Porter-Cable pcb420sa Review [8″ Belt Disc Sander]

Porter-Cable pcb420saAre you looking for a belt and disc sander but scared to see the complicated setup process? Well, Porter-Cable has brought you a belt and disc sanding machine famous for its powerful motor and easy setup features. Now you can just purchase it, and without spending hours, you will have a working sanding machine in your workstation. This Porter-Cable pcb420sa is good for heavy-duty jobs while creating fewer vibrations, low noise, and little to no mess. Here in this Porter-Cable pcb420sa review article, we will discuss some of the features and specifications of the Porter-Cable pcb420sa belt and disc sander to help you know all about this product before thinking about purchasing it.

Features Table:

Feature Porter-Cable pcb420sa
Type: Belt/disc sander
Motor: 5 Amp, 3/4 HP motor
Belt speed: 2160 FPM
Disc speed: 3450 RPM
Belt size: 4 x 36 inches
Disc size: 8 inches
Dust collection: Built-in dust collection system with dust bag
Table tilt: Adjustable cast iron table with miter gauge
Belt tracking: Belt tracking adjustment knob
Disc brake: Disc brake to quickly stop the disc from spinning
Belt release: Quick-release lever for easy belt changes
Belt platen: Cast iron belt platen for support and consistent sanding
Disc table: Cast iron disc table with tilt and support for workpieces
Warranty: 3-year limited warranty

Disc Bench Sander Porter Cable pcb420sa Review 2023

So get a seat and stick till the end to get every piece of information about this sander. We have also added some advantages and disadvantages for you to know if this fits your needs.  

Easy Setup

Some belt sanders come in a complicated setup process with many pieces that confuse the user and take a lot of time to put it all together. Usually, the bigger the sander, the more parts it comes with. There are tons of screws, washers, etc. However, Porter-cable is a giant weighing about 51.1 pounds but still relatively easy to set up. All you have to do is to set up the tables and the dust collection port. While making sure the tables are perpendicular to the sanding disc and the belt. A combination square can help to check. Porter-Cable pcb420sa is user-friendly and easy for beginners to set up without any hassles. 

Vicious Motor Power

While reviewing the Porter-Cable pcb420sa sander, we were surprised. Porter-Cable pcb420sa is a beast when it comes to motor power. It has a strong ball bearing with a ¾ horsepower induction motor, giving it enough power to speed up the belt at an impressive 2160 FPM and the disc 3450 RPM. The high-speed and powerful motor ensures perfect, rapid, and precise work on every kind of material. 

Construction and Designs of Porter-Cable pcb420sa sander

This Porter-Cable pcb420sa belt sander also has a disc sander attached to it. So, this two-in-one belt sander is one of the heaviest sanders around. Weighing a little over 50 pounds, it has a sturdy design. It is also relatively larger than the usual belt sanders. With a powerful motor, this beast can take down any sized material without any effort. Porter-Cable pcb420sa has a cast iron base for stability and strength, which helps reduce annoying vibrations while working. Porter-Cable pcb420sa comes with a 4×36 inches belt and an 8-inch disc sander. The big belt and disc size give the user more space and more flexibility to work properly. These belts are easily replaceable. You can find these size belts in the market and choose the suitable grit for your projects. 

Adjustable Belt 

The belt is the best part of this belt and disc sander. You can adjust it according to your needs. If you prefer working with a horizontally positioned belt, you can do that, or if you like the vertical positioned one, that is also possible. While working, some complained about the belt not being in the proper position. So, Porter-Cable added a knob to solve that problem. This knob can adjust the position of the belt when you work. The quick-release system helps to remove the tension and replace the belt effortlessly. 

Separate Tables For The Belt And Disc

This belt and disc sander come with separate aluminum tables for both the belt and disc sander. Tables give a stable surface to work on the sanders making sure the angles and curves are perfect. The table for the sanding disc comes with a miter gauge which is necessary to create curves in specific measurements. Most disc belt sanders only have tables for the disc sander.  

Dust Controller

If you have used a bench sanding machine before, you know how messy it can get. There will be airborne dust in your eyes, face, table, floor everywhere. Cleaning up this mess is unbearable. Porter-Cable pcb420sa has a solution for a cleaner workplace. It has a dust collection port and comes with a dust bag to collect all the dust. But the dust bag is not that reliable, so the experts recommend attaching it with your shop vac, which perfectly fits the dust collection port. Now you will be able to relax with no mess to clean after hours of work. After getting all the features review of the Porter-Cable pcb420sa disc sander, let’s check its pros and cons.

Advantages of Porter-Cable pcb420sa Belt and Disc Sander

  • ¾ horsepower powerful motor
  • Two separate aluminum tables with miter gauge
  • Adjustable and rotatable belt stand
  • Cast iron base
  • Low vibrations
  • Easily replaceable belt
  • Dust collection comes with a dust bag, and the port also fits a shop vac
  • You can place it as a benchtop


  • Sanding disc can be a bit unsteady

Final Overview on Porter-Cable pcb420sa

Porter-Cable pcb420sa is a famous, user-friendly belt and disc sander suitable for all kinds of woodworkers. It has a powerful motor to take on the toughest job with features like high-speed belts, easily replaceable belts, and a fabulous dust collection system. Although it is expensive, it makes up for the quality of performance it shows. Porter-Cable is a type of belt disc sander that is suitable for any user. From its easy setup to its precise sanding, the easy work experience will make you feel it was worth all the money. All you need to do is read our Porter-Cable pcb420sa review and check if the unit meets your needs and demands.  


What size is the dust collection port?

The dust collection port is 2 1/2 – inches. It is a suitable size to fit into any vacuum hose. If you are not comfortable with the dust bag that comes with it, you can simply attach a shop vac and start working. 

How do I change the sanding belt? 

It is easy to change the sanding belt. All you need to do is pull the lever, and the tension will release, making the cover come off. Then you just remove the old belt and attach a new one. It will only take a few minutes to do. 

Can you tell if the tolerances on the miter gauge slots are tight enough?

Yes, the miter gauge slots are tight enough. They might look cheap as they are made of plastic, but they are quite safe and sturdy to use.  


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