Kreg PRS2100 Review 2024 [Benchtop Router Table]

When it comes to woodworking, the right tool can make the working experience extraordinary with excellent results. So choosing the right product is a big concern among its users, and to do so, first, they need to understand the product perfectly. For user familiarity, this Kreg PRS2100 review article will discuss one impressive woodworking tool, the Kreg PRS2100 benchtop routing table. Thus people from the woodworking community can make a knowledgeable decision before purchasing. 

This precision benchtop router is portable with industrial capability making it popular among the community. The blue rectangle router table is sturdy, stable, and working on the table allows accuracy on the task. In addition, the wide-angle MDF tabletop, vibration dampening rubber feet, and anodized aluminum fence make the product a truly remarkable one. 

The router table comes with a package that covers everything you might need for the setup, and the setup process is not too complicated. The setup manual describes the approach to the point, and if you follow it correctly, you will set the table up within a specific time frame. Therefore, the skill level is not crucial for better usability of this routing table, and both professionals and weekend workers can benefit from this product.

About the Manufacturer

The Kreg PRS2100 is a product by the Kreg tool company operating their business for over three decades. Since their inauguration, they have gradually become a trusted source for woodworking tools with their innovative design and technology integration, and they are getting stronger over time. 

Kreg PRS2100 Complete Package

The benchtop routing table comes with the following accessories.

  • Precision benchtop router tabletop
  • Insert plate with level lock rings 
  • Plate levelers
  • Aluminum fence with dust collection port
  • Bit guard
  • Jointing rods 
  • Assembly Hardware
  • Owner’s manual

Product Description- Kreg PRS2100 

Kreg tool company has put a lot of emphasis on the design of this product, and it is up to the mark. The product has a 19.25 x 30 x 4.75 inches dimension, and it weighs only 23.9lbs, allowing portability and less storage space. You can compare the weight between Kreg PRS2100 and Bosch RA1181 in our previous comparison article. In addition, the table is spacious, giving more room while working, with a 16 x 24 inches height-width ratio. The 16-inch tabletop height is moderate for a router table. Furthermore, the insert plate dimension is 3/8 x 9 ¼ x 11 ¾ inches with 3-level lock reducing rings, enabling accessibility for a different size router within the range.

The routing table is a blue rectangle; the tabletop has an anodized aluminum fence. The surface has been manufactured with an MDF board, and there is low friction on the surface. The easy-slide allows users to set up the table according to their needs. In addition, the table stand is made of rugged steel with rubber feet enhancing the stability of the unit.

Durable Industrial-Grade Benchtop Kreg PRS2100 Router Table Review

There are so many other reasons to choose the Kreg PRS2100, and this section will shed light on them. This review discusses everything, including design specifications, features, advantages of the Kreg PRS2100, and disadvantages.

Portable Table

The table’s weight is not so heavy, allowing portability. The size is also compact, and that can fit in most places. With this table, the user can take the router to the shop or garage and complete their particular works.

Reasonable Price

The price range can not get any better than this  Kreg PS2100. It is around 200, which is affordable even for beginners. 

Easy to Assemble Kreg PRS2100

The table setup process is not complicated. The owner’s manual will guide the users, and with the precise instruction following the manual, the user will quickly set the table for routing. The sliding fence will allow the user to move the materials according to the need and the insert plate on the table allows diversity for various routers.

Stark Tabletop 

The tabletop is sturdy with an edge-banded, noise resistant, and vibration resistant MDF board with a wide surface that gives room to the woodworker. It also features easy slide micro dot skin constructed by high-pressure lamination. The most vibration is generated while operating the router machine on the surface, and from there, it goes down. The same goes for routing noise, and the Kreg 2100 has tremendously minimized both issues. 

Anodized-Aluminum Fence

The fence is anodized aluminum with an independent sliding option (cam clamp), redesigned with quarter-turn locking levers. It allows quick fence adjustments and confidence locking. The different sliding faces will increase workpiece support; the jointing rods also will enable the table to become a vertical jointer. The bit guard and dust collection port make the tabletop more valuable for your routing work.

Vibration-Dampening Rubber Feet

Woodworkers find it annoying when there is too much vibration while working. It hampers the precision and ends up with a messy outcome. The Kreg PRS2100 is excellent with stability allowing better routing performance. The rugged steel stand and the vibration dampening rubber feet is the crucial reason for its solid situation. 

Insert Plate

The insert plate comes with some of  Kreg’s precision insert levelers, and it has markings (laser-engraved) at the back for different routing machines to mount quickly. In addition, the PRS2100 insert plate measures to support any more significant routing device, and it features Kreg’s level lock reducing rings. 

Noise Reduction 

Carpenters who love to work in quiet, the Kreg PRS2100 is the perfect table for you. Unfortunately, most of the tables fail to reduce noise, as good as this routing table. The manufacturers of Kreg PRS2100 were determined to build a routing table that is not too loud, and they have successfully accomplished the job.

Versatile Routing Table

This fantastic product is versatile, and it is compatible with many of the routers out there, even the larger ones. In addition, the table supports precision router lift, true flex Featherboard, precision router table stop, precision router table setup bars, and multi-purpose router table switch. 


  • Stark steel stand
  • Moveable anodized-aluminum fence
  • Vibration-dampening rubber feet
  • Easy assemble 
  • Less noise while routing
  • Vacuum shrouding keeps it clean
  • Affordable price


  • The fence has some plastic parts reducing durability 
  • Some user complains that the package comes with some missing parts

Overall Thought on Kreg PRS2100 Table

The sophisticated router table is an excellent release from the Kreg Tools. The professional carpenter, DIY workers, weekend hobbyists, woodworkers, everyone can benefit from this device. The price is reasonable, comparatively less than the competition, and the manufacturer is trusted with decades of services.

If you are looking for a routing table with an easy setup manual and versatility for various routers, the Kreg PRS2100 is the right option. The setup manual gives clear instructions, and beginners can set it up quickly. In addition, the fence with sliding faces allows adjustment of materials, and the insert plate has options to support even the large routers. 

The stability provided by the Kreg PRS2100 is one of the main reasons to get this one over any other routing table. A stable table ensures better cutting or shaping of the material, and precision benchtop PRS2100 is a champ for stability with its MDF surface and rubber feet build. If you plan to get the precise benchtop router table, go through the whole Kreg PRS2100 reviews to assess the product better. Overall this product will not disappoint its users with performance and usability. Although the plastic equipment on the fence threatens to reduce the product’s durability, every other feature along with the price tag overcomes the issue. 

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