Powerful Ridgid Belt Sander R2740 Review in 2024

Ridgid has been a trusted and go-to company for professionals. The high quality of the products made Ridgid so reliable. Ridgid R2740 belt sander is specially designed for professionals. It has a twin fan system that makes sure it does not heat up too much while working for a longer period. Also, it has a strong motor that can take on tough jobs and work for a long time. If you want a professional sander but still looking for something quite affordable, then go through our full Ridgid belt sander R2740 review article. 

Flush Sanding Capable Ridgid Belt Sander R2740 Review

Twin Fan

We all have experienced the problem where the belt sander has overheated during work. It happens when you work uninterruptedly for a long time, and the motor heats up. This heating up can damage the machine in the long run. To prevent this, Ridgid has added a twin fan feature that cools down the motor and collects dust from the surface, and pushes it into the dust bag. This added feature is helpful for those who work hard all day with a sander. Now they can work without worrying about heating the motor. 

Ridgid R2740 Belt Sander Has Impressive 6.5 amp Motor

Ridgid R2740 comes with an impressive 6.5 amp motor, more powerful than the Shop Fox W1855 unit. You better not underestimate the power of that 6.5 amp because it can get ferocious at the workstation. You will understand that well when you press the on button. The motor has enough power to take out a lot of material from the surface if you use the right sandpaper. A 36 grit sandpaper is powerful enough for that. The belt speed is 400-950 SFPM (no-load speed). 

Design and Construction

The design of the Ridgid R2740 sanding machine is quite simple. It has a 3×18 inches belt that can sand quite well. Even though it has a twin fan system, it does not seem to make much noise. So you can easily use it in your apartment without a lot of complaints. Ridgid R2740 weighs only about 7.63 pounds, so it is easy to carry around while working. It comes with a speed dial which means you can control the speed you need to work with. A lock button locks the trigger and keeps the sander on without pressing down the trigger. 

Power Type

Ridgid R2740 does not need any battery to operate. It is a corded tool that is powered by electricity. It has limited movement facilities as it is corded, but Ridgid R2740 has a long cord that can cover more areas. A battery-powered sanding machine will cost more for the replaceable batteries and the battery charger. This sanding machine needs AC power and 120V to operate. 


The price of the durable belt sander Ridgid R2740 is a little under hundred dollars which are quite affordable. Other sanders are costing more with the feature Ridgid R2740 already has to offer. It is already ahead of its competition because of this. 

Ridgid R2740 Sander is Lighweight 

Ridgid R2740 weighs 7.63 pounds which is light if we compare it with other sanding machines of its class. It is corded, so it does not have the additional battery weight in it. This sanding machine is versatile and easy to carry by hand. You can easily lift it up while working in a higher place. 

Ideal For Beginners And Professionals

The low price range makes it available for beginners. They can choose this and learn to use it before investing in an expensive one. Ridgid R2740 has some rare and unique features that attract professionals. The twin fan and speed dial option are not present on every belt sander in the market. Those who need these badly can purchase this belt sander from here. 

Safety Tips

Safety is always the priority when you are working with any machine. After receiving the sander, the first thing you must do is go through the whole manual and the dos and don’ts. Wear safety gear like masks and goggles even though this sanding machine creates less dust. Do not leave the machine plugged on when you finish working for that day. Also, make sure you are not wearing loose clothing that can get stuck in the sanding machine when you are not paying attention. Try to start working with a low speed and raise the rate to control the sanding machine better. 

Good Aspects of Ridgid R2740 Sanding Machine

  • Long 12-foot rubber cord
  • Lighted plug indicates when the sander is live
  • Speed dial to control the speed
  • Adjustable belt
  • Flush sanding capability
  • Lightweight with impressive motor power
  • Easily changeable belts
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Twin fan cools the motor down and also helps collect dust

Negative Aspects Of Ridgid R2740 Belt Sander

  • The motor is not too suitable for some extensive works

FAQs Related to Ridgid R2740 Belt Sander

Can I use this belt sander upside down?

Yes, you can. But make sure you clamp it well to avoid any unnecessary accidents. Ridgid R2740 is quite small in size. Working with holding it in hand should be easier. 

Does it come with a case? 

No, it does not have any case. The expensive belt sanders have their case, but Ridgid R2740 comes in a box. Ridgid R2740 has a sanding bag, sanding machine, and a manual. 

Does Ridgid R2740 come with any warranty?

Yes, Ridgid R2740 comes with a 90-day satisfaction guarantee policy. Also, a three-year limited warranty and a lifetime service agreement. So, you must not worry about this before buying it.

Where is Ridgid R2740 manufactured?

It is manufactured in China, but it has won hearts all over the U.S. Manufacturing in China helps to lower the manufacturing cost, which helps the final product to be budget-friendly.  


The unique orange-colored Ridgid R2740 has all the features suitable for any heavy-duty job. Professionals often face problems working with cheap belt sanders because they miss some great features and motor power that makes the job easier.  This belt sander is cheap but promises to provide all the features you look for in an expensive one. A rare dual fan system that cools the motor and helps collect dust and a belt tracking system that automatically gets the belt in its place will cost more when you look for them in another machine. All these qualities listed in this Ridgid belt sander R2740 review article make this a suitable belt sander for both professionals and beginners. 

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