Ryobi 14 Inch Chainsaw

Ryobi 14 Inch Chainsaw Review 2024 [40V Brushless Chainsaw]

If you can maneuver a chainsaw like a toy, how handy will it be? You will prune, trim, and limb with this handy saw, just like playing with a toy. This chainsaw will never make you tired; instead, you will be enjoying your work. You can hold it just with 3 fingers. Can’t believe it? For more unique feature details, continue reading this Ryobi 14 Inch chainsaw review article.

Today I am talking about a saw that seems to be a toy, but actually, it is a chainsaw with powerful cutting capacity. That is none but a Ryobi RY40530 chainsaw. It is a cordless battery-powered chainsaw with a brushless motor. The chainsaw is so lightweight that you can move it anywhere. It has a nice chain tensioning system and an adjustable oiling system. As it is battery-powered, it is friendly to the environment.

This chainsaw is perfect for pruning, bucking, limbing, trimming, cleaning, felling small trees, and cutting firewood. If you are a homeowner, farmer, or occasional user, we highly recommend buying it. The beginners are also encouraged to buy it.

Ryobi 14 Inch 40 Volt Brushless Chainsaw Review

Ryobi 40-Volt Brushless chainsaw has many positive components to attract a buyer’s attention and lead him to the buying decision. The exceptional features include-

Brushless Motor

As I mentioned earlier, the Ryobi 14 cordless chainsaw looks like a toy. Yeah, it does it. But never underestimate its power. This chainsaw works like a gas-powered chainsaw. It has a powerful 40v brushless motor and a 4 Ah battery. That is not like the traditional brushed motor. It is more powerful than a brushed one. That is powerful enough for a speedy cut like chopping your birthday cake. This motor is capable of producing 1.7 nm torques while its gas-powered counterparts produce 2 nm torque. So torques producing a capacity of two are nearer. 

However, you should be careful of keeping the motor and battery far from the water and liquid material. 

Cutting test

Like a Ryobi RY3714 gas chainsaw, the unit has a 14 inches bar and chain that is sufficiently long for pruning, bucking, limbing, trimming, cleaning, and cutting firewood. You can do these cutting jobs in just a while, in a comfortable position without taking the rest. Its accurate and smooth cut will not let you take the rest. Rather continue the job.

It will chop down the log as cutting butter, usually the logs and wood within 7-8 inches diameter.

The chain of this saw is of a low-kickback design which meets the ANSI B.175.1. The chainsaw chain has a 3/8″ pitch, 0.043 gauge, and 52 drive links, making it lighter to deliver a speedy and accurate cut. The cutting speed of the chain is 23 meters per second, which is sufficient to finish work like pruning, trimming, bucking in a shortened time matching the gas-powered counterparts. However, you should regularly check the bar every day and week. 

Automated chain oiling

The Ryobi 14 inches chainsaw has an adjustable automatic chain oiling system. This system keeps the chain constantly lubricated and helps to continue speedy and smooth work. The logger need not manually lubricate the chain. Firstly it keeps him tired-less for his long work and secondly saves his time. However, he should be careful of the oil box, whether it is empty or not. The oil box should always be full of oil. The empty oil in the oil box makes the chain and bar overheat. It decreases the sharpness of the chain, minimizing durability and making a deterrent to the smooth cut. After filling up the box, it begins to seep into the chain. The oil reservoir of this chainsaw can hold 6 oz oil. That is sufficient to lubricate the chain continuously till the battery lasts long. 

However, the logger should be careful of using oil to the chain. He should use good-quality oil.  Using the used, contaminated, and dirty oil to the chain may bring adverse consequences. Additionally, it has an oil indicator that indicates the level of the chain oil. Observing the level of the oil, the logger can fill the oil tank. 

Ergonomic design

The design of the Ryobi 14 cordless chainsaw is ergonomic. If we have a look at the chainsaw, the battery stands in the central position. The front handle of this chainsaw is fully wrapped as the logger can do his work with various angles. Besides, the logger in a comfortable position can grip the handle. It helps him to hold the chain firmly and keeps control over the saw. 

Less noise and vibration

Using a high-powered gas saw will not let your neighbor sleep. It will bother the men of the surrounding. But the Ryobi 14 cordless chainsaw is not like that one. It is of a less-vibrating and less-sound system. Your neighbor will hardly notice using your chainsaw. The over-rate vibration increasing the fatigue makes the logger half-tried. It slows down the cutting speed though the engine is powerful. The logger needs to take the rest frequently. Deterring to the smooth work also wastes time. But using these chainsaws, you will be relieved from such hassle. Besides, your neighbor will also be trouble-free.  


The gas-powered chainsaw consumes the fuel and exhausts the carbon. Using a gas-powered chainsaw is harmful to our environment. Though fuel consumption rate is minimized-level in many gas-powered chainsaws, stopping it in total is not possible. Ryobi Li-Ion 40V chainsaw runs with battery power. It does not exhaust the carbon. The green-loving logger is very eager to buy it.  

Easy to maintain

The Ryobi 14 inches chainsaw is friendly for easy maintenance. Using this chainsaw, the logger can keep his actual control over the chainsaw. That helps him to do a smooth and accurate cut. Actual control over the saw also helps to prevent accidental happenings and to tackle the emerging situation.

Besides, like other chainsaws, you need not cost much in maintaining the saw. You are to pay less compared to its counterparts for maintenance.

However, the handle should always be grip-able. In addition, it should always be dry and free from oil. An oily handle lets you not grip properly. Pruning or trimming the tree by holding saws up to the chest’s height may lead to inconvenience. For your smart maintenance, you should always be careful of it.  

Ryobi 14 Inch Chainsaw is Lightweight

The Ryobi 40-Volt Brushless chainsaw is so light like a toy. The weight of this chainsaw is only 10 lbs. You cannot move the usual gas-powered chain saws as you wish due to their heavyweight. But you can move it for work far from your home. As it is cordless, you need not take the extra hassle of connecting the cord to the electric outlet. Just recharge its battery and use it for your convenient work. 

Easy to start

To start a gas-powered chainsaw, firstly, you have to fill the tanks with fuel, check the choke, pump the fuel, and pull the trigger. That is lots of work that you have to do. To start an electric powered chainsaw, firstly, you have to connect the saw with electricity. Sometimes a limited cord leads you to extra inconvenience. Then, you have to join the two cords. Besides, you have to add an extra outlet if the work is comparatively far from your yard. 

However, the Ryobi 14 cordless chainsaw is here to relieve you from that extra nuisance. To start this chainsaw, activate the lock-out switch and squeeze the throttle trigger. And in a few seconds, it will start and begin to work. In stopping the chainsaw, you are to do just like the previous. Just release the trigger and reset the lock-out button. The chain will stop working. 

Exceptional chain tensioning

Proper chain tensioning is one of the vital works for maintaining a chainsaw. Due to proper tension management, the bar may snap or slip from the saw.

One of the Ryobi Li-Ion 40V chainsaw’s unique features is its easy chain tensioning system. In addition, it has a side-mounted tensioner and a scrench tool. 

In usual chain tensioning, the logger needs a toolbox where he keeps his tool, like a wrench. While doing outdoor work, you have to carry the toolbox to keep it near. Sometimes the wrench is lost, which creates an obstacle to smooth work. The logger gets half-tired, searching for his tool. 

However, this chainsaw will relieve you from that kind of extra difficulty. In this chainsaw, there is onboard storage on the saw. The screw tightening tool is kept there. When the logger needs the tool, he instantly releases the tool from the onboard storage for tightening his chain. This system keeps the logger from the extra hassle and saves his time.

In tuning the chain, firstly, loosen the bar mounting nuts to finger tight. Then raise the guide bar tip and continue to hold up until the chain gets tightened up. After that, re-tighten the nuts of the bar. 

Variable speed trigger

For the convenience of the work, the logger sometimes has to increase the speed of the cut, and sometimes he has to decrease it. It depends on the nature of the work. In just pruning work, the full speed of a chainsaw is needless. The notable feature of the Ryobi 14 inches chainsaw, it has a variable speed trigger. The logger can tune the speed of the saw. Just pulling up and down, he can tune it. 

Dual-stud design

The bar and chain retention system of the Ryobi 40-Volt Brushless chainsaw is different from others. It has a Dual-stud design. Two studs help to hold the chain and bar stronger than the other counterparts. As a result, there is the least possibility of slipping off the bar from the saw or becoming bent during the cut with this convenience. In addition, this strong bar retention system makes it more acceptable to the market of the chainsaw.

Safety Features of Ryobi 14 Inch chainsaw 

Ensuring safety features is the first priority for a perfect chainsaw. So in this Ryobi 40v 14 chainsaw review section, we will discuss its safety features briefly.

In Ryobi 14 cordless chainsaw, you will find its front and rear handle as a protector from the flying debris and chain contact. Its lock-out switch prevents accidental start-up. The chain of the saw produces a low kickback. The cutter of the chain is of less depth. Therefore, there is the least possibility of kickback happening. It has an inertia-chain braking system that stops the chain automatically at the kickback and emergency. When the kickback happens, the chain brake automatically comes into the contract of the front hand and gets pressed. In such a way, the chain gets stopped. Thus the way this chainsaw becomes safer.

However, the logger should also be personally conscious about using the chainsaw. He should regularly check the components to see whether these are working well or not. He should also check the oil box to see if it is empty and chain whether it is sharped or not regularly.  

The logger should be well-equipped while using the chainsaw. He should wear hand gloves, a helmet, an eye protector, and a dress. 

The logger should not operate the chain while up in the tree. Rather he should use the ladder instead for upper work. Additionally, the working area should be free of an explosive atmosphere. Finally, don’t recharge the battery with the charger of another one. 

The logger should not talk to near one during the cutting time. It may bring adverse consequences. During the cutting time, he must concentrate on his work.

As this chainsaw is lightweight, it is possible to operate it with one hand, but it is better not to do it. Using two hands makes the cutting safer. After finishing the job covering the bar, increase your safety.

N:B: Remind it that the chainsaw is for cutting the wood, not for cutting the plastic or other non-wood materials. Don’t do this.

This product has some pros and cons, and those are to be discussed below in this Ryobi 14 inch cordless chainsaw review section.

Things we like

  • It has a powerful brushless motor.
  • This chainsaw has a sufficient bar and chain.
  • It is lightweight
  • Easy to start
  • Cutting speed is satisfactory
  • The design is friendly to the well-maintenance
  • It is friendly to the environment.
  • Easy chain tensioning system
  • It Keeps the logger stress-less  
  • It has an adjustable automatic oiling system 
  • This chainsaw is of light vibration and less noise. 


FAQs Related to Ryobi 14 Inch Chainsaw 

What are the accessories of the chainsaw?

The chainsaw accessories are a battery, a charger, a manual, a book, a wrench, and a sheath. 

Who should buy this chainsaw?

The occasional user, homeowner, farmer, and beginner should buy this.

For which work should this chain saw be used?

The user can perfectly use this chainsaw in the home or farm-based work. They can use it for heavy cutting of small and medium-sized logs and wood. They can perfectly use it in pruning, bucking, limbing, trimming, cleaning, felling small trees, and cutting firewood.

Is the battery of various Ah changeable?

Yes, you can change the Battery of various Ah for the convenience of your work.

Is this saw repairable in the local market?

Yes, this saw is repairable in the local market.

Does it have an automatic sharpening system?

No, it doesn’t have to be like this. Instead, the logger has to sharpen the teeth of the blade manually with a sharpening lever. 

Final Thought on Ryobi 14 Chainsaw Review

If you intend to buy a perfect chainsaw for your homebound cutting activities within a reasonable price with satisfactory quality, I cannot but suggest you decide to buy it. Hesitating and confusing will not help you reach a good decision. Previously discussed features will not let you stop buying them. Just grab it, as you cannot deny the acceptability of this chainsaw for its lightweight design, battery life, portability, and easy maintenance. However, for your small or medium-cutting works, the powerful mini-cutting monster Ryobi 14 Chainsaw would be a perfect choice.

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