Makita 9903 Belt Sander Review [Corded Electric Sander]

Makita 9903 Belt SanderMakita is a well-known company famous for manufacturing different types of good quality sanding tools and equipment. Makita 9903 is the latest addition to the belt sander market. A sander is used to smooth out any uneven parts on a surface. Wood-workers need this as an everyday tool. Such a necessary tool like this must have some qualities that will be long-lasting and easy to use. This Makita 9903 Belt Sander review article will discuss all the features it has to see if it matches the expectation and qualifies the requirements.

Technical Specification:

Features Makita 9903
Belt Size: 3 x 21 inches
Belt Speed: 1440 ft./min.
AMPS: 8.8 amp
Variable Speed Control: No
Dust Collection: Yes
Dust Collection Type: Cloth Dust Bag
Length: 11-5/8 inches
Weight: 9.5 lbs
Power Type: Corded
Warranty: 1-Year Limited warranty

Fast and Efficient Makita 9903 Belt Sander Review in 2023

Soundless Electric Motor

Makita 9903 uses a powerful motor that is 8.8 amp. It is powerful enough for any surface but works great on a wooden surface. Surprisingly, it creates less noise compared to the other belt sanders having less motor power. The sound it produces is only 85dB. This means your ears will get some peace and fewer noise complaints from the neighbors and fellow workmates. Moreover, you can also work at night if you want to without disturbing anyone’s sleep. The noise cancellation motor is really a fantastic innovation for this kind of work. 

Adjustable Speed

Not all belt sanders come with an adjustable speed option. Whether you need this option or not entirely depends on the type of work you do. If you work on the same kind of surface that requires the same speed all the time, you do not need this option. But if you use a different surface type and need to adjust speed according to that, you will have to make sure your belt sander has this option as plywood needs less speed to work on than normal wood. You will have to lower down the speed while working on that. Makita 9903 offers this adjustable speed option that is 690 up to 1.440 ft. Per min. Adjusting the speed through the speed dial is very easy. 

Automatically Adjustable Belt

Adjusting the belt onto the belt sander is a crucial part. If the belt stays loose, the belt sander can cause some severe damage to the wood. Also, the loose belt will not even out the surface properly. Makita 9903 has a feature that automatically fixes the belt, so you do not have to worry about damaging the wood.

Dust Bag Included With Makita 9903 Belt Sander

Nowadays, almost all belt sanders have dust bags. This addition is beneficial as it takes all the dust particles, so your eyes and lungs stay protected. Also, there is less mess for you to clean. Makita 9903 dust bag is not too big but has a perfect size to hold in dust particles. It is also easy to clean and suitable for use at places where sanded dust can get dangerous. 


Makita corded 9903 is well-designed, and even the dust bag’s placement has been user-friendly. It is at the left at an upright position that allows the dust to get in easily without disturbing any other works. The sander comes in 3×21 inches, which is a standard size. The design of Makita 9903 also helps to flush sand from the walls. It has a tracking adjustment knob for the belt that works well and is really helpful while working. This belt sander comes with a long cord that is almost 16.4 feet long. Also, the belt sander is lightweight than the Makita 9403 sanding machine

Makita 9903 Features Comfortable Soft Handles

This belt sander from Makita has a comfortable handle that is soft, easy to hold, and suitable for working long hours. The ergonomic front grip makes working easier. The handle is important as it guides the belt on the wooden surface for sanding, so it has to be something to check before buying. After reading the review of the Makita 9903 belt sander, let’s check some of the pros and cons related to this unit.


  • Auto adjustable belt does not need any adjusting now and then
  • Has a long power cord
  • Creates less noise which saves your eardrums
  • Ergonomic designs 
  • Well positioned dust bag to help keeping the workplace clean
  • It has a powerful 8.8amp motor
  • Comes with a lock button and also works if clamped down
  • Adjustable belt speeds
  • Sturdy and durable, which makes it last a long time
  • The sanding belt is quite wide


Is It Worth Buying Makita 9903 Belt Sander?

Makita 9903 has been satisfying customers with its high performance and durability. This belt sander not only works on woods but is also suitable for removing paints or sanding on steel. This belt sander is quite versatile and worth all your money. It is a bit expensive, but the functionality and comfort it gives make up for it. The long power cord is not available in any other belt sander. It allows you to move around and work the way you want without worrying about a short power cord. 


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