Rikon Belt Disc Sander Reviews in 2023 [Combo Unit]

Rikon is one of the trusted companies when it comes to power tools. They produce quality sanding products and offer a five years warranty which ensures the durability of the tools. Rikon 50-144 is a combo of belt and disc sander, meaning you can have a single machine with both facilities. Dual dust port and cast iron tables are the exclusive additions besides the powerful motor. There is no doubt this belt and disc sander will be the star of your workshop. It will make your work easier and quicker without making a huge mess. So keep reading this Rikon belt disc sander reviews to know more about this belt and disc sander and the advantages and disadvantages.

Technical Specification:

Specification Rikon Belt Disc Sander
Power Source: Electric
Voltage: 120V
Horsepower: 5/8 HP
Belt Size: 1 x 42 inches
Disc Size: 8 inches
Belt Speed: 3000 SFPM (Surface Feet Per Minute)
Disc Speed: 1725 RPM
Dust Port Diameter: 2.25 inches
Dust Collection: Yes
Table Tilt: 0-45 degrees
Belt Tilt: 0-90 degrees
Weight: 59 pounds
Warranty: 5 years limited

Durable Cast Aluminum Rikon Belt Disc Sander Review

Here is a breakdown of every functionality and specification to give you all sorts of details about the Rikon 50-144 belt and disc sanding machine. Other ones are available with different sized belts and discs, but we will only discuss the Rikon 50-144 with a 1×42 inch belt with an 8-inch disc.

Solid Steel Base 

A heavy-duty sanding machine needs a strong base so that it stays stable even when you work. Rikon 50- 144 belt disc sander is one of them. Weighing about 59 pounds, this belt and disc sander have a solid steel base in a cast iron frame, making it really heavy but stable. The solid steel base and cast iron frame make sure the sander vibrates less. 

Dual Cast Iron Tables

Usually, we see aluminum-based tables on belt disc sanders like this. But Rikon 50- 144 has two tables, one for the disc and the other for the belt sander. They are there to support the workpiece and give balance. So, instead of aluminum, they are made of dual-cast irons making the tables highly durable and reliable with heavier workpieces. The table attached to the disc sander has a miter gauge that helps to cut at an angle. That wobble-free miter gauge looks sturdy and measures quite well. Also, these tables are adjustable, so you can tilt them at an angle to help you with your sanding. 

Belt Tracking System

There is no auto belt tracking system in this Rikon 50- 144 belt disc sander. However, you can manually track down the belt after you turn the machine off. The tracking system will make sure the belt is in the right place and it is safe to turn on the machine and start working. 

Fierce Motor of Rikon Belt Disc Sander

The combo Rikon 50- 144 belt and disc sander come with an impressive motor with 5/8 horsepower and 5.8 amp power. This motor is powerful enough to reach high speed. While the disc sander can reach 1725 RPM, the belt can go almost double at 3000 SFPM.


The combo belt disc sander from Rikon is one of those heavy sanding machines that can do all kinds of heavy-duty work that other sanders cannot. It has a narrow belt that is 1×42 inches to sand details into a workpiece. Also, it has an 8-inch disc that can cover a large area. However, the disc only takes pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) sanding abrasives. 

Miter Gauge Adjustments

Rikon 50- 144 belt disc sander will have a miter gauge that you can place on the disc or belt sander table. The tables have slots that will fit the miter gauge bar. It has marks that indicate angles from 0 to 45 degrees. To adjust to a certain degree, you turn the head anywhere right or left till you get to your desired angle, then lock it in place with a knob. You can change the angle again by loosening up the knob.   

Stable Bench Sander

The Rikon 50- 144 belt disc sander is big and heavy but stable once you lock it in place. It has rubber feet attached to it that you may or may not use to stick to a table. Some prefer clamps to secure it in place. For safety reasons, you must make this belt disc sander stable on a bench and then start working on it to avoid inevitable accidents. 

Dust Ports

Unlike other belt sanders, this belt disc sander from Rikon 50- 144 has two dust ports. One can be attached to the belt sander and the other to the disc sander. You need to attach a vacuum hose for the best results. The dust collection system works pretty smoothly, and you will hardly need any protection from the dust. 

Now in this Rikon belt disc sander review section, we will discuss some of the pros and cons related to this combo sander.

The Advantages of Rikon 50- 144 Belt Disc Sander

  • Steel base within a cast iron body gives it stability
  • Low vibrations
  • Dual cast adjustable tables
  • Two dust ports
  • Powerful motor that creates good speed
  • Narrow belt helps in much detailed work
  • Works great as a benchtop
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with an 80 grit disc and an 80 grit belt
  • Sturdy miter gauge helps with angles

The Drawbacks of Rikon 50- 144 Belt Disc Combo Sanding Machine

  • No auto adjustable belt
  • No variable speed 

Final Verdict on Rikon Belt Sander

The Rikon 50-144 belt disc sander is a simple but durable belt disc sander that comes in a slightly expensive price range. This belt disc sander might not suit casual DIY people, but it is a must-have belt sander for those who work heavy duty and need professional equipment to help them out. As this works best as a benchtop, it will be better for those who have enough space in their workshop to settle this. Rikon is a well-known company that will not disappoint you with its performance and customer care. Try to give it a chance if it matches your needs. 


Does it come with a warranty?

Yes, it does. Rikon 50- 144 comes with a massive five-year warranty that ensures the quality of its products and customer care.

Can you use this to sand metal?

Yes, you can use it on metal if you use the right grit sandpaper. The sandpaper this machine will come with probably is not for metal. So purchase the suitable sandpaper first and then work. 

Does this belt disc sander create too much noise?

No, it creates a moderate amount of noise. You might not need any earplugs, but the noise will be there in a tolerable state. 

Should I apply more pressure for it to work better?

No, you must not apply too much pressure while sanding. The sander needs moderate pressure to work with. Additional pressure only can damage the sanders. 


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