Makita 9403 Ultra-Quiet Belt Sander Review in 2024

The Makita brand has gained the customers’ trust through their high-quality belt sanders for over a hundred years. They have evolved and added features like variable speed, easy-to-use, powerful motor, low noise, and a unique dust collection system. They haven’t looked back since. Makita 9403 has been a crowd favorite for a long time. It is a beast with an 11 amp motor when it comes to sanding. It has never disappointed anyone with its performance. You can check out this popular Makita 9403 belt sander review and see why you need this in your collection. 

Quiet and Heavy-Duty Makita 9403 Belt Sander Review

Here are some discussions about the functionality and the performance of this famous belt sander. We have also added some good aspects and drawbacks to ensure you get every detail about Makita 9403 from here. Hopefully, you will know why you need to have this in your workshop as soon as you finish this article. 

Powerful 11 amp Ferocious Motor

Makita 9403 has a silent but powerful 11 amp motor. The power itself describes how sturdy this sander is. Weighing only about 13 pounds, this model from Makita is both lightweight and strong. It can work on a soft surface and also a hard surface. When you attach it with a low grit sanding belt, it will take off a significant part of the material. Just be aware of the massive power while working with it. 

Fixed High Speed

Makita 9403 comes with a fixed speed option which means that you will not have a variable speed option to go at low speed. It goes about 1640 feet per minute, which is more than enough to get a job well done. Some users prefer the variable speed option in a sander and some like a fixed high speed. This preference depends on the work or projects that you are doing. If you only need a specific speed, you better not waste extra money on a machine with a variable speed option. In that case, this Makita 9403 belt sander is perfect for you. High speed matched up with low and high grit sandpaper can bring out two different types of changes. While the low grit paper will take off more materials, the high grit one will give you a smooth and polished surface. 

Dust Collection 

Dust is inevitable when it comes to sanding. These can be really messy, and if you are working indoors, it can be unhealthy too. Makita 9403 has the best dust collection system among other Makita models. The dust collection bag is larger than usual and positioned so that you can reach the corners of the wood. Another unique fact about this sander is that the dust bag can rotate 360 degrees. So, you can move it out of the way while working. 

Makita 9403 Belt Sander Makes Less Noise

Makita 9403 is known as the quietest belt sander manufactured by Makita. It has been in demand and well appreciated for a long time. A powerful motor like Makita’s that creates high speed can generate a lot of noise. But Makita 9403 produces only 84 dB that keeps all the chatters down. Now your ears will be at peace while you work and who knows, maybe you can work at night without disturbing anyone too. 

Attractive Design and Construction

When you hear the name Makita, you automatically imagine a teal machine with a pink-colored cloth dust bag. That is the signature color of Makita, but the design and construction vary from model to model. Makita 9403 is a lightweight belt sander with a strong motor. The 4×24 inches belt is wide enough to cover a vast range of surfaces. If you are trying to cover up a large area, this is what you can go for.  

Handles of Makita 9403 Belt Sander

There is a handle for you to hold while working with this beast with a front grip that helps to create balance and support. The handles are not that ergonomic but comfortable enough to work. The pistol handle has a trigger button that, if pressed, keeps the sander on. That extra grip handle can help if the user needs to put pressure or a little body weight on the tool. 

Ceramic Platens

Usually, the platens you see in the sanding machine attached to the belts are stainless steel. But Makita has made it off ceramic. As ceramic does not heat up quickly like stainless steel, the ceramic platens can stay in shape longer without wearing off the belt. However, the ceramic platen might crack after several uses, but there is nothing to worry about. You can just replace it and continue working. 

Who should purchase a Makita 9403 sanding machine?

Makita 9403 is perfect for working on flat wooden surfaces and even metals. So, if your project is like making furniture or sanding floors, this might help. To use this on metals, you will have to change the grit paper. A finer grit paper will do great on metals. This heavy-duty sanding machine is suitable for those who need to cover a vast place with strong motor power. Both professionals and beginners can go for it. Makita 9403 is slightly pricier than any other sanding machine, but it is worth every penny. It can handle simple to challenging works with ease. To check out more models from Makita, you can go to the popular Makita Belt Sander reviews.

Safety Tips

You should maintain safety for any electrical tool. Here are some of the basic rules that you probably already know. Always unplug your machine before taking the dustbag off or changing the belts. Make sure there is no chance for any accidents. Keep in mind that you must clean the belt sander before switching to metal from wood. Or else the wood will react with the metal creating a spark that might cause a fire.

Another thing to keep in mind while working with belt sanders is to keep your mask on. Several sanding machines in the market offer good quality dust collection systems like Makita, but still wearing a mask is a wise decision as airborne particles can be harmful to health. 

Good Aspects of Makita 9403 Belt Sander

  • Large back handle gives good grip
  • Ferocious motor with high speed quality
  • Wide belts to cover large area
  • Comes with a long 16.4 feet power cord
  • Adjustable dust bag that moves 360 degrees
  • Quietest belt sander among the Makita class
  • Has double insulation
  • Low vibrations
  • Easily changeable belts
  • Well built body with plastic and aluminum


FAQs Related to Makita 9403 Belt Sander Review

What else comes with the Makita 9403 belt sander?

Makita 9403 comes with a 110V sanding machine, 4×24 inch abrasive belt, and 80 grit sandpaper.  Also, a big dust bag comes with it.

Can we put Makita 9403 upside down and use it as a benchtop?

No, you can’t. Makita 9403 does not support the flexibility of putting it upside down. You will have to use it by hand. 

Can we attach the dust port to a vacuum? 

Yes, you can. All you will have to do is remove the dust bag and attach the vacuum hose to the port. It will ensure that your workplace stays clean and dust-free. 

Bottom Line

Among all types of sanders, the belt sanders give the most comfortable and steadfast experience. It is so easy to use that the beginners will face no problem with it. Also, the professionals will find some premium functions like ceramic platens and the high functioning motor in it. This belt sander has all qualities that you need to work with. The lightweight functionality makes it easy to carry and work on surfaces, and the power to strip away any large parts makes it suitable for any carpenters or contractor. 

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