Makita 9924db Review 2024 [Dustless Belt Sander]

Makita is one of the oldest companies to manufacture belt sanders. They still rely on making good quality sanders rather than making sanders with many features to attract customers. So, the Makita 9924db belt sander does not have fancy features but has a helpful long cord, ball bearing construction, a replaceable ceramic wear plate, etc. This might look old school, but the professionals still buy Makita’s old models instead of the new companies because the trust and quality products of Makita never disappoint them. Although Makita 9924db is a bit on the pricier side, it is ideal for professionals who like to get finesse in their work. So stay till the end of this Makita 9924db review article if you want to know every detail related to this belt sander.

About Makita

Makita is well-known worldwide for manufacturing industrial power tools and accessories. The Brand provides products with accuracy, innovation, precision to the woodworkers. Makita has taken over the market because of many industrial power tools like compact cordless drills, sanders, miter saws, routers, planers, blades, etc. Their main office is in La Mirada, California. They have a strong business network all over the U.S. 

Double Insulated Professional Makita 9924db Belt Sander Review

Here you can find some of the main functions and specifications of Makita 9924db and why people choose this over many other modern sanders. Let’s check out-

Impressive 7.8 amp Motor

Makita 9924db comes with an impressive 7.8 amp motor (Double than the Makita bo5041k) that is powerful enough to remove materials fast. It runs at a constant speed of 1330 feet per minute. There is no variable speed dial in Makita 9924db, so the speed will remain the same throughout the working process. There is nothing to worry about as some people do not even need the variable speed option. Their projects require constant high speed to work efficiently.  

Design and Construction

The Makita 9924db belt sander is a lightweight machine that weighs only about 10.58 pounds. It might be lightweight, but it is not built with cheap plastic. The casing has metal which makes it sturdy as a rock. The makers designed it in a way that it can use its nose and side to do flush sanding to the wall. Also, the extended base acts as help in doing so. It has ball-bearing construction that keeps away all kinds of dust and debris from the sander to ensure the machine lasts longer. Makita 9924db belt sander is suitable for harsh and smooth polished with. The 3×24 inches belt sander makes sure to cover all the places. 

Makita 9924db Is Easy To Operate

These belt sanders from Makita are the most user-friendly belt sanders you can find. They need no setups when you receive them. Even the belt comes well attached to the machine when it arrives. So, if a complete newbie purchases this he will not be facing any problems at all. The on/off switch is a trigger that turns the machine when you press and turns off when you release. There is a lock-on button in this sander that will allow you to work freely without pushing down the trigger. While working with that locked-on button, make sure you have a firm grip on the machine to ensure safety. 

Flush Sanding

We have seen many belt sanders having the feature of doing flush sanding but do you know what flush sanding is? It means sanding two adjoining surfaces till they are flat or even with one another. Makita 9924db has an innovative design that allows it to do flush sanding with the nose and the side of the sander. It also has an extended base plate to help it flush sand on any surface. 

Who is suitable for Makita 9924db?

The Makita 9924db has easy-to-use features that are good for efficient stock removal. So, it is ideal for carpenters, woodworkers, deck builders, floor installers, general contractors, and furniture makers. It is mainly for the professionals who need the best-in-class performance and durability and does not mind spending extra dollars on a sanding machine. But if you want DIY closets, cabinets, and wood panels, this is the best sander for that job too. 

We have also added what we liked and disliked about our Makita 9924db reviews to give you an unbiased view. 

Things We Liked About Makita 9924db

  • Long power cord that will not need any extensions
  • Lightweight but has a sturdy metal case
  • Powerful motor can only run the machine at a constant speed
  • Easily replaceable 3×24 inches belt
  • Ball bearing construction that will make it long-lasting
  • Double insulated
  • High quality dust collection system with a dust bag
  • It can sand flush to the wall with its nose and side
  • Replaceable ceramic plate 

Things We Disliked

  • It is expensive
  • Has no variable speed dial 

Overall Thought

Makita 9924db is powerful but low profile which makes it ideal for daily uses. It can cover all corners and flush sand perfectly. With this durable Makita 9924 belt sander, you will not have to worry about having limited movement as it comes with an extra-long power cord. If you are interested in cabinetry and furniture making, this one’s for you. Makita has been proving its reliability for 25 years, and now it is one of the most trusted brands in the market. After reading this Makita 9924db review article and purchasing the unit, you will never have to be disappointed.


What comes with the Makita 9924db belt sander?

It just comes with a machine, a dust bag, and an abrasive belt.

Does Makita 9924db come with any warranty?

All products are well tested before leaving the factory, but if you face any problems during 30 days of purchase, you can refund it and get a replacement. However, it comes with a one-year warranty so if you find it damaged in one year, they will replace it and give you a brand new one.

Where is the Makita 9924db manufactured?

It is manufactured in Japan. However, the Makita company is in America. 

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