Oreck Vacuum Reviews 2023 [Commercial Upright Vacuum Cleaner]

Cleaning is never easy as things can get messy. Also, it is time-consuming, primarily if you use the wrong cleaning appliances. But that’s not the case with the Oreck commercial XL2100HRS vacuum cleaner. This is a commercial-grade vacuum cleaner that retails at an exceptional price. So, you get the performance of a commercial-grade vacuum at the cost of a residential unit. Read this Oreck Vacuum Reviews to know what is about this Commercial Upright Vacuum Cleaner.

The Oreck vacuum cleaner is ideal for cleaning both homes and offices. It is compactly made with a low-profile design to fit under the furniture. Additionally, it has an ergonomic handle that makes handling the device easy. Unlike many upright cleaners on the market, this unit is lightweight as it weighs 8 pounds. So, storage and maneuvering shouldn’t be a problem at all.

Technical Specifications of the Oreck XL2100RHS Commercial Upright Vacuum Cleaner


Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS Blue

Cleaning Path: 12-inch-wide
6,500 RPM
Cord Length:
35 ft
Top Fill bag:
630 cubic inch
Side Edge Brushes: Yes
Multi-Floor Cleaning: Yes
High-Speed Roller Brush:  Yes
Automatic floor adjustment:
Weight: 9 pounds
Dimensions: 6 x 13 x 35 inches

One of the challenges that you should be aware of when buying this vacuum cleaner is that it doesn’t come with a hose and other attachments for above-the-floor cleaning.

Oreck Vacuum Reviews 2023


Compact and lightweight

Since it doesn’t feature a hose and dust canister, this vacuum cleaner is lighter than other upright vacuum cleaners. It weighs 8 pounds, lighter than the Bissell 1831 upright vacuum cleaner. The compact design makes it be lightweight and ideal for maneuvering around your floors and carpets.

Powerful brush roll

The most vital feature of this unit is the powerful, high-speed brush roll with double helix brushes that turns at 6500 RPM and move dirt and debris towards the vacuum inlet. In return, it sucks up trash instead of dispersing it as it cleans on.

Innovative top-fill design

Another vital feature of this vacuum cleaner is its innovative top-fill design. This function ensures that no suction power is lost during use. Also, it keeps the power at a maximum even when the dust bag fills up. As a result, you will always clean the floors spontaneously, even when the bag is about to fill.

Multi-floor cleaning

Featuring the exclusive Microsweep function, the vacuum cleaner will be able to transition from carpet to floor or vice-versa without causing any problems. That’s why this is an excellent tool for cleaning different surfaces. You can use it on the hard floors, tiles, and even carpets. However, when used on hardwood floors, it tends to be noisy, which may be worrisome to some individuals.

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12-inch wide cleaning path

Unlike most vacuum cleaners that force users to make rounds cleaning one area, the Oreck commercial vacuum cleaner doesn’t. With its 12-inch wide cleaning path, the user will not have to go back and forth cleaning the carpet or floor. Instead, they will make a few rounds, and that’s it. This saves time and energy spent cleaning the house.

Side edge brushes

Besides, nothing is left to chance when using this vacuum cleaner. This is thanks to the side edge brushes that ensure the edges and baseboards are cleaned as you clean the floor. Also, corners are not left behind as these side brushes clean dirt that hides in corners. On top of that, the low-profile design allows you to clean tight corners without leaving anything to chance.

Helping hand handle

The Oreck commercial vacuum cleaner didn’t receive the ease of use commendation from the arthritis foundation for nothing. The unit is one of the simplest upright vacuum cleaners to use. Thanks to the helping hand handle, that makes vacuuming easy and fun. There is no squeezing of the hand or twisting of the wrist.

Disposable top-fill inner bag

If you intend to clean a larger room, then this is a perfect vacuum cleaner to have. Unlike Navigator NV360 upright vacuum cleaner, it is a bagged device, it requires one to purchase bags from time to time. With the 630 cubic inches “top fill” bag, you can insert the disposable bags quickly, and dust won’t escape. The disposable bags are not costly as many people make them be. Also, this bagged vacuum is convenient to have as you don’t need to clean it regularly, like with a bagless unit.

Extended reach

Cleaning a bigger room is quite time-consuming and cumbersome. But with the Oreck vacuum cleaner, this will be a thing of the past. The device comes with a low-profile design that can reach below the furniture. Also, the 35-foot power cord will ensure that you cover a larger area and don’t have to change the power cord from one socket to another. The cord length is two times longer than the Eureka PowerSpeed upright vacuum cleaner.

Non-marring bumpers

During cleaning, the vacuum cleaner may come in contact with your furniture and wall. Without any protection, it may damage your wall and furniture as time goes by. However, the Oreck vacuum cleaner is safe to use as it comes with non-marring bumpers. These protect the wall, furniture, and baseboards.

What we liked most about the Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS

  • Excellent suction power
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • A long power cord ensures that the vacuum covers a larger area
  • Helping hand handle makes using this unit convenient
  • Affordable price for such a high-quality machine
  • Ideal for cleaning low to deep pile carpets
  • Sid brushes ensure that no dirt is left on the edges and baseboards
  • 1-year warranty

What we didn’t like about the Oreck commercial vacuum cleaner

  • You will have to incur an additional cost of buying bags
  • The belt has to be replaced after every six months of use
  • It cannot be utilized for the above flooring as it lacks the necessary tools to do so
  • It doesn’t feature a headlight for illuminating in poorly lit areas. You can use Hoover WindTunnel 3 bagless upright vacuum cleaner as it features an illuminating headlight.


If you’re looking for a deep cleaning vacuum cleaner, then you will love this machine. The Oreck commercial XL1200RHS vacuum cleaner can clean your carpet from one corner to another. Like Shark Navigator upright vacuum machine, it is lightweight and easy to push or pull around your floor. The long power cord makes this a reality as you don’t have to keep plugging and unplugging the power cord.

Even though it is recommended for commercial use, the Oreck commercial upright vacuum can still be used for residential purposes. Its low profile design will clean below your sofas, chairs, and other furniture. However, this device is not suitable for cleaning thick carpets, and it is quite loud. Overall, this is a powerful and lightweight vacuum that will allow you to clean different surfaces with a lot of ease. I hope that this Oreck Vacuum Reviews article has given you a clear idea about this commercial vacuum cleaner.


Question: Is it okay to use the Oreck vacuum cleaner on hardwood floors?
Answer: Yes, it is. The Oreck vacuum cleaner transitions easily from the carpet to the floor. Besides, you can use it to clean tiles and other types of floors. This tool works well on hard floors as it sucks dirt and debris on the floor instead of blowing it away.

Question: Is it okay if I buy HEPA bags to use with this vacuum cleaner? How long does one bag last?
Answer: Yes, you can buy a HEPA bag. Being a bagged vacuum cleaner, the Oreck commercial XL2100HS Upright vacuum requires the user to buy dust bags from time to time. A disposable HEPA bag is also okay to buy. It is the best dirtbag for people with allergy problems. Also, one bag may take between 5 and 10 cleaning rounds to fill up fully. After that, it is disposed of.

Question: How do canister vacuum cleaners differ from upright vacuum cleaners?
Answer: Both of these Vacuum cleaners are reliable in performance. However, the canister vacuum cleaner is slightly better than the upright vacuum cleaner because it can adapt to different functions quickly. Similar to upright vacuum cleaners, canister vacuum cleaners can also deal with carpets. But their strongest point lies in cleaning floors, getting rid of dirt in corners, ceiling, and cleaning stairs.

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