Ryobi 18 Inch Chainsaw

Ryobi 18 Inch Chainsaw Review [Carrying Case Included]

Before knowing the starting of a chainsaw, firstly, you have to know the opening cage of a chainsaw. Just guess which chainsaw I am talking about now. You will be impressed just by watching its exceptional carry cage and wonderful design.

It is a Ryobi 18 inch 38cc gas-powered chainsaw. This chainsaw is unique from any other brand’s chainsaws for its attractive portable cage. By which a logger can move anywhere for his cutting job. 

It has a powerful engine with an 18-inch bar and chain. This chainsaw comprises an anti-vibe-handle, inertia chain brake, Safe-t-tip protection system, tool-less air filter cover, and automatic chain oiling system. We will discuss these features in detail through our Ryobi 46cc 18 inch chainsaw reviews article. This chainsaw is ideal for homeowners, farmers for their cutting work in the yard or farm. The professional can also use this but should be careful of the diameter of the log and wood.

Powerful 38cc Ryobi 18 Inch Gas Chainsaw Review 2024

Cutting capability 

The Ryobi 18 has a powerful 38cc 2 cycle engine that is sufficiently capable of supplying power. The engine is more powerful compared to the Ryobi RY3714 37cc chainsaw. It has an 18-inch long bar and chain that can cut through any small to medium-sized log in a short time. The user is to fall in love with this chainsaw for its excellent cut and ultimate power. It will not only satisfy you with its accurate cut but also with a noticeable cutting speed.

The Weight of this chainsaw is 11 pounds that are comparatively less than any other gas-powered chainsaw.

In using many chainsaws, the users fall into inconvenience when the bar of the saw sinks into the deep of the wood. But using this saw, you will hardly face such an unexpected situation. At the dense position of the wood, it will continue its jobs like a cutting monster. 

Safety Features

Before buying a chainsaw, a professional sawyer firstly emphasizes the safety measures, even considering more than its cutting performance. Kickback comes first in the context of a safety issue. The second issue that comes consequently is chain brakes. The Ryobi 18 has a low-kickback chain causing the problem hardly. This chainsaw also has an inertia chain brake system that automatically stops the chain when the kickback happens and at an emergency.

Additionally, the chainsaw has a bar tip guard.  This exceptional guard protects the logger from the rotational kickback. It is additional protection to the logger. 

The safety issue is the most important for the professional, the homeowners, and occasional users. 

However, solely depending upon the safety measures of chainsaws is not enough for ensuring safety. The logger also should take a personal step such as wearing goggles for the harmful debris, hand gloves, and a helmet for the accidental kickback. 

Additionally, the step you should take to ensure safety is to keep the tool 50 feet away from the electronic line, as haphazard may not happen. You also should keep two hands over the saw during the cutting job for your safety. 

However, another safety caution is that no one should smoke and do flaming work in running the gas-powered chainsaw. It is too risky for safety.   


For the easy maintenance of a chainsaw, primarily two things are essential. The first one is the handling, which should be ergonomic and easily grip-able. The second one is that the chainsaw should be less weighty. This chainsaw is of ergonomic design and comparatively less heavy than any other gas-powered chainsaw. That’s why we can say it is worthy of comfortable maintenance.

Ryobi 18 Inch Chainsaw Has Anti-vibe handle

The Anti-vibe handle of Ryobi 18 provides comfort to the logger in using it. This ergonomic design helps the logger reduce fatigue and keeps him energetic at the last cut of the work; for having this amenity, debris from the cut splitter is less.

For this system, the user can grip the handle firmly. Thus, the possibility of dropping or slipping the saw from the logger’s hand is very low.  

Inertia-chain brake

The system that reduces the fatigue of the logger, the Inertia-chain brake, is one of them. This system enables the chain to be automatically off if the kickback happens or any accident occurs. For activating the chain brake, you should push the brake hand guard toward the bar. However, it doesn’t prevent the kickback but makes an obstacle to the chain from running.  

Automatic chain oiler

For the non-stop smooth work, the constant lubrication of the chain is a must. The continuous lubrication keeps the chain sharp and helps to survive for a long time. This chainsaw has an automatic chain oiler. Therefore, the logger need not manually lubricate the chain.

The oiler is driven by the sprocket and adds lubrication while the chain is moving. Though the sawyer need not manually lubricate the chain, he has to keep the oil box full and keep an eye on whether it gets empty. The least amount of oil makes the chain and bar overheat. However, the sawyer can increase or decrease lubrication. The logger is suggested not to use dirty or used oil because it will bring adverse consequences.

 Ryobi 18-Inch Chainsaw Features SAFE-T-TIP Bar

This exceptional bar protects the logger from the rotational kickback. It usually stands at the end of the bar and prevents the chain at the end of the bar from contacting the wood. It is an additional safety measure for the protection of the logger. This feature is not common in all of the chainsaws of various brands such as Husqvarna, STIHL, and Oregon.

Firstly, in maintaining the SAFE-T-TIP nose guard, you must stop the engine and disconnect the spark plug wire. Then mount the SAFE-T-TIP nose at the bar and fit the locking tab in the increased slot of the guiding bar. Finally, until it gets snugged, you have to tighten the screw with a wrench. 

Before using the chainsaw, you have to be careful of the security of the SAFE-T-TIP nose guard, whether it is mounted or not.


The first run of a chainsaw may face difficulty due to the kickback system of the chain. A chain can easily cut the log or wood if the depth of the cutter is high. On the contrary, this depth-ness of the cutter also creates a problem at the beginning of the cut, and kickback occurs. 

So for the kickback problem, the cutter’s depth of this chainsaw’s chain is minimized, making the low-kickback chain. 

Tool-less Air Filter cover

Cleaning Tool-less Air Filter cover is very easy as the logger can easily access, clean, and replace the Air Filter. 

Firstly, in cleaning the air filter, you have to activate the chain brake and lift the latch to release the air filter cover. Then, sliding out the body, raise it to remove it from the saw. Next, the logger has to lift the handle on the right side to remove the air filter retainer, releasing the pins from the slot. Then raise the retainer to remove. Finally, remove the air filter, wash it with soap and water. After washing it, attach it to the previous positions.

Ryobi 18 Inch chainsaw provides a wonderful cage

In maintaining the usual chainsaw, the logger has to carry a toolbox additionally. But you can bring a chainsaw and all related tools and instruments in one cage. This cage is carryable in all of the seasons that are also useful as storage. Moreover, this plastic-made cage will last along. With this cage, you can quickly move the tools anywhere, having the slightest possibility of losing the tool. 

Additional Features of Ryobi 18 Chainsaw

The attractive gas and oil tank cap of Ryobi 18 will allure you to buy it. These two caps are of excellent design with white color. Therefore, it extended the beauty of this chainsaw. Besides, the starting trigger of the Ryobi 18 is also an excellent design with white color. Consequently, it also enhanced the beauty of this chainsaw. 

On the other hand, usually, you will notice the oil box and gas tanks are on two different sides of the chainsaw. But in this chainsaw, the chain oil box and tank are nearer. After getting all the feature details from this Ryobi 18 inch chainsaw review, let’s check its pros and cons.


  • It has a powerful engine.
  • This chainsaw consists of an anti-kickback system.
  • The Ryobi 18 has an automatic chain oiling system.
  • Cleaning air filter with the help of toolbox
  • It is comparatively lightweight
  • This chainsaw has a wonderful carry cage
  • The handle is comparable to the grip
  • The vibration is at a low level.
  • It comprises a Safe-t-tip bar that acts as a safeguard.
  • This chainsaw has an inertia chain braking system


  • It is not perfect for the heavy cutting 
  • It takes time to restart

The bottom line

At the end of this Ryobi 18 Inch chainsaw review article, we can conclude that the tool is ideal for homebound cutting activities like cutting firewood, pruning, and cleaning stormed wood. I will put the highest mark on this saw in the test of performance.

For your homebound cutting task, the Ryobi 18 is the best quality chainsaw at a reasonable price. But you have to be careful using this saw, especially not cutting the wood that does not fit in diameter to this saw. 

All of the safety measures and well-maintenance are in-built into it. But the logger should also be self-conscious about using it. They should read the manual properly. Following the manual properly will increase the durability of this Ryobi 18 chainsaw.


What is in the cage of Ryobi 18?

Opening the heavy cage of Ryobi 18, you will discover a chainsaw, a sheath, combination wrench, 2-cycle engine lubricant oil, operator’s manual, and Carrying case. 

Who should buy this chainsaw?

The homeowner, farmers should buy this chainsaw for their heavy cutting jobs. 

Is it repairable to the local market?

Yes, this chainsaw is repairable to the local market.

How does it vibrate?

For its anti-vibe system, it vibrates comparatively more, and the neighbor does not get bored. 

Can beginners buy it?

Yes, as it is not a professional chainsaw, beginners are suggested to buy it.

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