Poulan P3816 Chainsaw

Poulan P3816 Review [Lighter-Duty 38cc Chainsaw]

The users, who are not experts in using a chainsaw and like to run chainsaws without facing any hassle and complexity, this greened Poulan P3816 chainsaw would be a great choice for them. In the lightly cutting work, like trimming, limbing, and pruning, the names of the saws which emerge in the first row, the Poulan 967146301 chainsaw, is one of them. It is a gas-powered chainsaw specially made for cutting small-sized wood. So in this Poulan P3816 review article, we decided to bring out all the features and advantages the product has so that you can make a wise buying decision. 

Though it is not a big one, it provides the necessary things that make it convenient. The distinguishable feature of this chainsaw, it has a super-clean filter system. It is effortless to carry and run this chainsaw. It has an automatic chain oiling system, automatic gear, and accessible storage facility, and an easy maintenance system. In addition, the reasonable price of this chainsaw will help you reach the buying decision. It is more popular compared to its counterparts Poulan Pro p3416, Poulan Pro PP3816A. This chainsaw can be the best companion for the regular cutting Job.

Fully-Assembled Poulan P3816 Chainsaw Review 2024

We suggest this chainsaw for both homeowners and professionals for their lightly regular job. This one can be the best choice for beginners who do not have any experience and mechanical knowledge. 

The cutting performance of the Poulan P3816 chainsaw

An efficient logger firstly checks out the cutting performance of a chainsaw; after that, he considers the rest of the features. If the cutting performance of a chainsaw is not well-enough, the other facilities are not worth of value. 

The Poulan 967146301 has a 38cc 2-strokes engine that is powerful enough and an 18-inch bar that is long enough for your light work like clearing the yard after the storm, pruning your garden, cutting your firewood. 

However, for a better cut, the logger should check the sharpness of the chain regularly.  If the blade of the chain looks blunt, then he should make the blade sharpened.

Constant Lubrication of chain

For continuous cutting work, it needs recurring Lubrication of the chain. The constant Lubrication increases the speed of the cut, makes the work smooth, keeps the logger tired-less, and saves the engine from overheating.

The chain of the Poulan p3816 is constantly lubricated as it has an automatic chain oiler. So the logger need not manually lubricate the chain that keeps him energetic and helps for speedy work. In addition, it keeps the saw free from getting rusted.

Automatic gear

If the chain encircles speedily, it helps to finish the job quickly. But sometimes, the logger has to pause his work for the convenience of the work. If the chain is reckless and is out of control, that will bring an adverse consequence instead of a positive one. A chainsaw is well-maintainable if the chain-operating system of it is well. When the logger wants to stop it, it should stop immediately unless the accurate cut is unexpected from this chainsaw.

The Poulan 967146301 chainsaw consists of an automatic gear system. The logger should be sure of activating the gear before starting it. It is better to check the gear several times. This saw is the first thing a logger needs to do before starting the saw. Besides, he has to tune the choke of the engine for fuel management. 

Gripping the rear handle with the right hand and holding the front handle with the left hand, the logger can press the throttle trigger and activate the chain brake, turning the left wrist against the handguard without releasing the logger grip around the front handle. After such activation, the chain will stop automatically.

Poulan P3816  is easily maintainable.

As it is not a bigger chainsaw, the logger can easily maintain and operate it. In addition, its ergonomic design favors a logger for easy maintenance.

The handle of the saw is of such design, as the user can grip the handle firmly and keep his control over the saw easily. 

If you use Poulan p3816, you will get relief from repairing the saw frequently as it consumes fuel at a low level.

For its lightweight, you can move it easily anywhere. 

On the right side of the handle, you will see a guideline that helps the beginner to operate the saw following it and reminds the professional users.

Its air purge bulb helps a logger to the easy cold starting. 

Super Air Cleaner System

Remember, a dirty air filter is harmful to the engine. Decreasing the durability and performance of the engine also increases the consumption of fuel and exhaustion of carbon. Therefore, the logger should clean the air filter after every five hours of operation. If the cutting works are in a dusty condition, the logger should clean the air filter frequently. The logger should also change the air filter after the fifty-hour work time.

The engine of a chainsaw remains well if the Air cleaner system of a chainsaw is well. The Poulan p3816 has a super air clean system. The logger can easily clean the filter, just releasing the screw fitted on it.


This saw is the standard issue for a logger to justify the safety measures of a chainsaw. Its automatic gear system saves the logger from the kickback and accidental happening. For using the power at a reasonable limit, it also has a setting by which a logger can tune the volume of the power. It has a throttle-lock-out switch. Before squeezing the throttle trigger, one should press the switch. This system is to avoid the accidental squeezing of the throttle trigger.

However, its ergonomic handles also save a logger from the unexpected situation, helping to keep his comfortable control over the saw. In addition, the reduced vibration system also keeps the loggers safe.


The machine of Poulan 967146301 has a cooling system. This system keeps the working temperature at a low level. Therefore, the logger needs to clean the cooling system with a brush after every use. If a user does not clean it regularly, it may bring adverse consequences.

Like other chainsaws, it doesn’t consume much fuel. Compared to any other gas-powered chainsaws, they consume fuel at a low level. It makes the saw more acceptable to the users. 

Besides, it has an Easy Storage facility and a reduced vibration system.

Compared to the Husqvarna chainsaws, the prices of the Poulan are less with the high quality. Therefore, you can afford to buy it at a reasonable price.

Advantages of Poulan P3816

  • Perfect for home-bound lightly cutting activity
  • Lightweight
  • Worthy of well-maintenance
  • Cutting performance is satisfactory
  • Safety ensured for using
  • It has Super Air Cleaner System
  • Easy storage amenity
  • The saw consists of reduced vibration
  • Less consumption of oil
  • The chain is constantly-lubricated


Overall Thought

If you intend to get a chainsaw full-assembled within your budget, then the Poulan 967146301 will be the perfect choice for you. Getting the necessary featured-saw within a reasonable price is the best decision. All things that make a chainsaw worthy of well-maintenance are here. Besides, all of the steps for securing safety are also here. However, the logger should be careful of whether the chain brake is activated or not. The chain should be tensioned if it gets loose during the cutting time. The logger should also be with personal belongings like a helmet, hand gloves, and a dress. Following this, Poulan P3816 review article and products user manual properly ensures the safety and prolongs the lifetime of the chainsaw. For longing durability, the logger should also clean the spark arresting screen, spark plug regularly and replace it annually.


Are the parts of this saw available in the local market?

Yes, the parts of the Poulan p3816 are available to the local market.

Who should buy this chainsaw?

The suggestion for buying goes to the Homeowners and professionals for their daily use. 

In which type of work is it used?

It is worthy of use in the home-bound small-ranged cut.

Is it repairable in the local market?

Yes, it is repairable in the local market.

What are the accessories of this chain saw?

The accessories of the chainsaw include a bar cover, manual, screw tightening tool.

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