Makita 9403 vs 9404 [Similarities & Differences]

If you have ever worked on the wood, you know how time-consuming it can get. But the correct tool can come in handy and make your work easier. A belt sander is something like that. It takes over and makes things smooth for you for the following procedure. Makita is a well-known brand that is famous for changing and improving its products for the better. They improved Makita 9403 and introduced Makita 9404. That does not mean the Makita 9403 is not a good belt sander. People still go for that rather than the other one. Makita 9404 has some other functions that make it an evolved version.  

When there are many options available, it is normal to get confused. Here we have taken two of the popular Makita belt sanders that confuse most buyers. So we have discussed all the functions and specifications as well as the similarities and differences in this Makita 9403 vs 9404 comparison article to get you the most detailed information on these two belt sanders.

Dustless Makita 9403 Belt Sander with Variable Speed

Makita 9403 is one of the famous belt sanders in the market. It comes with a variable speed option and a unique dust collection system that makes the whole experience dust-free. Let’s look at Makita 9403 belt sander’s functions and specifications to see what makes Makita 9403 different from others.

User friendly for Everyone

Makita 9403 already has its belt installed when it reaches the user. So, it takes absolutely no setup, to begin with. Whether the user is new to this or a professional, anyone can easily operate the belt sander. It weighs about 13 pounds which is not that heavy to carry. You can easily take this belt sander and sand any hardwood floor without any hassle. 

Low on Noise

Unlike other belt sanders, Makita 9403 does not create a loud noise while working. Loud noises can create some serious health issues. Considering that, Makita 9403 works with only 84 dB, which can hardly hurt your earbuds. This belt sander will let you work indoors without getting any complaints. Also, you can work at night while everyone sleeps peacefully. 

Perfect for Heavy Duty 

Makita 9403 comes with a bulky motor with 11 amp power that handles all sorts of heavy-duty jobs pretty well. The 13-pound body of Makita is slightly heavier compared to other compact belt sanders. The 4-inch wide belt covers a lot of space at one go, and with a speed of 1640 feet per minute, it can do some serious work. Also, it has a variable speed option that can help choose the amount of speed needed. 

Advantages of Makita 9403 Belt Sander

  • Comes with a long power cord
  • Ferocious bulky motor that compliments the slightly heavy body
  • Low on noise creating only 84 dB
  • Has a dust bag that can go 360 degrees
  • Labyrinth construction helps to keep the inside safe from dust and debris
  • Budget-friendly price
  • Power cord attached on the top so that it does not get in the way


  • The motor might stop running occasionally

Compact Makita 9404 Belt Sander with Auto Adjustable Belt

Makita 9404 does not come with a bulky motor or size. It is compact and lightweight so that you can carry it everywhere quite easily. The auto-tracking system was not present in Makita 9403 as it is a new addition. Let’s look at the new things Makita 9404 has. 

Auto Tracking Belt

Are you tired of adjusting the belt now and then while working? Well, Makita 9404 has a solution for that. It has an automatic tracking system that can ensure you will be able to work without stopping. If the belt moves from its place, the machine will adjust it to the right place again. 


The compact-sized Makita 9404 Belt sander comes in 10.3 pounds, making it easy for all kinds of uses and DIYs. The speed can vary from 600 to 1440 feet per minute, so anyone can start with a low speed and then slowly move on to the high speed. With a motor of 8.8 amp, this belt sander can take care of any materials, soft or hard.   

Moderate Price 

The durable Makita 9404 is budget-friendly, unlike many other belt sanders in the market. Its moderate price makes it affordable for almost all types of woodworkers or homeowners. Some like to do their work all by themselves because they cannot afford to call a professional. So, if the machine also costs a fortune, it is going to be difficult for them. Makita kept that in mind while designing the Makita 9404 belt sander. It is suitable for all kinds of works at a price that is quite moderate for everyone. 

Advantages of Makita 9404 Sanding Machine

  • Impressive long power cord
  • Good amount of power and battery backup
  • Powerful motor that runs fast
  • Variable speed
  • Works smoothly and quietly
  • Well constructed body that is not too heavy
  • Can do flush sanding to the corners of the wall
  • Auto tracking belt system always keeps the belt in place
  • Dust collection port connected to a vacuum hose ensures a better performance

Disadvantages of Makita 9404

  • It might overheat during long use. Make sure to give some breaks.

Similarities Between Makita 9404 and Makita 9403 Sanding Machine 

These two sanding machines have a lot of similarities. The first thing is the long power cord which is the best part of them. Then comes the low noise. It is one of Makita’s specialties to create a high-power sanding machine with a low noise system. Both have the facility to change the belts easily. With a lock button, the user can keep the sanding machine on without pressing the switch trigger. The last best part that is similar is the dust collection which works amazing if you connect it with a vacuum. They have the same 4×24-inches belts wide enough to cover a large area and get your job done quickly. Both Makita 9403 and Makita 9404 have a knob-type handle in front, giving it stability and making it easier to handle. 

Makita 9403 vs 9404: What are the differences?

  • While Makita 9404 is compact sized, the Makita 9403 is suitable for heavy-duty
  • Makita 9404 is lighter with only 10.3 pounds, where Makita 9403 is 13 pounds
  • Makita 9403 has an impressive 11 amp motor while Makita 9404 has 8.8 amp motor
  • 360-degree rotatable dust bag available in Makita 9403, but Makita 9404 has it fixed
  • According to price, the Makita 9404 is more budget-friendly than Makita 9403
  • Makita 9404 has an adjustable speed dial that can control the speed from 690 to 1440 feet per minute, while Makita 9403 has only one speed that goes 1640 feet per minute
  • The power cord in Makita 9404 is at the top so that it does not come in the way, but in Makita 9403 it is at its usual place at the bottom

Makita 9403 or 9404? Which One Is For You?

Well, the decision highly depends on the work you are going to do with them. Both of the sanders are of high quality and show great performance on the fields. You need to choose the one you need for the project you have in your hand. For example, if you are doing some heavy jobs that need a strong motor with a wide belt and a single constant high speed, you can choose the highly trusted Makita 9403. This might be an old product, but people still purchase it knowing about its impressive performance. Mostly the professionals find it as their favorite. On the other hand, If you are just starting out and need a compact-sized, well-built belt sander with a variable speed option and an auto-tracking belt, you must go for Makita 9404 belt sander. 

No matter which model you choose, Makita offers you comfort, durability, and a quiet environment to work in. They cover all the needs you might need while working that too on a budget. Hopefully, by the end of this Makita belt sander 9403 vs 9404 article, you will have no doubt or confusion about any of them. 


What type of plate does Makita 9403 have?

It has a metallic wear plate. You can read the description of the machine before buying it and also find the details in the manuals.

Does Makita 9403 have a dust collection bag?

Yes, it does. However, the dust collection bag is not that big enough to hold a huge amount of dust. You either have to empty it now and then or attach it to a vacuum hose.

Does Makita 9403 have a variable speed dial?

No, but Makita 9404 comes with a variable speed dial that allows you to control the speed. 

Where is Makita 9404 manufactured?

Makita 9404 sanding machine is manufactured in Japan. 

Do Makita 9403 nad Makita 9404 need any set ups?

No, they do not. The belt sander comes with an already attached belt that you can use straight away. This no setup facility makes it suitable for any type of user, whether a professional or a beginner. 

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