Makita XCU03PT1 Review [Cordless Battery-Powered Chainsaws]

Cordless chainsaws are very much demandable in the market. Gas-powered chainsaws use fuel and cause emissions. As this emission harms our ecology, people prefer to buy battery-operated chainsaws. Makita (XCU03PT1 Model) is a battery-operated chainsaw that comes with many attractive features. This model has a brushless motor that generates power equivalent to a 32cc gas-powered engine, higher than the Makita XCU06Z chainsaw. The motor is designed to reduce noise and vibration. A 5 Ah, 18V lithium-Ion battery provides long-time support to perform your cutting job. The battery can also get charged rapidly. An LED light shows the battery charge level. Continue reading our Makita XCU03PT1 review article to know why any user should buy this chainsaw.

This lightweight chainsaw has fewer maintenance issues and can work at a very high speed. The machine has a simple way to start/ stop. The chain adjustment system is well improved, and an auto chain oiler makes sure proper oiling on the chain for the best trimming of the wood. The rubberized grip helps to hold the saw easily. This user-friendly chainsaw is used differently by the operators. But it is most suitable for lighter cutting jobs around your home. You can also utilize this tool for your construction works if necessary.

Lightweight & Noise-Free Chainsaw Makita XCU03PT1 Review

Brushless Motor

Motors of a chainsaw helps to produce power for cutting. There is a Brushless motor in-built in the Makita XCU03PT1 chainsaw. This motor works like a 32cc gas chainsaw engine. So it will be best if you imagine that this motor is a high-performing machine which cuts a huge amount of materials at a time. 

18 LXT Lithium-Ion Batteries

Two 18V (5 Ah) LXT Lithium-Ion batteries deliver great power to handle your cutting jobs. These batteries can contain a fair amount of charges in them and can perform for an extended period. Thus, you don’t have to concern about charging the machine frequently. It enhances our cutting speed. 

Measurements of Makita XCU03PT1 Chainsaw

Makita XCU03PT1 chainsaw has a 14-inch guide bar. It means this chainsaw can perform mid-level cutting jobs. It is not a heavy-weight chainsaw. The tool weighs only 11.5 pounds (with batteries). It describes that this machine is lighter than other chainsaws and very comfortable to deal with.

Tool-less Chain Adjustment System

In a chainsaw, a chain plays a vital role. The chain rotation around the bar makes sure the cutting works. That’s why we must always be aware that the chain must be adjusted well with the machine. The tool-less chain adjustment system is helpful for an operator because the chain can automatically make the adjustments by using its advanced system. Therefore, you can relax a bit while cutting the materials. 

Lock-off Lever

When you want to cut wood with a chainsaw, it is crucial to control the chain properly. It features a lock-off lever that helps stop the chain from accidentally engaging. The users of the Makita XCU03PT1 model can have the luxury of working without any disturbance.

LED On/ Off Switch

You can find that most of the chainsaws have complicated on/ off switches. Generally, gas-powered chainsaws are very hard to get started. There is a pull cord for starting the machine. It isn’t easy to pull the cord and start the device when working at a reasonable height. But this chainsaw from Makita is relatively easy to start and is very simple to shut down. It will help if you push the button for that. 

Low Noise Level

The noises are always sounding very harsh for our ears. Besides, they divert our minds, and we lose control over the work. Modern-day chainsaws are built with a controlling noise system. The XCU03PT1 model is not different. The tool has an advanced noise-reducing method that helps to maintain noise levels. We can keep ourselves calm and relaxed during the cutting session. Moreover, our neighbors do not feel any disturbance for our work.

Zero Emissions

The gas-powered chainsaws are mainly responsible for emissions as their engines use a large amount of fuel to yield power. But battery-operated chainsaws don’t need any fuel, so these machines don’t cause any emissions. As we all know by now that Makita XCU03PT1 is a battery-operated chainsaw, it is very eco-friendly.

Extreme Protection Technology

Now we will discuss its safety features throughout this Makita XCU03PT1 review section. Sometimes while working in rough conditions, the chainsaws get damaged. This Makita 14” model has an Extreme Protection Technology (XPT). The technology is engineered to resist water and dust in harsh conditions. It means you can use this tool in difficult situations without any doubt.

Makita XCU03PT1 Features Rapid Optimum Charger

We all want a rapid charging system for a battery-operated tool. If it takes too much time to charge the device, we become irritated. The XCU03PT1 Makita chainsaw has an improved charging system that communicates with the battery to maintain current, temperature, and voltage flow for optimal life. There is an LED light that shows the battery level.

Automatic Chain Lubrication

The lubrication system provides smooth cutting with a chainsaw. So the consumer of a chainsaw always has to take care of oiling the machine time after time. This Makita tool has an excellent and automatic chain lubrication method that ensures proper chain oiling while operating the machine. The process puts oil on the chain when needed, and the chain rotates correctly around the 14-inch bar. The viewable oil filling port helps to know the oil level of the chainsaw.


Consumers love those tools which are very much durable. Makita brand makes long-lasting chainsaws. For their XCU03PT1 model, they offer a 3-years warranty which is very reasonable. But if you use this tool with proper care, you can give it a long lifespan.  

Variable Speed Trigger

The cutting speed of a chainsaw is a very significant factor. People like to work with a high speedy chainsaw. Makita produces this XCU03PT1 model chainsaw by keeping this thing in their mind. The tool has a variable speed trigger and high chain speed (0-3, 940 FPM) that improve your cutting performance.

Comfortable Rubber Grip

We all know that a good grip on a machine helps to hold it properly. When you can control the device appropriately, your working performance increases automatically. A rubber gripper on the handle of this tool provides us comfort while cutting. 


  • The chainsaw has two 18V, 5 Ah batteries that support cutting work for an extended time.
  • The lack of air filters, mufflers, and spark plugs ensure that this chainsaw needs little maintenance. 
  • This Makita model can adjust its chain automatically.
  • An auto chain oiler helps to increase trimming speed.
  • A built-in LED on/ off switch automatically shuts the machine off when the operation is delayed.
  • The XCU03PT1 chainsaw creates low noise (only 100 dB).
  • As this tool doesn’t use any fuel, it emits no fumes.
  • The XPT is also known as The Extreme Protection Technology, increases dust and water resistance while working in rough job site conditions.
  • The chainsaw is very easy to carry and hold because of its lightweight and rubberized handle.


  • This chainsaw lacks the power to cut down large trees. You can use a powerful 66cc Echo CS 680 chainsaw for larger logs.
  • For the cutting session, you need to pull the trigger for a long time. If the trigger is released, the machine will turn off immediately.

Our Final Verdict on Makita XCU03PT1 Chainsaw

The model of XCU03PT1 from Makita is considered one of the best cordless chainsaws for house-owners all over the UK and US. This light chainsaw can show up a robust performance because it has a brushless motor and two 18V (5 Ah) batteries. The auto lubrication system and self-adjustment of the chain make it more comfortable to use. Unlike the Husqvarna 130 machine, the less noise production and no emission of fumes take this chainsaw to another level. The work speed of the machine is a highlighting part of it. So, if you are a homeowner searching for a cordless chainsaw with high performance, this Makita XCU03PT1 is the right one for you. We try to list up all the features and functions of this chainsaw in this Makita XCU03PT1 review article. So if you have any questions left, you can comment below.


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