Makita BO5041K Review [Adjustable Grip & Control]

bo5041k reviewMakita is famous for different kinds of electronic machines and also sanders. This model from Makita bo5041k is a random orbital sander. Unlike the belt sander, a random orbital sander can go into narrow places with minimal effort. Makita bo5041k has a strong motor that creates high speed but still comes with a comfortable design that allows you to work for hours without any fatigue. In our Makita BO5041K review article, we have analyzed some functions of this random orbit sander to give you a close view of the product. This model comes with exclusive functions like removable handle and pad control systems, making it highly demanding. However, this sander’s additional case, performance, and high-quality functions make it a bit costly. 

Technical Specification:

Features Makita BO5041K
Power Type: Corded
Amperage: 3.0
No Load Speed: 4,000 – 12,000 OPM
Orbit Diameter: 1/8″
Sanding Disc Size: 5″
Dust Collection: Yes, with a dust bag
Pad Brake: Yes
Variable Speed Control: Yes
Overall Length: 10-7/8″
Net Weight: 3.0 lbs.
Shipping Weight: 6.0 lbs.
Includes: Sander, dust bag, abrasive disc
Warranty: 1-year limited warranty

Random Orbit Sander Makita BO5041K Review in 2023

We have also added the technical parts along with the warranty and pros and cons to help you decide if it is suitable for you or not. So let’s checkout-

Powerful 3 amp Motor

The 3 amp motor might not sound like much, but it is one of the most powerful random orbit sanders you can find. This sander can tackle and take down even the most challenging job. Makita bo5041k is known for its ability to work heavy-duty without getting hot or slowing down. It has a speed control system that can control the speed according to your needs. You can achieve smoother and faster sanding done in a day with this sander. 

The Hard Case

Makita bo5041k comes with a matching blue case. The case is quite strong and spacious enough to have the machine, cord, and sandpapers. This case can go through rough working situations and not get damaged. The worst thing that is possible for it is that it can get scratched here and there. The only con for this is that it is not waterproof, so you better keep it out of the rain. The sander fits in the case quite easily, but there is no particular place for the cord or sandpaper. So, they will not just be on top of one another and not well organized. 

Adjustable Speed Control Dial

The random orbit sander Makita bo5041k has a speed dial attached to it that helps adjust its speed while working. It has the option to go from a really low speed to a super-fast one. The variable speed ranges between 4000-12000 OPM. Use the necessary setting according to your convenience. In some cases, the wood needs steady, slower work, and in some, the rough edges need high speed to get it smooth. This model offers you both settings so that you can get your desired results.

Dust Collection

The dust collection is not the best kind but also not the worst. Makita bo5041k sander is quite strong and takes out a lot of dust at one go. The dust bag cannot get hold of every bit of them, although most do get in. It works really well when the bag is empty and works slow when about a quarter full. The bag is easily removable and cleaned. But it is safe to wear masks and goggles to protect you while sanding horizontally. The sander does not come with an adapter that will let a vacuum hose connect to it. You can DIY one to make things work. 

Low Vibrations

Makita bo5041k is a user-friendly random orbit sander that has low vibration settings. It has multiple speed ranges, and even when you work at the highest speed, you will feel low vibrations. Lower vibrations mean there will not be any work fatigue or irritation from working all day long. It will also be safe for those who have arthritis problems. 

Removable Handle

Most of the random orbit sanders come with a single handle or no handle at all. But Makita bo5041k brings you a removable handle that lets you get better access to sanding the surface. The removable handle is adjustable as it can get longer or shorter or change places according to your needs. There is a knob attached to the handle for a better grip and to help put pressure if needed. You can hold this model of Makita in three different positions. By the long handle or holding the top of the body or the little removable handle. Another way to hold it is by removing the small handle and grabbing the body there. That is also quite comfortable to hold. All these options can ease up the process of sanding in the corners or tight places. Rubber-covered handles are a great thought from the makers. The rubber absorbs all the vibration leaving the user a comfortable working experience without any hand cramps or tiredness. 

Pad Controlling System of Makita bo5041k

Makita bo5041k has a unique, controlling system that stops it from starting at the highest speed. It speeds up slowly so that your delicate surface does not get damaged. Some sanders start from 12000 OPM, which can sand down excessive wood and damage the surface. This sander also has a five inches pad like most other orbit sanders. It has a hook and loop system to attach the sanding disk. It is safe to use and will not burn down the wood by over sanding it. Makita has a built-in technology to reduce the swirl marks created by the sander. So, it ends up giving a smoother finish. The pads also have a braking system that stops the pads right when you turn the switch off. This brake system avoids extra sanding of the surface. 


Makita bo5041k is way lighter in weight than the Makita 9903 belt sander. It is about 3.09lbs which makes it easy to hold, lift and work. Even though it is lightweight, it does not need any extra pressure to do a smooth job. The design of this sander allows it to work well even in low pressure. This sander is suitable for every kind of job, and with that strong motor power, it can take down any rigid surface. 


Makita brand is known for its quality product, and this is no different. However, it comes with a one-year warranty lower than most other random orbit sanders on the market. It still performs quite well, and if maintained well, it can also last long. After reading the review of the Makita bo5041k belt sander, let’s check its pros and cons which are listed below.

Why should you buy Makita bo5041k?

  • Has a trigger switch and safety lock to make work easier
  • Pad brake system prevents gouging the surface
  • Pad controlling system helps control the speed during start-up
  • Comes with a cooling system
  • Oversized ball-bearing construction gives a more extended tool life 
  • Variable speed control
  • 3 amp powerful motor
  • Low vibration
  • Includes dust collection that can be attached to a vacuum 
  • 360 degree rotatable and removable small handle
  • Suitable for heavy-duty work


  • Poor dust collector does not work when worked on low speed
  • It comes with no adapter to attach a vacuum hose to the dust collector

Our Final Thought on Makita BO5041K

Makita bo5041k random orbit sander is suitable for professional woodworkers and homeowners who love to DIY. It is designed to work all day without heating up and has enough power to take any rough spots. The lightweight sander might fool you, but it has a strong motor inside that can produce high speed. It is comfortable and comes at a  reasonable price. This high demanding sander is one must-have machine in your toolbox.


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