Oregon Chainsaws Review 2023 [Oregon CS1500/CS300/CS1400]

In the market of chainsaws, Oregon is a renowned name for manufacturing chainsaws with the leading and innovative technology. This brand is competing in the market with its efficient, top-rated, and affordable chainsaws. From 1947 to the present, they have been meeting the demand of the loggers with their high-performer chainsaws. So in this Oregon chainsaws review article, we will focus on their best chainsaw models.

In most of the chainsaws of this brand, you will find a unique feature of a self-sharpening instrument. That is very much uncommon to the other chainsaws. Apart from this, their saws are lightweight and quiet in operation. 

Top 3 Best Oregon Chainsaws Review

Moreover, the entire products of Oregon are eco-friendly. They manufacture only electric corded and cordless chainsaws, not gas-powered. However, they have fame for producing efficient bars and chains also. So let’s check the reviews of 3 popular Oregon chainsaw models.

Oregon CS1500 18-inch Corded Chainsaw

This mid-ranged chainsaw is perfect for homeowners and DIY. They can finish their pruning and limbing works with satisfactory performance. Let’s give a look

Self-Sharpening –In usual chainsaws, the logger has to manually sharpen the chain with his manual effort. He has to sharpen the teeth of the blade with a sharpening lever. But this chainsaw has a unique feature. It sharpens the chain itself in just 5 to 6 seconds. So it reduces downtime and the logger gets much more time for the work.

18 inches Oregon Chainsaw Bars-The cutting ability of this chainsaw is satisfactory. It has a 12v 15 Amp powerful motor for efficient cutting. It has a sufficient bar length. Its 18 inches bar will give you a smooth and accurate cut. 

Continuous Cutting-In using Oregon CS1500 chainsaw, there is no hassle of refueling or recharging. The electric socket continuously supplies the power to the motor. This continuous power supply minimizes downtime and increases work time.  

View-through window-For regular checking of the oil tank in less effort, this chainsaw has a translucent view-through window. So you do not need to open the cap of the oil tank for the oil-level checking. 

Automatic Oiling Process-For durable chain and bar management, this chainsaw has an automatic chain oiling system. It increases the durability of the bar and the chain. It also increases the cutting speed of the work. 

Easy chain tensioning-You will take a long breath, seeing this chainsaw has a tool-free chain tensioning system. The process is so simple. Just rotate the tensioning knob and tighten its chain. 

Lightweight-The weight of this saw is only 12.6 pounds. This lightweight helps the logger to have actual control over the saw. 

Reduced Vibration-For comfortable cutting, this chainsaw comes with a reduced vibration system. It helps to reduce fatigue and improve control management.  

Eco-friendly-This saw runs with electricity, not with fuel. There is no emission of carbon. It emits nothing harmful to the environment. It conforms to the eco-friendly system.

Low-kickback-The teeth of the blades are sharper but not deeper. These will cut wood efficiently but will not cause the possibility of kickback. 

Chain Brake-This chainsaw has a chain Brake system. This brake ensures the safety of the logger. 

Easy Starting-The starting process of this chainsaw is so easy and effortless. It has an electric starting system. Just switching the on and off, you can start and stop this chainsaw with less effort. 

Ergonomic Design-The design of this saw is so ergonomic. The handles of the saw are over-molded. The logger can firmly grip the handle. He can finish his job in an ergonomic way. The cover of the bar can be accessed in an easy way. The bar’s cover has a red opening knob. By rotating the red knob, the cover will be open and can be cleaned. 

Extension cord-In outdoor works which are slightly far from home, there is a need for an extended cord. This chainsaw comes with 12-gauge copper wire.  

Bumper spikes-It has safety components bumper spikes. These are used for stability in the cutting. The spikes hold the wood during the cut to keep the saw in a stable position. 

Additional Safety –For preventing the accidental start of the saw, this chainsaw has a throttle lock switch. Its chain catcher protects the hand of the logger from snapping or coming off the bar. 

Short Feature Review of CS1500 Oregon Chainsaw

  • Instant start and Effortless management
  • Unlimited power-supply
  • Low Noise and Comfortable handle
  • Tool-free chain tensioning
  • Lightweight and Low vibration
  • Bumper spikes and Chain catcher.
  • Extended cord


  • It uses a lot of oil

Battery-Powered Oregon CS300 Cordless 16-inch Self-Sharpening Chainsaw

We have already discussed a corded chainsaw from the Oregon brand. Let’s look at a cordless one.  The Oregon Cordless 16-inch Self-Sharpening Chainsaw is a perfect one for professional landscapers, arborists, and experienced homeowners. 

Brushless Motor-This chainsaw has a powerful brushless motor. It can produce more torque than the brushed one. This efficient motor generates much more massive power. It has a 4.0Ah battery that can hold much power for a long time; cutting works. It will deliver nearer to 400 cuts in 2-3 inches of wood media. The battery can be recharged up to 1000 times.

The self-sharpening system-This chainsaw has a unique feature. It has a self-sharpening system. This feature is very unique that you hardly notice in any other chainsaws. With this system, the chain gets sharpened in an automatic way. The logger does not need to sharpen the chain with the sharpening lever in a manual process. In just a few seconds, it can be sharpened. This system increases the durability of the chain. It also helps with efficient and smooth cutting. The speed of the chain is 14.20 meters per second.

Overload protection-This chainsaw is made with a unique feature. It has an overload protection system. This chainsaw is made for mid-ranged cutting jobs. If any hardest and toughest wood comes to this saw that might harm the chain, the saw will automatically stop. It will relieve you from an unexpected situation.

No Downtime-Usually, it takes downtime to recharge the battery of a cordless chainsaw. The logger has to wait until the recharge is complete. But there is no waste of time in using this saw. It has an extra battery pack. Till it is recharged, the logger can continue his job with this extra battery pack. However, at rapid speed, the battery is charged. It takes 90 minutes to be recharged.

The Premium Cell technology-The battery of this saw is made with Premium Cell technology. The technology comes with constant no-fade power. The battery of this saw is not like the others. The high-proficient cells of the battery can hold power for a month in storage. Besides, this G-MAX lithium-ion battery is capable of running chainsaws for a long-time. 

Automated oiling –Besides, the self-sharpening system has an automatic chain oiling system for the proper management of the chain. 

Lightweight-This is not a heavier one. The weight of this saw is 12.0lbs. That is said to be lightweight. For its lightweight, the logger feels convenient in moving anywhere with this saw. This lightweight also helps to increase the comfort in cutting.

Quite –In cutting jobs, you will find this saw is quite enough. The noise is at a pleasant level. The vibration is at a reduced level. 

Easy staring –The starting process of this chainsaw is so convenient. No extra job is here like the tuning of the choke, adjusting the carburetor, and pumping the bulb. In a simple way, just switching the starting button, you can start it immediately. 

Steel bucking spikes-Many chainsaws have plastic bucking spikes. The plastic bumper spikes are not stronger than the steel ones. The bumper spikes of these chainsaws are made of steel. They are more durable and stronger than plastics. 

Oil Window-This chainsaw has an oil window. The window will show the level of the oil. So, No need to open the cap to check the oil level.

Features We Like

  • Brushless Motor
  • Impressive cutting
  • Self-sharpening system
  • Automated Oiling system
  • Lightweight
  • Less-noise
  • Overload protection
  • Reduced Downtime
  • Premium Cell Technology
  • Easy starting with the ergonomic design
  • Bumper spikes


  • Not perfect for the beginners

Oregon cs1400 electric chainsaw Review

Our last product listed in our Oregon chainsaws review is CS14000. This chainsaw is for the homeowners in their homebound jobs like pruning, limbing, bucking. With less noise and high power, it will make you satisfied. Let’s go and see what’s on it

Unlimited power supply-This chainsaw is powered by electricity. Using it is to be connected with the electric socket. Like other’s chainsaws, there is no possibility of the exhaustion of the power. 

Quite a mode-In a quiet mode, it performs its jobs. The silent operation makes no bother. Rather it makes the work comfortable and ergonomic.

Tool-free chain tension-This chainsaw has a tool-free chain adjusting process. No need for any toolbox. Just with the help of the chain tensioning knob, tension the chain.

Quick and easy start-In an easy and quick starting process, the logger can start this saw. No more lots of work like the gas-powered saw are here. Just switch the button on it. 

Automatic Chain Oiler-For chain management, it has an automatic chain lubrication system. In running time, the chain will be lubricated in an automatic process. 


  • Efficient Power Supply
  • Sufficient Bar length
  • Easy maintenance
  • Less noise
  • The automatic chain oiling process
  • Lightweight
  • Eco-friendly
  • Effortless starting
  • Tool-less Chain Tensioning


  • Limited to yard

Bottom line

After going through our above Oregon chainsaws review discussion, you are definitely impressed with the Oregon product and committed to buying one. They have much acceptability to the logger for their innovative technology like the self-sharpening tools. 

However, we recommend the homeowners buy the Oregon CS1400 Corded Chainsaw for their homebound cutting jobs. We recommend the professional logger to buy the Oregon Cordless 16 inches chainsaws for their professional jobs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How to use an Oregon chainsaw sharpener?

The self-sharpening system of the Oregon chainsaw will sharpen its chain. 

Question: Where do they produce their product?

They produce their products in Portland. But now, they produce them in Canada and the Midwest. 

Question: Do they produce gas-powered chainsaws?

No, they do not produce gas-powered chainsaws. All of the chainsaws of this brand are either corded or cordless.

Question: Will the Oregon chain fit the Stihl chainsaw?

No, the chain of Oregon is fine but cannot hold like Stihl one’s sharp edge.

Question: Can the component of Oregon’s chainsaws be replaceable?

Yes, the parts of the Oregon chainsaws are replaceable. As they produce chainsaw accessories for the other bands, it is very easy to replace them with their accessories.