Makita 9903 Vs 9403: Which one Performs Better?

Are you looking for a Makita belt sander? Did you get confused between Makita 9403 and Makita 9903? Worry no more. We will save your time and give you all the information about these two sanding machines. These two Makita sanders are on the top of the best belt sanders list, and they have kept that place secured for years now. They have a lightweight body with a powerful motor that every woodworker needs. Also, they offer a long power cord that will not restrict the movement of your belt sander and low noise output to keep your ears happy. However, they are from the same Makita brand, which does not mean they are both the same. They are different in function, construction, designs, and portability. We have discussed their features, comparing them side by side. Stay tuned to this Makita 9903 Vs 9403 article to check out which one is the better choice for you. 

Double Insulated Makita 9903 Belt Sander

Makita 9903 belt sander has been well-known for its double insulated body and the ability to work for long hours. Weighing about 13 pounds this sander has an 8.8 amp motor that easily allows it to do tough jobs. The double insulation makes sure the body is safe and durable.

Outstanding Durability

Makita 9903 sanding machine has shown outstanding durability in all its performances. The 8.8 amp motor works for a long time without getting heated up. The speed dial controls the speed that varies from 690 to 1440 feet per minute. So now you can choose the speed you need for the work. This sander also has a sturdy handle that can give you a good grip while you work. 

Low Noise

Get one of these if you are tired of the noise that a belt sander creates. These are the quiet belt sanders that create less noise while working. So forget wearing those earplugs and invest in a Makita 9903 belt sander. This sanding machine produces only 85 dB, which will keep your ear at ease. Now you will be able to use this sander anywhere and anytime without worrying about disturbing anyone. 

Auto-Tracking Belt

This feature in belt sanders is really helpful when you need to work constantly for a long time. The auto-tracking system makes sure the belt is always in the right place. Otherwise, you will have to fix it manually. If the belt is not in its place, it can get damaged in the machine. To avoid that, you need to make sure you have a sander like Makita 9903. 

Pros of Makita 9903 Sanding Machine  

  • Powerful motor that removes rust, and paint
  • Long power cord
  • Variable speed control dial
  • Auto-tracking belt
  • Lightweight 
  • Can flush sand with nose and side
  • Low noise
  • Has a fixed dust bag for dust collection


  • The dust collection port does not connect with the standard vacuum hose 

Quietest 4×24 inches Makita 9403 Belt Sander

Makita 9403 belt sander comes with a 4-inches wide belt that can take on any sized surface. The labyrinth construction is there to keep all the dust away so that they do not get contaminated. This construction keeps the ball bearings of the sanding machine free from dust and debris.

360° Rotatable Dust Bag

It gets really annoying when the dust bag of your sanding machine keeps on getting on your way. Makita 9403 belt sander has a solution for that. It has introduced a dust bag that can rotate all 360 degrees so that you can put the dust bag in a position you prefer. The dust bag is also quite big to hold on to the dust and give you a clean environment. 

Impressive Performance

The Makita 9403 sanding machine has a strong 11 amp motor that ensures the sander gives an impressive performance. The combination of a wide belt, powerful motor, and speed that goes 1640 feet per minute is enough to make this sanding machine one of the best there is. It is an old model, but the high-quality performance has still kept it on demand. People reach out for this rather than going for the new features belt sanders.

Large Front Grip

 The customers often complain about the handles, so Makita has added a large grip handle on the front top of the sanding machine. This has an excellent sturdy grip that keeps the machine under control when it is on. Some use it to apply body pressure to make it work faster. However, applying pressure is not a good idea as the machine’s weight is quite enough for the sanding machine to do the job. 

Things we like about Makita 9403 belt sander

  • 360 degree rotatable dust bag
  • Labyrinth construction to keep the ball bearings safe
  • Powerful motor with a constant high speed
  • 4 inches wide belt
  • Double insulated
  • Long power cord
  • Low noise
  • Comfortable grip handle
  • Suitable for heavy-duty work


  • No speed variations are available
  • No auto-tracking belt system

Similarities Between Makita 9903 and Makita 9403

As they are both Makita products, they both have a lot of similarities. Let’s begin with the long power cord that is present in all Makita machines. Also, the low noise system is present in both of these belt sanders. Both of the belt sanders are double insulated, which means they are safe to use. They both have a well-functioning dust bag to collect all the dust so that the environment and the workstation stay clean. 

Makita 9903 Vs 9403: Key Differences

  • Makita 9903 and 9920 belt sanders have a variable speed range of 690-1440 feet per minute, while the Makita 9403 runs at a speed of 1640 feet per minute that is not variable
  • Comparatively, Makita 9403 has a powerful motor of 11amps while Makita 9903 has 8.8 amp power
  • Makita 9403 is a bit heavier with 13 pounds compared to the Makita 9903, which only weighs 9.5 pounds
  • 360 degrees rotatable dust bag is only available in Makita 9403
  • They even vary in belt sizes. Makita 9403 has the wide 4×24 inch belt where the Makita 9903 sanding machine has 3×21 inch belt
  • If we look at the price, the Makita 9903 is less expensive than Makita 9403 

Which one is better, Makita 9903 or Makita 9403?

Even though the belt sanders have a lot of similarities, they have some significant differences in the features as well. With long power cords, safe ball bearings, and low noise, both of these sanding machines can give you a good work experience. But if you need the variable speed and auto-tracking belt, Makita 9903 is always a great choice. It is also more on the budget-friendly side. But if you need a constant speed to work on and need that rotatable dust bag, you can choose the Makita 9403. However, no matter which sanding machine you select between Makita 9403 vs 9903, the brand is known for its highly reliable and most durable belt sanders that you will not regret.

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