Makita RT0701C Review [Featuring Soft-Start Motor]

With the advancement of technology, there is a surge in manufacturing power tools, making working more manageable and efficient. In addition, different power tools allow users to achieve exceptional working results that were not possible before the emergence of these tools. The router is one of the power tools that are now an essential part of any woodworking project. It provides sophistication in your work with precision and accuracy.

There are many options of a router for your choosing, which complicates the situation a bit. Because the right choice of the power tool can improve your workings and make your experience fathomable, on the other hand, the wrong decision might make your working experience miserable with poor outcomes. Keeping that in mind, we will review one excellent router, Makita RT0701C, in this article so that you, the user, can make a better judgment before buying the tool. In addition, there are some more excellent features of RT0701C which we will cover along with its specifications, advantages, and limitations throughout this Makita RT0701C review article.

The Makita RT0701C is a product of Makita Corporation, a Japanese company conducting its business in over 40 countries globally. The 100-year-old company started its journey with the motor sales and repairing industry, and gradually they diversified the company to become one of the trusted brands for professional workers. This manufacturing company has strong R&D, and they are unmatched in terms of the quality and durability of their products. Therefore, the Makita RT0701C is a reliable product to complete your routing projects. This router tool ensures precise cutting or edging, and maneuvering the device is incredibly comfortable.

Why We Need A Router

As we mentioned earlier, a router is an essential tool for any woodworking project. It enables woodworkers to perform extraordinary work on complicated tasks. For example, a router can route or hollow out in materials such as wood and plastic. In addition, for aesthetic designing or functional cutting on MDF board, CNC, plywood, and other wood materials a router will give the user accurate result that is crucial in these type of works.

Professional woodworkers, construction workers, hobbyists, and DIY weekend workers can use a router for their specific purposes. A robust router is a solution for these needs, from cutting, grooving, molding to shaping material and cabinetry work.

Makita RT0701C Accessories

  • The router Makita RT0701C
  • ¼ inch collet
  • Trimmer Base
  • Straight guide
  • Two spanner wrench 

Lightweight Makita RT0701C Compact Router Review 2022

Ergonomic Design

The manufacturer of this router has vast experience in manufacturing, and it shows in the design of this portable router. The dimension of this product is 10 x 8 x 6 inches, and it weighs 3.9 pounds. This ergonomic slim, and compact design allow the user to operate the Makita router comfortably

The Makita RT0701C is a sturdy product for a small unit. It has a heavy-duty aluminum motor housing. In addition, the device has a durable flat-top design making it convenient for changing bits. It comes as a default fixed-base system, and users can change it to a plunge base system according to their needs (Additional purchase). Moreover, the featured collet was built for ¼ inch router bits, although it can handle 3/8 inch.      

Power Settings 

When dealing with any electronic or mechanical device, its power settings are the most crucial part as it determines the capability of the device or system. This Makita RT0701C router has a 1.25hp (maximum) with a 6.5 amp engine. The machine can run in a household 120V voltage.   

The router features a variable speed control dial allowing the user to control the speed within 10000 to 30000 RPM. 

The durability of Makita RT0701C Router

The Makita Corporation is an experienced manufacturer, and you can expect better durability in their products. They did not disappoint the user’s expectations and took some initiative to ensure durability. The sturdy device has a shell made of durable metal alloy. In addition, the motor housing is made of aluminum, increasing the device’s durability. The aluminum dissipates the heat generated while routing, thus protecting from damages.


This Makita router may surprise its users in terms of performance, as this small portable router may perform better than expected. This is because it introduces some features for ensuring better performance. For example, the soft-start feature allows the user to increase the speed gradually with smooth start-ups, preventing any damage to your workpieces.  

Furthermore, the speed control feature makes switching between speeds quick and straightforward, enabling users to control their workpieces precisely. Furthermore, the electronic speed control ensures constant speed while loading. In addition, Makita RT0701C features a quick-release cam lock system that makes accurate depth adjustments. Moreover, the rack and pine mechanism and easily readable gauges enhance the accuracy of depth adjustment, hence increasing performance. Lastly, the bottom part of the device is visible that is making its performance even better.


The portable unit is user-friendly, and beginners can take full advantage of the router. However, professionals and hobbyists will appreciate this hollow-out device for their small-scale projects. In addition, the machine will allow them to perform complex cutting and shaping of various wooden boards like MDF or CNC. Thus, its user can attain cabinetry works, decorative moldings, fancy designings, edging, profiling, hinge recess, groove cutting, and channeling, among many other tasks.  


The Makita RT0701C is easy to use as a handheld router to allow users to accomplish their projects excellently. First of all, the package includes everything you will need to start your routing, and there is no complication in the setup process. While routing, controlling the speed is a crucial factor, and this router allows you to select from a wide range with quick switching between the speed level. Furthermore, the device also features electronic speed control that ensures speed consistency while loading, providing the user gets the optimal output.  

The soft-start motor is incredible for users. With this feature, the engine starts at a moderate speed and gradually changes according to the need. Moreover, it will ensure that the workpieces do not face any damages. Overall this lightweight, portable router provides better usability than most of the routers available.  

Warranty Makita RT0701C Offers

The Makita manufacturer, as a reliable company, provides a warranty for each of its products. The Makita RT0701C is no exception, and it comes with a one-year warranty from the purchasing date. Although if you made any alterations or repairs to the device, the contract expires. 

Makita RT0717C short feature review

  • Affordable cost both initially and maintenance-wise
  • Beginner-friendly device
  • Small portable package for small scale projects
  • Aluminum motor housing ensures durability
  • Soft-start and speed control, and electronic speed control features
  • Simple rack and pinion with cam lock system
  • The motor brushes are accessible for easy cleaning and replacing 
  • Overall control of the device is incredible

RT0717C Cons

  • Not suitable for heavy-duty routing
  • Dust management feature could’ve been better 
  • No LED light in the base
  • The motor drops every time the base unlocks


The Makita RT0701C is a small portable router that will efficiently complete your small-scale intricate routing projects. As a result of being a small unit with a small base, the router allows its users to reach the narrow area of the workpiece and perform a precise operation, which means that this router gives its excellent user control maneuvering the device resulting in better output. 

From the experienced manufacturer with unique features and design specifications, this router is a better option at any given moment in its price range. Furthermore, its features such as soft-start, electronic speed control, and quick base change make the device unbeatable from the competition.  In addition, in terms of versatility, this is also a genius router machine that will perform decorative moldings, cabinetry design, groove cutting, channeling, and more.

So if you are a beginner woodworker, you should not waste any more effort searching for a router, as Makita RT0701C is the perfect one for you. Also, this router can come in handy for professionals and hobbyists in your small-scale projects, and it will add value to your tools collection. To sum Makita RT0701C review article, this reliable routing device is an excellent product by the Makita Corporation, and if you are looking for such a device, you should get this one.


Does the router come with a plunge base?

The Makita RT0701C is capable of handling the plunge base. However, it comes with a fixed base, and users have to set the plunge base additionally.

Is Makita RT0701C a reliable router?

The Makita RT0701C comes from the Makita Corporation, a Japanese manufacturing company operating its business for over 100 years. Therefore, in terms of reliability, Makita RT0701 is an excellent router device.

Is Makita RT0701C capable of industry-grade routing projects?

No, the handheld router was built for small-scale routing projects.

Should I be concerned about damaging workpieces while working with this router?

The Makita RT0701C will allow the users to achieve precision in their workpieces. In addition, the soft-start feature, along with the electronic speed control, ensures that the workpiece stays safe from any damages from the router. 

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