw firmly during the cutting. 

In maintaining the T top bar, mount the SAFE-T-TIP at the bar nose. Then Fit the locking tab in the recessed slot in the guide bar. Then tighten the screw with a wrench until it gets snugged.

Inertia Chain Brake system

This chainsaw has an inertia chain brake system. The chain brake is of such design as to stop the chain from rotating quickly. Therefore, when you push the handguard towards the bar, the chain should stop immediately. However, the system does prevent the kickback but controls the chain. Therefore, it also ensures the safety of the logger. 


This chainsaw is low kickback. The design of the bar is of low kickback. The tip of the bar is of a small radius. The cutter of the blade is of low depth. This low kickback system helps minimize the kickback reaction force by preventing the cutter from digging in too deeply at the kickback zone.

Easy system of tensioning chain

This chainsaw has an easy chain tensioning system. Its side-mounted chain tensioning system is not as critical as its other counterparts. In the tensioning chain of this chainsaw, firstly, you have to put off the engine. During the running of the engine, tensioning the chain is not possible. Instead, it will bring an adverse consequence. However, loosen the bar nut to finger tight. Then tighten the chain. At last, re-tighten the nut of the bar. 

Ryobi ry3714 Chainsaw is Lightweight. 

Among the lightweight gas-powered chainsaws, this chainsaw is a lightweight one. The weight of this chainsaw is only 10 lbs. That is comparatively less than any other chainsaw saw and equivalent to the Ryobi 40530 brushless one. For this convenience, the logger can move it anywhere for his outdoor cutting jobs. Additionally, using the lightweight chainsaw, the logger does not get easily tired.

Safety fact

You can use this chainsaw without the anxiety of safety. All of the safety features are in this chainsaw. It has a low-kickback, Safety-T0-Tip nose, and inertia chain brake. The handguard also acts as a protector from chain contact and flying debris. 

These are sufficient measures for protecting a user in his cutting jobs.

However, for personal safety, the logger should wear chaps, boots, gloves, face shield, ear protection, eye protection, and helmet.

Additional Features of Ryobi 3714 Chainsaw

The Ryobi 2-Cycle 14-inches chainsaw will not be a reason for starting-hassle for a logger. You need not pump the bulb too much. The over-pumping will waste fuel. You can quickly start it and begin your work.

In many gas-powered chainsaws, the stalling of the engine during the idling is a great problem. But using this chainsaw, you will not face such a problem. 

Its wonderful design will allure you to buy it. It has a nice color combination that looks like a pretty one. Its nice-looking tank cap, oil box cap, and starting trigger extended its beauty. The surface of the air filter cover is of nice design, indicating the instructions.

As this chainsaw is easily maintainable, the logger is free from extra trouble of maintenance. Besides, maintaining the other gas-powered chainsaw is costly. The logger has to pay a lot. But the maintenance cost of this saw is not so costly. That is a bonus point.

Short Feature Review of Ryobi RY3714

  • This chainsaw is the perfect homebound-cutting job
  • It has sufficient bar and chain
  • The anti-vibe handle is satisfactory
  • This chainsaw has an adjustable automatic chain oiler
  • The tool-less air filter system
  • Safety T tip for reducing kickback
  • It has an inertia chain brake system
  • It is lightweight
  • Safe to use
  • Nice to see for wonderful design

Negative Aspect

Final Verdict on Ryobi 3714

You are at the end of our Ryobi RY3714 reviews article. To sum, if you can maintain this chainsaw properly and check its components regularly, it will provide you with the services for a long time. It can be your best companion in your wood-cutting work. Instead of making you tired, it will keep you concentrated on your work till the last point of the work. 

If you are a homeowner, and your budget is for a reasonably priced chainsaw with high-quality, then the Ryobi 3714 would be an ideal choice. The homeowner primarily needs three featured chainsaws: a powerful engine, lightweight, and easy handling. Therefore, it consists of all primary needed features.


What are the accessories of Ryobi 3714?

The accessories of the Ryobi 3714 are a bar cover, manual, and a wrench.  

What is the fuel capacity of this chainsaw?

The fuel capacity of this chainsaw is 20 oz.

What is the ratio of the fuel mixture of this chainsaw?

The ratio of the fuel mixture of this chainsaw is 50:1

How long is the warranty of using this chainsaw?

It gives you three years warranty.

Does it resemble anyone?

Yes, it resembles a Ryobi 40530 brushless chainsaw. But the difference is that it is gas-powered, and Ryobi 40530 is battery-powered.

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