Parts of a chainsaw engine with diagrams and pictures

What is a chainsaw?

A chainsaw is a special kind of portable saw incorporated with a set of teeth on a ceaseless chain that rotates over and around. It is mainly a gas-powered or electrically backed-up tool for cutting large pieces of wood, trees, and logs. A sharpened metal chain wraps around the saw’s guide bar, which rotates clockwise. You can cut down a large amount of sturdy and vicious logs and trees within a minute. In this article, we will learn more precisely about the ins and outs of the chainsaw engine parts.

6 Common Chainsaw Engine Parts Details:Chainsaw Engine Part

The most crucial segment of a chainsaw is the main engine itself. Without an engine, a chainsaw might be compared to a traditional hand-driven saw that requires immense physical labor and unthinkable arduous energy to cut through wood. You can see mainly two types of chainsaws: gasoline-powered motor chainsaws and electric chainsaws that need to be in touch with a humongous electric power source to operate during the work. The engine is generally the portion that supplies power to the blade to cut down the huge logs of the trees. Another type of chainsaw that is operated by the lithium-ion battery can also be a decent option for cutting down massive woodpiles. But undoubtedly, the gasoline or oil-supported devices ate the best in the business for their robust power.


The muffler is one of the main parts of the engine that is situated at the lower end of the engine. The muffler is seemingly a steel component that Reduces the grim sounds produced by the main engine, and there is a spark arrestor on the edge of the muffler that usually protects from the jumped-out metal process during the cutting work.  chainsaw Muffler

The fuel tank

The fuel tank is the heart of the engine part because it is the part that is responsible for making the device on track. Inside the portion of the engine, there is a piston that rotates in and out of the cylinder, and it pushes a connecting rod that turns the crankshaft. The crankshaft turns gears and triggers the sprockets on which the chain is mounted. Seemingly, the air-fuel mix is operated inside the fuel tank, which helps to establish the rotating motion of the chain.chainsaw fuel tankSpark plugs 

This tiny little part is responsible for pushing the ignition by supplying the spark into the air-fuel mix chamber and igniting the engine’s fuel.chainsaw spark plugs

Decomposition valve 

It is a tiny hole at the upper portion of the engine that makes the process easier to start the engine. The valve releases the pressure of the pistons that are set inside the engine. It works as the alternator of the main ignition channel for a smooth starting operation.chainsaw decomposition valve 

The carburetor box 

This part of the engine channels air and fuel through the chainsaw to rotate the blade and chain into a circular propelling motion that cuts apart the huge chunk of wood.Chainsaw carburetor box

Fuel filler cap

It is the cap that closes the opening of the fuel tank. This filler cap is essential for capturing the fuel or gasoline into its actual compartment; otherwise, power will be gone if it is a volatile fuel. Chainsaw Fuel filler cap


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