Pittsburgh 3 Ton Floor Jack Review in 2023

A floor jack is one of the must-have tools in your garage. This tool is crucial as it helps you lift your vehicle when changing tires or working under the hood. And if you have more than one vehicle, having a floor jack that can lift all your cars is even better.

The Pittsburgh 3-ton floor jack is that kind of floor jack. It can lift both low-profile and high-profile vehicles. This unit is also well-made to last long, making it an ideal purchase for professional mechanics and DIY enthusiasts.

In this review, we’ve simplified things for you to make a more informed decision. We have highlighted its features, pros, cons, and frequently asked questions about the floor jack. Read to the end to have full information about this fantastic floor jack.

Features of the Pittsburgh 3-ton floor jack

Material: Steel

Jack Dimensions: 28-inches x 12-inches x 10-inches

Lift capacity: 3-ton capacity

Minimum lift height: 3-1/8-inches

Maximum lift height: 19-5/8-inches

Handle length:   45-inches

Product weight:  75.1 pounds

Security features: universal joint release system

Benefits of the Pittsburgh floor jack

Durable construction

One of the first things to consider when picking a floor jack is its construction. Mechanics and DIYers prefer well-made floor jacks that can support heavy vehicles. That’s what you receive when you acquire the Pittsburgh 3-capacity floor jack. Since it’s made out of steel, expect this unit to hold up to a lot of pressure.Pittsburgh-3-Ton-Floor-Jack

However, the heavy-duty steel construction also comes with its disadvantages, as it makes the floor jack quite heavy.

Quick pump action

Another key element that people look at when picking a floor jack is its ease of use. The Pittsburgh 3-ton floor jack is super easy to use. Thanks to its rapid pump exclusive parallel pump system. With just a few pumps, it will lift your vehicle quickly and swiftly.

Excellent lift height

Whether you have a low-profile or high-profile vehicle, this floor jack will lift it. The Pittsburgh floor jack has a minimum lift height of 3-1/8 inches and a maximum lift height of 19-5/8 inches.

Large weight capacity

The enormous weight-lifting capacity means that you can lift different vehicles instead of being limited. The unit can lift large SUVs, trucks, and even sports cars, as long as they don’t weigh above 6614 pounds.

Extra-wide and sturdy casters

The extra-wide and durably made casters allow the floor jack to move on most surfaces quickly and smoothly. They are also strong enough to provide much-needed support. There are wide enough to offer stability to the floor jack.

The universal joint release system

Having a reliable and robust jack is crucial. But safety is paramount. That’s why the Pittsburgh 3-ton floor jack comes with the universal joint release system that allows you to control your load. On top of that, it has a foam bumper on the bottom end of the handle to avoid unwanted scratches and bumps from occurring.Benefits-of-the-Pittsburgh-floor-jack


Pittsburgh is a reliable brand, and that’s why they offer a warranty for this product. The Pittsburgh 3-ton low-profile floor jack comes with a 90-day guarantee. The warranty takes care of defects in material and workmanship. Meaning, if your floor jack develops or comes with problems within three months of purchasing this unit, you can take it back for repair or replacement. Thus, your investment is secure.



  • Sturdily made to last longer
  • It’s versatile
  • It can even lift hefty vehicles
  • It features a fast and easy pumping system
  • It comes with a stable base that prevents tipping
  • 3-months warranty period


  • The floor jack is quite heavy
  • It comes with poorly made parts like the gaskets

What is the diameter of the saddle?

The steel saddle measures 4-1/4 inches from lip to lip. Besides, it has a raised shoulder around the lip that’s slightly over ¼-inches in thickness. Thus, if you want to set up a rubber pad, you’re better off with a 3-1/2-inch pad. Anything wider than this will be too tight.

Who is it made for?

The Pittsburgh is suitable for both professionals and DIYers. This is because it’s easy to use and well-built to last longer. The floor jack can also lift various vehicle makes and models, with sports cars, cars, SUVs, and trucks included. Furthermore, the unit is safe to use, making it perfect for DIY enthusiasts or even homeowners with low-profile and high-profile cars.


The Pittsburgh, 3-ton jack is a perfect tool for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. The device can lift both low-profile and high-profile vehicles. On top of that, it can raise a weight capacity of up to 75.1 pounds, making it ideal for lifting many cars.

Unlike most hydraulic floor jacks, this unit is safe and easy to use as it features rapid pump technology and a universal joint release system. Therefore, you will lift vehicles with fewer pumps. And since it’s made of a high-quality steel body, expect this floor jack to last for several years.

Generally, this is an excellent purchase for people with both low-profile and high-profile vehicles. The manufacturer also gives buyers a three-month warranty, which provides them with enough time to test out the tool. At such an excellent price, you wouldn’t want to miss out on this exceptional tool.



Must I bleed the hydraulic system before I use the jack?

Unfortunately, yes. Under typical situations, every hydraulic pump will leave the factory ready for use. Regrettably, small air bubbles are at times left in the pump during manufacturing. In the process, the air can compress under pressure, making the pump fail terribly. Therefore, if it’s holding a car, it will fall. Thus, you have to bleed the pump to protect this from occurring.

Do I need Jack stands if I have a floor jack?

Yes, you still do. The work of the floor jack is to lift the vehicle and not support it. You need jack stands to support the car so that if the hydraulic tube’s spring leaks, you stay safe. However, if you’re only changing a tire and don’t have to go underneath the car, then you can use the floor jack alone.

Do I need to make any installation before using the floor jack?

Yes, there is. You will have to inspect the fluid level in the pistons before using the floor jack. This is a painless procedure to follow, and you can check the instructions in the user’s manual. On top of that, you will be needed to set up the handle and insert it into the handle socket at the floor jack’s back. It is fixed into position with a 17mm set screw bolt.

Do you need more than a one-floor jack to lift my cars?

It depends on the kind of floor jack that you have. Some floor jacks are made to lift only low-profile or high-profile vehicles. Such floor jacks limit you to raising one type of car profile. But with the Pittsburgh 3-ton floor jack, you don’t need an extra floor jack as it can lift both low and high-profile cars. Meaning, you can lift sports cars, standard cars, SUVs, and trucks using the Pittsburgh 3-ton floor jack.