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Oregon CS1500 Review 2024 [Self-Sharpening Chainsaw]

In the work of woodcutting, the continuation of the work is a vital fact. During heavy-cutting, downtime for refueling gas-powered chainsaws and recharging the battery-powered chainsaw is a barrier to non-stop work. Especially when a logger gets fully- concentrated on his job, the downtime is annoying to him. So today, we are talking about a downtime-free chainsaw that is Oregon cs1500. So stay tuned to our Oregon CS1500 review article to get all the feature details related to this product.

It is an electric-powered chainsaw. Using this, the logger need not pay heed to its power supply. It has a specialty for its self-sharpening system that just takes only 3 to 5 seconds to sharpen its blade. However, it also has a self-oiling and easily chains tensioning system. It is suitable for cutting small and medium-sized logs. DIY and homeowners are suggested to buy it. The beginners are also recommended to use this chainsaw.

Corded Safer Electric Oregon CS1500 Chainsaw Review

Though it is a special saw for continuous-power supply and self-sharpening systems, it also has many mentionable features that might attract you. 


It has an 18 inches steel-made bar and chain with a low kickback that can cut any small and medium log smoothly. The speed of this chain is 15 meters per second, which is sufficient for smooth work and higher for an electric saw.

As it is an electric-powered saw, it will not stop its work for the lack of fuel or battery charge; rather, it depends on your willingness. With a short break in downtime, you can do much more work compared to its gas-powered and electric-powered counterparts.

15 Amp Electric Motor

The Oregon self-sharpening chain saw has a 15 Amp electric motor that is well enough for providing a sufficient power supply. Another plus point of this saw is that the motor of this saw doesn’t get overheated like other Echo 2511t gas-powered and Makita XCU03PT1 battery-powered chainsaws. Therefore, the logger need not cease the work for cooling the motor, and he can continue his work. However, the weight of this saw is 12lb, which is less than a gas-powered chainsaw. Because it doesn’t have any tank or battery like its counterparts.  

In connecting the power, you have to be careful about the power-supplying outlet. An underpowered outlet may be a barrier to your powerful work, and we advise you not to use the same powered device in the outlet at the same time. As it is a corded saw, you are to be within the cord range. Don’t worry; you can extend your cord up to 100 ft., and it should be a gauge AWG cable.

Self-sharpening system of Oregon CS1500 Chainsaw

The special feature of the Oregon 15 Amp chainsaw is it has a self-sharpening system. During the cut, if you feel the less speed of the job, just lift the red-lever and make the blade sharpened. There is gritstone inside the saw. When one pulls the lever, the chain comes with the contact of the stone and is stopped.

However, applying excessive force to the lever is not recommended as it might reduce the effectiveness of the sharpening tools. Firstly, it reduces the hassle of sharpening the chain or exchanging the chain; secondly, it saves your time. The logger can make the saw sharpened when he wants.

The automated self-sharpening system just takes 3-5 seconds to sharpen the chain that a logger takes while doing it manually. Thus, it specifically reduces the downtime of the logger. It is said that the Power-sharpening system is an innovative new technology in the market of the chainsaw. It is very especially helpful for cutting the toughest wood. 

Instant starting system

In using a gas-powered chainsaw, when the logger takes a rest in downtime, again, he has to face the hassle of restarting the chainsaw. That makes him half-tired and decreases the motion of work. But in the case of using Oregon CS1500 18-inch, the logger is free from the hassle of restarting. Just pulling the trigger, the user can instantly start and restart after the break. And the logger begins to do the job.

Easy chain tuning

When you start cutting the wood and notice the chain is loose, how will your temper be if the chain is to be tightened manually? Sometimes the screw tightening tool is lost, and the work remains stopped till getting the lost tool.

Don’t worry; Oregon CS1500 corded electric chainsaw has an easy chain tensioning system with less effort. Just rotating the tensioning knob logger can tighten up the chain. Adjusting the chain without opening the toolbox reduces the hassle of the logger and also saves time. That brings a dimension to the speedy cutting work. The logger, in a short time, can cut more wood than with any other saw.

Automated Lubri-Tec oiling system

Like many other chainsaws, the Oregon CS1500 15 Amp also has an automatic chain oiling system that constantly keeps the chain lubricated. It is one of the tool-free and effortless features of Oregon. This feature helps to reduce chain friction, to lower the wearing rate, and to resist overheating. It also extends the cutting time. 

The combined constant lubrication and sharpening system gives an extra speed to the smooth work of this saw. Besides, its oiling box is transparent as the logger can easily notice the chain oil level. The size of the oil reservoir is 4.7 oz that is sufficient to hold the needed oil. However, the oil level should be checked regularly. In cutting time, if the oil splatters, it works properly. If not that, just check it and fix the problem. 

Before filling the box with oil, you have to take off the cover by twisting the knob of the box. The absence of this feature might result in inconvenience to the logger making the hassle and wasting time. Because it affects the chain, and the tension of the chain is changed. However, you are to use oil in this saw more than any others.

Chain Brake of Oregon CS1500 Electric Chainsaw

The chain brake system of the Oregon 18-inches corded electric chainsaw is different from others. It can instantly stop the chain. It is directly connected with the throttle of the trigger. The chain brake remains stopped at working till the throttle of the trigger is pressed. When it is released, the chain brake works and simultaneously stops the motor and chain. Besides, a logger can tune the speed of the chain as to his comfort by rotating the knob that’s on the one side of the saw. Tuning the speed of the chain as to the logger’s wish makes the cutting-job smooth. It protects your body from injury and makes you capable of tackling any emergency. However, before starting the saw, just pull the chain brake. 

Low Noises

The use of the Oregon 15Amp corded chainsaw does not make the neighbor bothered. The sound of this saw is at a pleasant level. It is quieter than any other gas-power chainsaw. As it corded saw, the sound is limited to the house area. In indoor cutting work, the sounds remain in the house, not spreading over the surroundings. For this reason, you need not worry about the sound system of this saw. 

Comfortable maintenance

You will find it as comfortable handling. Firstly the size of the saw is smaller. Secondly, the rubber-coated soft handle made larger allows you to hold in a comfortable position with sufficient space. This handle also helps to prevent vibration. In a cutting job, the logger can easily maintain his control over the saw. That’s why it is worthy of use for the fresher. From starting to stopping the saw, there is no critical step that may cause or hassle the user. All of the necessary components of the saw are designed in such a way; a logger can easily operate these during the cutting time. In the maintenance of those components, you need not take the help of the tools box. The easy cutting process keeps the logger free of stress and energetic for a long time.

Oregon CS1500 is Eco-friendly

In a gas-powered chainsaw, we notice that it consumes fuel and exhausts carbon that is very harmful to the environment. But the Oregon 18-inch 15 Amp chainsaw is powered by electricity, not by fuel. Therefore, for its friendly nature to the environment, it has much more acceptability. As the voice for the protection of the environment is getting raised, the popularity of this chainsaw is also getting increased.

Safety issues

The more a chainsaw is protection-friendly, the more it is worthy of acceptability to the users. Every user of the chainsaw is aware of their safety. Basically, two types of safety measures are seen in cutting jobs. Firstly, the safety that lies on a chainsaw. Secondly, the loggers take measures, such as wearing hand-gloves, helmets, and safety dresses.

If we keep an eye over the Oregon 15 Amp corded electric saw, we find that it has a low-kickback bar, the chain brake that stops the motor, and the chain during kickback. 

Its front and rear handlers protect the logger’s hands from the chain and debris. In case of accidental start-up of the saw, the throttle-lock-switch will help you. When the chain snaps and comes off the bar, then the catcher will protect your hand. Besides, its bumper spikes are also protective of the cutting time.

However, though safety measures are ensured in this chainsaw, personal safety measures like wearing hand gloves, helmets, and safety dresses are also necessary for ensuring safety. Following the manual properly is the best step for ensuring the safety of the logger.

However, it can be said from our Oregon CS1500 review article that its lighter weight, balanced control, and easy system make it worthy of easy handling and maintenance.

Things that you are to take positively

  • It has a sufficient bar and chain.
  • It has power-sharp technology.
  • The beginners can also use this.
  • Its cut is smooth and accurate.
  • It has a tool-free adjustment system.
  • The noise is at a pleasant level
  • Easy starting within a short time.
  • It consists of a Lubri-tech oiling system.
  • It consists of a chain brake system
  • The chainsaw is friendly to the environment.

Negatives sides

  • Unlike the Echo cs 501p chainsaw, the bar is not exchangeable
  • Slightly weightier than the battery-powered chainsaw  
  • You are to use chain oil much more than any other

FAQ Related to Electric Chainsaw Oregon CS1500

What are the accessories of the Oregon CS1500 18-inch chainsaw?

The accessories of the Oregon CS1500 18-inch chainsaw include a sheath of the bar, a manual, chain oil, and a bar cover.

Is it frequently used for a long time?

You can frequently use it full day and night after taking a short break.

Who should buy this chainsaw?

The occasional users, homeowners, and beginners should buy this chainsaw.

Does it have metal drive gear?

Yes, all of the driving components of this chainsaw are metal.

What is the unique feature of this chainsaw?

The unique feature of this chainsaw that makes it different from other chainsaws, it has a power-sharp system.

Concluding point 

We can conclude from our Oregon CS1500 review discussion that, for a non-stop wood cutting job, the Oregon 18inches 15 Amp is the perfect suggestion. Besides all of the necessary features, it has a unique sharpening system for ensuring the easy maintenance and safety of the logger. It is free from exhausting carbon and friendly to a sound atmosphere. It doesn’t require technical and mechanical experience to operate as it is the perfect chainsaw for homeowners, occasional users, and beginners at a reasonable price.


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