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Poulan P3314 Review in 2024 With Pros & Cons

Poulan P3314 chainsaw is a mid-level chainsaw. This model is not the lightest in the market but is relatively easy to handle. The guide bar is made of steel and its length is 14-inches. The chainsaw is powered by a two-cycled 33 cc engine, which is run by gas. But you have to make sure that you are using a gas mixture of a 40:1 ratio. There is a primer bulb that helps to start the machine quickly. The bulb makes this model both handy and cost-effective. So check out our Poulan P3314 review to know more about its technical details.

The automatic chain oiler maintains the lubrication system of this chainsaw. It makes sure that the cutting should be continued without any interruption. A new reverse sprocket is included for easier chain replacement. P3314 also features a new and improved chain brake which is very sensitive to sudden movement. It reduces the chances of kickback injury.

The filtration system of this chainsaw is highly improved. It increases the longevity of the filters. If you want to keep your living place pleasant, you can apply this chainsaw for cutting mid-size tree branches with ease. The professionals can also use it for various purposes if they need it. 

Affordable Gas-Powered Chainsaw Poulan P3314 Review

  • Dimensions: 3611.612 inches
  • Powered by: Gasoline
  • Engine displacement: 33 CCs, 2 cycle
  • Weight: 16 pounds 
  • Gas Mixture: 40:1 Gas/ Oil ratio
  • Bar type: Steel bar
  • Chain: 91 PJP
  • Spark plug: RCJ7Y
  • Bar length: 14 inches
  • Cylinder Design: Vertical
  • Oiling system: Automatic
  • Manufactured By: China
  • Warranty: 1 year

Why Should You Buy Poulan P3314 Chainsaw?

Gas Powered Engine

Poulan P3314 is designed with a 33 cc, 2-cycle engine. This engine is run by gas power. The engine provides a good amount of energy to handle the cutting jobs. 

Poulan P3314 Chainsaw Features Anti-vibe Handles

When you start cutting wood, chainsaw vibration creates the problem. This machine has anti-vibration handles that reduce the trembling of your arms while working. Less vibration minimizes our fatigue and makes cutting more comfortable.

Bar Length

The bar length of this chainsaw is 14-inches. It means this is not the most miniature chainsaw in the market. But still, this machine can cut through thicker branches of trees like other expensive and large chainsaws do. 


Poulan P3314 is a medium weighted chainsaw. The weight is only 16 pounds, slightly heavier than the Echo CS 490 and Echo cs 501p chainsaws. It is generally lighter than other gas-powered chainsaws. The machine gives you the comfort to work until the job is done.

Automatic Chain Oiling System

It is hard to cut anything with a chainsaw if there isn’t enough oil on the chain. Therefore, oiling the chain is very important to get a smooth cut from the machine. P3314 has an automatic chain oiling system. This system provides necessary lubrication to the chainsaw that ensures the device cuts through woods consistently. 

Versatility of Cutting

A 14-inches bar is a large enough blade to cut heavy thicker woods, but it’s still capable of cutting up to 28-inches in diameter without any trouble. The chainsaws with more capabilities are available in the market. But they are expensive ones. This chainsaw can perform like large and expensive chainsaws though it’s affordable in price.

The Primer Bulb

The primer bulb brings comfort for the users. It is an in-built feature of the Poulan P3314 model. This tool helps to start the chainsaw very quickly. Sometimes the machine starts with the only first pull. The bulb works to fill the carburetor with fuel that ensures an efficient engine start.  

Super Air Filtration System

A power tool combustion engine must have a proper air filter system. The good news is that this Poulan model has a super air filtration system. The filter extends the life of your chainsaw as well as the filter runs for an extended period.

Oxypower Technology

Oxypower technology is another inclusion to the feature of this chainsaw. The technology not only reduces the emission level but also lessens fuel consumption. So, you can get more power by using less fuel. Above all, we can describe it as an environment-friendly chainsaw.

Sprockets & Handle of Poulan P3314 

This chainsaw has sprockets. They can move in reverse when you need to replace the chain. There is a top handle in this machine which provides you to guide the blade effectively. Thus you can cut through a wood material more efficiently.

Chain Tensioner

Poulan P3314 has a side chain tensioner. It ensures the chain to be tightened enough for excellent cutting.

Safety Issues

Safety is always the main priority for everyone. If you know that an extra protection feature is included with the machine, you feel more comfortable and confident in dealing with it. A well-developed and sensitive chain brake is attached with this Poulan model. It ensures safety for the consumers from significant injuries like a kickback.

Few Limitations of Poulan P3314

Short Warranty

Most of the chainsaw brands on the market offer at least a two-year warranty. It is a matter of disappointment that Poulan provides only a one-year warranty. It seems that the brand is not confident enough with its product.

Stops amid Work

Poulan P3314 chainsaw often stalls within work. You don’t expect your machine to stop during the cutting. It is a very disappointing and annoying occurrence of this chainsaw.

Pros of Poulan P3314 chainsaw

  • The engine is powerful enough for performing light to medium duty.
  • Relatively lighter in weight.
  • Effortless chain oiler maintains smooth cutting.
  • The efficient primer bulb provides a quick start.
  • An automatic chain brake ensures the safety of the consumer.
  • A substantial 91 PJP chain is used to cut wood.
  • A high-quality RCJ7Y spark plug makes sure that the engine never stops.


  • Only usable for light to medium duty.
  • Limited one year warranty
  • Non-CARB compliant.
  • Often stalls amid wood-cutting work.

Bottom Line

The gas-powered chainsaws are always more influential performers than other chainsaws. If you have less money but are looking for a medium-duty gas-powered chainsaw, P3314 is the right one for you. The sufficient power that the engine generates cuts through wood material quite comprehensively. 

The automatic chain brake prevents injuries. This brake is very sensitive and gets activated with the sudden movement of the chainsaw. Besides, the fuel cost is meager because of oxy power technology.  Air filter lasts longer than other chainsaws. Every tool has its limitations. Poulan P3314 is no exception to this. But the machine is pretty helpful and reliable in many ways. So, you can buy this budget-friendly chainsaw to enhance your cutting performance.

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