Makita XCU06Z Reviews

Makita XCU06Z Review 2024 [Ideal For Pruning & Trimming]

You have a bigger and powerful chainsaw, and you are satisfied with its performance. But the problem arises when you have to prune at the top of the tree. That is not possible to do with this heavy one. In this situation, you need a lighter one. To fulfill your requirement, we suggest a perfect chainsaw for the lighter job. It is none but the xcu06z model from Makita. So in this Makita xcu06z review, you will know about this chainsaw model.

The chainsaw comes with lots of impressive features with innovative technology. The chainsaw has a powerful outer rotor brushless motor with an exceptional 18V LXT Lithium-Ion battery. It comprises the Star Protection Computer Controls™ and Extreme Protection Technology (XPT™). 

This chainsaw is perfect for the professional logger and arborist for their top work, pruning, bucking, and trimming works. It is the upgraded version of the 36V Makita XCU02. However, homeowners and beginners are also recommended to buy it for their groundwork. 

Compact Top Handle Chainsaw Makita XCU06Z Review

In the following features, you will know why we are suggesting Makita XCU06Z 10 inch chainsaw for your top work. Let’s take a look.

Cutting performance

Makita 10-inch chainsaw, has an outer rotor brushless motor with a direct system that can generate more power than a brushed one. It is able to supply the powers beyond your expected speed. It can cut through any solid materials without a problem, like a little cutting monster. Makita 10-inch chainsaw Reviews

Its direct drive system makes the motor more efficient than any other one. Its 18V LXT 5.0Ah battery will offer you long-term work as it can hold much more power. The saw can cut up to 127 in 2x 2 cedars with a powerful engine and efficient battery. It works as the 22cc gas-powered chainsaw. The cutting speed of the saw is 940 rpm, which is 22% faster than a 22cc gas-powered chainsaw. As it has torque boost mode, it can cut through the dense wood to come to its diameters. 

It has a 12 inches bar and chain. That is the sufficient length to do the light work. The bar is so strong; it will not be broken in easily.  

However, we recommend not trying to cut large wood using this one. It will not be able to give you the expected result. It is a great one for cutting smaller stuff, not for larger ones.

18V Lithium-Ion 

The battery of the Makita 10 inch chainsaw is not like the other one. Its Lithium-ion battery is the world’s largest cordless system. The specialty of this system is that it charges at a fast speed and works for a long time. This exceptional battery system makes this saw special to the loggers.

Chain Lubrication

Like the other renewed chainsaws, Makita 18V Top Handle Chainsaw also has an automatic lubrication process. Its automatic beam comes with a large oil reservoir. That is able to seep into the chain for a long duration of the cutting time. You need not do any manual things. So, you will also benefit from being free of extra hassle. However, if we look into the chain, we find that the chain gauge is .043 inches. The pitches of the chain are 3/8 LP. The dimension of the chain is 8.5 x 15.2 x 9 inches, and it has six numbers of teeth. 

Makita xcu06z is Lightweight

Makita Brushless 10 inch chainsaw is lightweight. The weight of this saw is 7.9lbs. That is very much lighter than any other chainsaws. With this lightweight chainsaw, you can cut through the branches at the top of the tree without facing any problem. At the top of the tree, you will feel more comfortable holding the saw instead of feeling the problem. You can easily maintain a balance between the saw and you. That is an important fact in the case of doing top work. The logger and arborist who do their climbing up works, this saw is the perfect one for them as a reliable cutting tool.Makita Brushless 10 inch chainsaw Review

Another convenience for the lightweight of this saw is that you can carry it anywhere to the outdoor pruning works that are far from home. As a professional logger, it will be the best companion in your daily life because most of the professionals work far from home. 

One hand job

Can you operate a gas-power chainsaw with one hand? The answer would be no. But you can operate a Makita Brushless Cordless 10 inch chainsaw just holding it in one hand; however, though it can be done in the groundworks. But we recommend not doing this practice at the top of the tree. 

Fast charging

In any battery-operated chainsaw, the fast charging of the battery is an important one. The long-time charging duration may demolish your day-long work plan. Though it is not so important for the homeowners, the professional loggers put importance on it. Before buying a saw, they become careful of its recharging time. Makita XCU06Z 10 inch chainsaw

The good news is that with rapid speed Makita XCU06Z 10 inch chainsaw gets recharged. This rapid recharging helps him to do more cutting work. It decreases downtime. Recharging the battery just takes only 40 minutes. That is less than the battery’s usual charging duration. 

Makita xcu06z Chainsaw is Eco-friendly

The power source of the Makita 18V 10-inch chainsaw is the battery, not the fuel tank. So, there is no consumption of fuel and emission of carbon. Therefore, it emits nothing that harms the environment. That is why it is an eco-friendly chainsaw. The environment-loving loggers prefer to buy like this eco-friendly one. This is one of the reasons why the popularity of this chainsaw is on the increase.

Less vibration

The heavy vibration of a chainsaw will not let you do the top work. The saw may be slipped off the hand. But the vibration level of the Makita LXT Lithium-Ion 10 inch chainsaw is at a reduced level. For this convenience, you can grip the handle of the saw firmly during the up work. Besides, the noise level of this saw is also at a minimized level. This convenience helps you to be energetic till the end. Additionally, your neighbor will not feel bothered by your cutting work.Makita 10 inch chainsaw

Variable speed trigger

In usual chainsaws, you have to depend on the default speed of the saw. You cannot increase or decrease the speed level. For the convenience of the work, sometimes the speed should be increased, and in some time, the speed should be decreased. Keeping this in mind, the manufacturer of Makita 18V Top Handle Chainsaw inserted the speed maintaining feature. It has a speed trigger. The logger, while cutting, can increase or decrease the speed level of the saw. 

Easy Staring

If a logger becomes half-tired at the time of starting a saw, how can he finish his job? The tuning of the choke, adjusting the carburetor, pumping the bulb, caring for the cold and hot starting, and pulling the starting rope often make a logger half-tired before starting the work. These inconveniences get intensified if the saw is not started at the first stage. But in using the Makita Cordless chainsaw, there is no such hassle of starting. The starting process of this saw is easy and comfortable. Just make the switch on, you can start it. 

Easy maintenance

Now in this Makita xcu06z review section, we will talk about its maintenance system. In cutting works, the logger has to fully concentrate on this work. But if the management of the saw is full of lots of work, how does he concentrate on the work? Sometimes, he forgets to do what is to be done. In using a gas-powered chainsaw, you will have to do a lot for engine management. You have to do the tuning of the choke, air management, replacing the spark plug, cleaning the air filter, filling the fuel tank, and many other things. But using a Makita XCU06Z 10 inch chainsaw, there is nothing like that as an extra hassle. It will not increase your fatigue rapidly. 

Electronic brake

You are familiar with the inertia or automatic chain brake system. But the Makita 18V 10 inch chainsaw has an exceptional chain brake system. The brake of this chainsaw is electric. However, its rear handles actuate chain brakes at the time of the engagement. It automatically stops the chain at the time of kickback problem or emergency. Remember, a chain brake is the first safety step for a logger. 

Built–on Lock-Off lever

Sometimes, the chain may get engaged in friction. Even in some cases, the chain gets broken. For minimizing the possibility of a happening incident like that, Makita 18V Top Handle Chainsaw has a built-on lock-off lever system. It prevents the accidental engagement of the chain. So, don’t worry about chain management. 

Capture bar nut

Having captured nuts is another differentiating feature of the Makita 18V Top Handle Chainsaw. In tensioning the chain of the saw, the logger has to open the bar’s cover by loosening the bar’s nuts. In some cases, at the time of tensioning the same, the nuts of the bar are lost. If the nuts are not found, the work will be stopped, and the downtime will be increased. But in tensioning the Makita Brushless Cordless 10 inch chainsaw chain, you are free from such risk. It has a captive bar nut system; with this system, the nuts of the bar are attached to the bar’s cover during the tensioning. So he can easily tighten the saw without fear of losing the nut.

Visible window

In traditional chainsaws, the logger has to keep his concern over the oil tank of the saw. He has to check the level of the oil, whether it goes empty or not. Because running the saw without the oil, leads the chain blunt. This additional manual effort of the oil management increases the fatigue of the logger. But in using Makita XCU06Z 10 inch chainsaw, you will find a transparent oil window. It shows the level of the window. So you need not check the level of the window with your manual effort. Therefore, it relieves you from the hassle and saves you time. However, the capacity of the oil tank is 140 ML. That is sufficient to supply the oil to the chain for a long while.

Built-in LED on/off switch.

Makita LXT Lithium-Ion 10 inch chainsaw comprises the Built-in LED on/off switches. It helps with the auto power-off functions. With the help of this system, the saw will be automatically shut down after 60 seconds. It extends the life of the battery and increases its durability. The extended battery time will relieve you from frequent charging. Makita xcu06z reviews

Ergonomic design

The components of this saw are made ergonomically. If you see the handles of the Makita 18V 10 inch chainsaw, these are made soft with rubber. The logger can firmly grip the handles. The stronger grip on the handle decreases the pressure of the logger and increases the control over the saw. It helps to have a smooth and accurate cut. The chain tensioning system of this saw is not so hard-working. Just rotating the tensing screw with a scrunch, you can tighten the chain.  

Star Protection Computer Controls™

Overloading is harmful to a saw. You cannot cut through a harder wood with a smaller saw. Besides, overcharging of the saw may decrease the battery life. For this reason, Makita LXT Lithium-Ion 10 inch chainsaw comes with another unique feature. The chainsaw has Star Protection Computer Controls™’ communication technology. It allows Star Protection tools and batteries to exchange in real-time. It monitors the condition of the saw and acts as a protector to the over-charging, overloading, and over-hitting. So the feature minimizes the possibility of accidental happenings and ensures the safety of the logger. It is a unique feature that you can notice in rare chainsaws.

Extreme Protection Technology (XPT™) 

Makita 18V Top Handle Chainsaw has another innovative technology. It has Extreme Protection Technology (XPT™). This technology is for dust and water resistance in case of harsh jobs. This technology keeps the motor dust-free and extends its durability. You will rarely discover this feature in any other saws.

Bumper spikes

For the convenience and safety of the work Makita Brushless Cordless 10 inch chainsaw has bumper spikes. The spikes are used for the stability of the work. It makes the saw stable during the cutting by gripping the wood. These spikes ensure the safety of the logger. 


Kickback is the usual headache of the logger. The Makita 10 inch chainsaw is made with a low-kickback system. The teeth of the blade are not deeper, so they can hardly be a cause of kickback. For having the inertia chain brake system and low-kickback, there is little possibility of injury. 18V 10 inch chainsaw Reviews

Short Key Feature Review of Makita xcu06z Chainsaw

  • Brushless motor and 18V Lithium-Ion efficient battery
  • Sufficient bar length and satisfactory cutting speed
  • Lightweight and perfect for the top work
  • Automatic oiling process
  • Less noise and reduced vibration
  • Easy startup and Easy maintenance
  • Nice color combination with ergonomic design
  • Electric brake and Built-in lock-off lever
  • Fast charging and Eco-friendly
  • Bumper spikes and low-kickback
  • Extreme Protection Technology (XPT™) and Star Protection Computer Controls™
  • Built-in LED on/off switch and Capture bar nut
  • Visible oil window


  • The power switch might turn off after every 5-6 seconds.

Final Overview

After reading the above Makita xcu06z review article, you are definitely impressed with the Makita 18V Top Handle Chainsaw’s cutting capacity, easy maintenance, and wonderful technology. If you are professional, it is the reliable one for your top work. On the other hand, if you are a homeowner, it is the best saw for your yard cleaning, pruning, trimming and bucking, and cutting firewood. If you are a beginner, let’s start your first cut with this one. We hope this chainsaw will make you satisfied with smooth, speedy, and accurate cutting. So we are recommending this saw for you. 


In which country Makita 18V chainsaw is made?

Makita 18V 10 inch chainsaws are made in china.

Does Makita LXT Lithium-Ion 10 inch chainsaw come with a battery and charger?

No, Makita LXT Lithium-Ion 10 inch chainsaw does not come with a battery and charger. Instead, it comes with tools only. 

What are the accessories of the Makita 18V Top Handle Chainsaw?

The Makita 18V Top Handle Chainsaw accessories include a bar and chain, a scrunch, a bar cover, chain oil, bumper spikes, and a manual. 

What is the warranty of the Makita Brushless Cordless 10 inch chainsaw?

The warranty of the Makita Brushless Cordless 10 inch chainsaw is 3 years. 

What are the components Makita XCU06Z 10 inch chainsaw is made of?

The components of the Makita XCU06Z 10 inch chainsaw are made of plastic.

What is the origin of the Makita 18V 10 inch chainsaw?

The origin of the Makita 18V 10 inch chainsaw is the USA.

Does a Makita 18V 10 inch chainsaw come with a carry case?

No, Makita 18V 10 inch chainsaw does not come with a carry case

Can beginners use Makita LXT Lithium-Ion 10 inch chainsaw?

Yes. Makita LXT Lithium-Ion 10 inch chainsaw is not a heavy one. The maintenance of this saw is also ergonomic. So beginners can also use this. But they recommend using this in their groundwork. The only professional logger can use this at the top work.

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