Powermatic 2244 Drum Sander Review in 2023

Technologies and smart devices have made life easier than before. All that time-consuming work in the past is now a matter of minutes. The drum sander is one of those kinds of creation. This power tool will make your life easier and work a lot faster. It has the perfect blend of technology and performance that makes it perfect for both professional uses and DIY works. If you are looking for a powerful drum sander for professional work with some fancy features, check out this Powermatic 2244 drum sander review to get all the detailed information about it. This Powermatic drum sander 2244 can be an exciting add-on to your workshop if you plan to upgrade it and have enough money for it.

Quick Features Table:

Feature Powermatic 2244 drum sander
Drum Size: 22 inches
Drum Speed: 1,720 RPM
Motor: 1.75 HP
Conveyor Speed: Variable, 0 to 10 feet per minute
Conveyor Motor: 1/6 horsepower DC
Sanding Capacity: Maximum thickness of 4 inches
Dust Collection: Dual 4-inch ports, 1,200 CFM recommended
Weight: 328 pounds
Warranty: 5-year limited warranty

Powermatic Drum Sander Model 2244 Reviews

You will find the functions, performance, durability, and advantages and disadvantages of this sander here. To figure out all the details, make sure you stick till the end.

Impressive Heavy Duty Motor

A drum sander is designed to handle some heavy-duty job that goes on for hours. Normally it is used by professionals at their workshop. The Powermatic 2244 drum sander comes with 14.0A,1.75 HP motor to match the high demands and expectations. This massive tool can reach a high speed of 1720 RPM. It also comes with another conveyor motor that has 1/30 HP power output. However, this drum sander comes with a variable speed option so that you can adjust the speed you need for your workpiece. The speed ranges from 0-10 FPM so that you can try multiple sanding techniques on this drum sander. If you wonder if it will overheat during continuous work for hours, then let me assure you that this sander has an enclosed fan-cooled unit that prevents overheating.  The Powermatic 2244 can handle large, heavy workpieces as it comes with tables wide and long enough. There is a single dial to adjust the table parallelism.

Drum Construction

The drum carriage of the sander is quite strong so that it can manage consistency and maintain its performance for a lifetime.  The Powermatic 2244 drum sander comes with an auto belt tracking system to adjust the belt when needed. So from now on, you will not have to stop your work to fix the sander’s belt manually. Also, the drum height adjustments are easy to do. It comes with a handwheel that can adjust the height of the drum easily and smoothly.

Long Term Durability

The body of the drum sander has cast iron and steel, which makes it heavier than other typical sanders. That ensures the sander is strongly built and will last long. The metal body is coated with paint so that it does not rust easily. The aluminum drum also prevents rust, so it is strong, lightweight, and also durable. All other components of the sander, like the handwheel, extension tables, and conveyor bed, are also made of cast iron or steel to ensure durability. Because of all these metals, the drum weighs 328 pounds. So, get some extra people to help you out with this sander.

High-Performance Dust Collection System

The Powermatic 2244 drum sander is a huge drum sander that can sand a lot of workpieces at once. So you can imagine the dust it can create. This sander comes with a 4-inch dust port connecting to a high-speed dust evacuation system or a vacuum. It is better to use a dust evacuation system that has a rate of 800 CFM so that the abrasive and workpieces are clean and safe. This will also extend the life of both the abrasives and the drum sanders. The 4-inch diameter would be the perfect size for the sander. If it were any lower, the dust extraction would be slower too. Make sure you turn on the vacuum system before starting to sand. Also, keep a blower close so that you can blow away any dust residue from the machine and especially the motor.

Powermatic Drum Sander 2244 Has User-friendly Controls with LED Panels

The Powermatic 2244 drum sander is an advanced, sophisticated tool that needs to be user-friendly so that any kind of user can easily operate it. The manual controls are on the main panel. A clear LED display also backs it up by monitoring the sander’s key functionalities. You will find two prominent power switches in the bottom right corner of the panel. The lower one is the main power switch, while the above one is the drum motor switch. Also, it has an emergency stop switch on the top left of the panel. This helps to stop the drum sander immediately while working. However, the main attraction is the LED panel on top of the screen. From this panel, you can monitor the core components of the sander and their status easily. So, now you can monitor the feed logic, the drum motor, the conveyor speed, and the drum height. This helps the user to keep track of everything and take necessary steps if something is not going right in the sander. 

Not Too Noisy Drum Sander

Another best thing about the Powermatic 2244 drum sander is its low noise output. People have complained about how they are bothered by the loud noises of their machines. This one might be the best one of them. The noises from this sander are somewhat between 72 to 74 dB. While if you compare other power sanders like the belt sanders, routers, and planers, they create noises that range between 90 to 100 dB. This means that the Powermatic 2244 drum sander creates less noise than any of them, which should be comfortable working with. However, exposure to loud noises for a long time can cause harm, so make sure you use some ear protection while working with it. 

The Feed Logic

The feed logic is quite an interesting part of the drum sander. It keeps an eye on the drum motor while managing the pace of the conveyor motor to ensure maximum feed rate. This prevents overloading the drum sander. When the feed logic is activated, the LED will notify you, and also the conveyor belt will automatically fix itself. Keep reading the Powermatic 2244 drum sander review to figure out more about its price range.

Powermatic 2244 Drum Sander is Bit Expensive, but It’s Worth It

The Powermatic 2244 drum sander is cheap at all. It comes at a price that is over 3000 dollars. The price might seem too high, but the quality and the performance are worth it all. This one is a high-capacity sander which means it can take care of a lot of workpieces alone. If you are with a lot of professional workloads, then this sander can ease up the pressure. The heavy-duty metallic components and construction ensure that it will perform well even while doing some intensive work.  Also, the LED screen that shows all the functions and the user-friendly controls are worth the extra money. Using it for professional work will not disappoint you. Rather, it might bring more profit. 

Advantages of The Powermatic 2244 

  • Table parallelism can enhance by a single point adjustment
  • Auto belt tracking system does not need any manual help
  • The powerful motor ensures a high-class sanding experience
  • Smart feed logic system can easily monitor the load on the drum motor and adjust the speed accordingly
  • Wide infeed and outfeed tables to give strong support to the large, heavy workpieces
  • The closed stand can also work as a storage
  • Integrated caster wheels increase the stability of the sander
  • It comes with a LED screen that shows the belt alignment, speed, drum depth, and so on
  • 5-year warranty


  • The sander is too heavy

Final Thought

The Powermatic 2244 drum sander is suitable for busy workshops with intense workloads and needs to work continuously for a long period. This drum sander is an advanced power tool, but the controls are user-friendly, so anyone can use it easily. It is durable and long-lasting, so the money you will invest in it has no possibility of getting wasted. This powerful drum sander is sure to meet all your needs providing a flawless working experience. I hope this Powermatic 2244 drum sander review article has helped you find the information you were looking for.


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