Lincoln 180 MIG Welder Review 2023 [With Flux-Cored Technology]

The Lincoln 180 MIG machine is a budget-friendly, versatile welding device that provides professionals and beginners equal comfort. If you are looking for a welding machine that can perform multiple functions with a reliable brand value, then Lincoln 180 easy MIG pro is the perfect option for you. So we will discuss the Lincoln 180 MIG welder review in detail so the users and potential customers can better judge the product.  

Lincoln electric is a renowned name in the manufacturing industry. The company was established in 1895 and is still running its operation as one of the oldest manufacturing companies. Over the years, they gather experiences and technology integration that makes their product better over time.

The Lincoln 180 is an excellent welder like Lincoln 210 unit. This versatile device gives you powerful performance and durability. The product’s design is handy, and the user can control the machine according to their need for various welding.

Who Should Buy The Lincoln Easy MIG 180 Welder?

The machine can perform light fabrication, automotive projects, garden/home/ farm projects, and maintenance welding. The hobbyists, DIY workers, and professionals will be satisfied with this product’s performance.

Loncone 180 welder reviewsThe robust machine will serve students and beginners, and they will see how beginner-friendly this device is. In addition, the easy setup and minimalistic design of this incredible device give its user value for the money.

What’s In The Lincoln 180 MIG Welder Box

The machine comes with a package that contains everything to start your welding and make the process more comfortable. In addition, the budget-friendly device comes with the following attachments. 

  • 10 Feet Magnum Pro 100 MIG gun
  • Work cable with clamps
  • Contact tips (0.025 inch and 0.030 inch )
  • Gas and gasless nozzles
  • Sample spool
  • Gas regulator and hose
  • Spindle adapter
  • Wire drive rolls
  • Cable liners
  • A DVD on learning welding

Fully Adjustable Wire Feed Lincoln 180 MIG Welder Reviews

The machine is incredible, and there are too many reasons why one should get this device. Therefore, let us have a detailed look at why you should choose this device.

Compact Design

The design of any MIG welder determines how the device will perform. Also, it is one of the first things a user notices while choosing a product. 

The minimalistic design of 180 easy MIG makes the product attractive. The weight of the product is 56 lbs with a dimensionality of 14 x 10.15 x 18.2 inches. Compared to Hobart 190, Lincoln 180 has better portability. This size enables the device to take less storage space.

A handle rod over the product will come in handy while moving around the product. However, the addition of a carrying cart will increase portability and durability.

The product design includes a heavy-duty adjustable wire drive system, brass to brass gun connection to enhance conductivity, numeric-drive tension indicator, and cast aluminum gearbox.

Quick Setup

The compact design of the product makes the device setup relatively easy. Therefore, users can start welding after unboxing by setting wire sizes, selecting the welding process, and plugging it into a compatible outlet.

The novice users will also find it straightforward, and the available DVD for learning welding will accelerate the process.

Easy Operation

The usability of the Lincoln 180 MIG welder is remarkable. The minimalistic control panel and easily understandable commands make the process of welding enjoyable and less strenuous. 

lincoln180 welder reviewThe two-knob control will allow the user to handle thin MIG weldings such as steel, stainless steel, and aluminum metal sheets. Also, thicker steel flux core welding is readily achievable, and switching between processes takes less time.

Lincoln Electric has its patented core diamond technology, and integrating this tech into the Lincoln 180 MIG welder makes the operation of the device more fun. In addition, it allows easier control of the current flow, prevents saturation, and ensures stable arc performance. Lastly, the adjustable wire drive system assists the user in managing the device standardly and avoiding unprecedented wire tangling incidents.

Versatile Lincoln 180 MIG Welder Device

The Lincoln 180 MIG welder can handle flux core welding and MIG welding. It can weld 24 gauges up to 3/16 inch thick material, including steel, mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. The device has excellent control for both thick and thin materials, so the users do not have to worry about material damage while working.

The Lincoln 180 MIG can also weld up to ½ inch thick material with its self-shielded Lincoln Electric inner shield wires, adding more flavor to this versatile machine.

The device is usable by beginners to professionals for various ranges of work. The users can use the machine for light fabrication, home projects, shop use, farm and trench, and DIY projects.      

Voltage & Power Settings

The quality and range of welding depend on the power provided by the machine, and the manufacturers of Lincoln 180 easy MIG have done an incredible job in this matter.

Although this versatile MIG welder does not support household current settings, it has dual voltage settings. The machine can run either on 208V or 230V input voltage settings. This variation allows the user to use the product more effectively. For example, they can use a 230V outlet for more power projects and 208V for light works. 

The output amperage this device provides is relatively moderate comparing other mid-range devices available in the market. The DC output range for the Lincoln 180 MIG welder is 30-180A, and users can set the power according to their project need. 

The duty cycle of Lincoln 180 is 30% at 130 amp, meaning it will allow 3 minutes of welding session followed by 7 minutes of cooldown time.   

Safety Mechanism in Lincoln 180 MIG Machine

At first, the cast aluminum gearbox of the Lincoln 180 MIG is an excellent addition to this powerful machine. It makes the product sturdy and durable. Also, it will protect the device from most of the external damages.

Loncoln 180 reviewsThe diamond core technology controls the current flow and reduces the saturation, ensuring that the machine will last for an extended period. Also, motor protection and overload protection will protect the device from internal damages.

Quality Welds

The sturdy Lincoln 180 is a MIG welder that will satisfy its customers with its incredible power performance and excellent control over the machine. The output amperage range and voltage duality with an impressive duty cycle allow users to work on different projects with precise settings. 

The control over the machine while welding gives the user precise output of their welding. The forgiving arc makes dialing easy in the project, and the smooth angle ensures minimal spatter. The user’s ratings and reviews on Lincoln 180 are also satisfying. Also, features like brass to brass gun connection, two-knob regulator, and diamond core technology make this product standalone in the similar functionality available in the market.

Drawbacks of Easy MIG 180

The Lincoln 180 MIG welder has some limitations.

  • Need a carrying cart for frequent use
  • Not compatible with household current
  • The power switch design could have been better. (A little larger)


Lincoln Electric increases its reliability with a warranty on every product. Like others, the Lincoln 180 MIG welder comes with 3-years parts and a labor manufacturer’s warranty.

Although the device will operate longer than the warranty, take the product to Lincoln Electric or the manufacturer’s certified dealer in case of damage.   


In our Lincoln weld PAK 180 HD MIG Welder reviews article, we tried to cover all the specifications, including its limitations. This mid-ranged welder is an excellent release from Lincoln Electric manufacturers.

The MIG welder allows the user control to perform stable, spatter-less welding with the minor post-weld cleanup. In addition, the power range and Lincoln patented diamond core technology enables users to achieve precision in versatile welding projects.

Whether you are a beginner or pro, this device will serve you well without breaking the bank. Along with some exciting features, the MIG welder comes with a warranty. Furthermore, if you are someone who trusts in brands with experience, then the Lincoln 180 is a product of Lincoln Electric who has been conducting its business for over a century.

The users who are already using the product are satisfied, and if you get this product for your welding experience, you will not be disappointed.

FAQs on Lincoln 180

How thick are the Lincoln 180 welds?

The Lincoln 180 MIG welder can weld 24 gauges up to 3/16 inch steel. However, with self-shielded Lincoln Electric inner-shield wire, it can weld up to ½ inch steel materials.

Can I run the Lincoln 180 on my household’s current outlets?

The Lincoln 180 MIG welder operates on two voltage settings, respectively 208V and 230V. The standard household voltage setting is 120V; therefore, it will not run on household settings.


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