Most Versatile LOTOS MIG175 Review in 2023

If you are looking for a MIG welder that will provide you with excellent output, then you are in the right place. The LOTOS MIG 175 is an absolute beast of a product professionals recommend. This sturdy, powerful, and robust machine comes at an affordable price with a manufacturer’s warranty.

LOTOS Technology is a company operating its business around welding products for only about a decade. However, the services and products of LOTOS are considered equally reliable as other well-established companies out there, such as Forney, Miller, or Hobert. In addition, Lotos has the latest advanced technology integration on their product, making their products standalone and unique. 

The Lotos  MIG 175 is one of the best addition to LOTOS Technology products. The multifunctional welder will serve you with precision in your welding. In addition, the smooth spatter-less finishing and the arc performance of your welding assure you that you have spent your money wisely. We are going to have a concentrated look at the details of LOTOS MIG175 in this article. If you are planning to get a welder, then read this LOTOS MIG175 review article to know more about the product, including its advantages and limitations.

Who Should Buy LOTOS MIG175 MIG Welder?

The LOTOS MIG175 is a rare MIG welder that serves both professionals and beginners to their satisfaction. This machine can handle simple garage, home, or repair shop welding to large-scale industrial welding.

If you are a beginner and looking forward to working in your repair shop, garage, home, or in your garden, this device will give you the best experience with its user-friendly features. The hobbyists and DIY workers can use this machine for various work, including household/store repair, trailer hitches and frames, garden equipment, farm equipment, tool carts, maintenance work, and metal cutting.

The expert-level welders can comfortably attain largescale industry work with this heavy-duty product except for girder welding. To sum it up, this cost-effective product is for every welding enthusiast out there who wants a versatile product at an affordable price.

Packaging & Price

The LOTOS MIG175 comes with everything you need for welding. This all-in-one product comes at a price of around $500 that does extreme justice to the customers. The product package includes the following welding accessories.

  • Spool gun
  • MIG torch
  • Gas hose
  • Argon regulator
  • Ground clamp cable
  • Cleaning brush
  • Face Shield
  • Consumables
  • User Guide

Reliable and Durable 220V LOTOS MIG175 Reviews

The LOTOS MIG175 is an extraordinary welding machine that will give users great accuracy for an extended period on their welding projects. The compact design, superior build, and satisfactory product performance gradually make the product welder’s first choice. We are going to have a closer look at all the exciting features of this MIG welder.  

Alluring Design

The design of LOTOS MIG 175 is top-notch. The clean and thoughtful design makes the product more appealing to the customers. 

The dimensionality of the product is 18-inch x 10.5-inch x 12.5-inch, and the weight is 85lbs. The dimensionality of the product suggests that the user will need less area for its storage space. On the other hand, the user must use a cart for carrying purposes as the weight is high for portability.  lotos mig welder reviewsThe 4-prong end connection is a helpful addition. The operation panel consists of an arc volt regulator, wire feed regulator, an on/off switch, and a gun trigger option. It also has a LED indicator that will notify the user in case of overheating. Moreover, the integration of advanced technology such as inverter and transformers technology made the architectural design of the product more sophisticated. 

Easy & Quick Setup

The setting up process of the machine is straightforward. The user can complete the setup process within 10 minutes, even if they have no previous experience. However, the experienced user may take less time with the setup process.

The MIG welder comes in a package with everything you need for welding. The device can run on a 220V wall outlet. In addition, the spool gun for aluminum welding comes with the box. Therefore, you do not have to wait and can start the fun right after unboxing. 

LOTOS MIG175 is a Versatile Machine

The LOTOS MIG175 is a multifunctional device that can perform MIG welding and flux core welding. You can weld steel, mild steel, and stainless steel. Also, with the inclusion of a spool gun, aluminum welding is easily achievable. This MIG welder can weld up to ¼ inch steel and up to 3/8 inch aluminum in terms of material thickness. In addition, the dual-frequency feature allows the machine to operate at 50hz or 60hz. It makes the device more compatible with an overload protection system.

Power Efficiency & Duty Cycle

The MIG welder has a power efficiency of 80%. The device uses 220V/240V AC input voltage, and the output current varies from 30 to 175amp. 

The duty cycle of this little beast of a machine is 30% at 135 amperes and 20% at 175 amperes. Thus, for an industry-scale welding machine, the duty cycle is highly efficient. 

Transformers Technology  & Wire Feed Motor System

The integration of advanced transformer technology has made this product durable and reliable. In addition, the transformer technology allows the user to adjust and control secondary voltage, enhancing the machine’s smooth arc performance capability. It also allows the device to connect to a 220V outlet.

The wire feed motor system is another unique feature. The infinite heat and wire speed settings make the device more efficient to get the desired outcome.

Safety Measures

This large-scale industrial welding machine has introduced some safety measures in its design. It allows the device to operate appropriately for a longer timeframe. 

Firstly, the colored metal finishing of the product makes it sturdy. Therefore, it will allow the machine to endure rough terrain. Also, the robust metal finish protects the device from external damages during any movement. Most Versatile LOTOS MIG175 ReviewFor internal damage protection, there is a temperature controller and overload breaker. These safety measures will protect the LOTOS MIG175 in case of the current surge or overheating. Also, an overheat detector led light in the control panel allows the user to see when the machine exceeds the heat endurance level. All of these excellent features allow the user to experience flawless welding works. But the unit has some limitations, which we will discuss below in this LOTOS MIG175 review section.

A Few Drawbacks

This all-in-one multipurpose device has some limitations.

  • No option for household 110V input voltage settings
  • The weight of this product is 85 pounds resulting in tedious portability
  • Noisy drive motor
  • Not suitable for girder work

LOTOS MIG175 Offers 1 Year Warranty

The LOTOS MIG175 welder comes with a warranty to add more reliability to the brand and its product. The manufacturer provides a 1-year warranty on parts and service. There is also a 30 days moneyback guarantee.

Final Verdict on LOTOS MIG175 Welder

In recent times the market has been flooded with cheap products promising better performance. Amidst these, the LOTOS MIG 175 is a rare gem of a product that will fulfill all your welding needs without breaking the bank.

lotos mig175 welder reviewsThe inclusion of the spool gun is a big deal because most of the MIG welder selling companies sell this separately. Also, the advanced technology integration, including transformer technology, wire feed motor system, and all the safety measurement technology, takes the product to a new height. The company’s brand value, along with the warranty, ensures that this robust product will be in service for years. 

So, if you want to get a reliable MIG welder that will serve you with smooth spatter-less welding to your precision for an extended time, the LOTOS MIG175 is the perfect choice for you.


Will this MIG welder work in my household voltage settings?

Unfortunately no, Most of the household voltage settings support 110V setting. The LOTOS MIG175 operates in 220V voltage settings, which I have already mentioned above in this LOTOS MIG175 review article.

Is the shielding gas included in the package?

The package contains everything the user needs to set up and start your welding except the shielding gas.

Does the product come with a carrying cart?

The LOTOS manufacturers do not provide any carrying cart. Therefore, if you need one for portability, you have to buy one separately.

Does the product come with any warranty?

The LOTOS MIG175 comes with a one-year warranty. Also, it provides 30 days of moneyback guarantee.


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