Kreg PRS1045 Review [Durable Insert Place & Fence]

If you are a professional carpenter or serious woodworking enthusiast, then the Kreg PRS1045 is the best router table for you. The built is incredible, and the performance is satisfying; users already use the routing table reviews. In addition, this routing table will be unique to your working tools with precision cutting and a clean work environment feature. This Kreg PRS1045 review article will shed light on the Precision router table system with its specifications, features, advantages, and disadvantages.

The Kreg Tool Company has been a manufacturing company since 1989 when the founders first thought of forming this company while working on a kitchen cabinet. Since its inauguration, the company has evolved gradually, and they have become a reliable name in power tool manufacturing. Kreg PRS1045 is one of their best release in the routing tools category. So if you are thinking about getting the table, you can rest assured that you are also getting the reliability provided by the Kreg Tool manufacturers.

The product’s design focuses on the table’s stability when routing, and they have done a tremendous job building a table that will serve you with precision like any other. The price might be an issue for beginner users; however, this value for money is a better investment, and the product’s usability will satisfy you. If you are looking for a less expensive router table, check out the Kreg PRS2100 review, another Kreg tool’s development within budget.  

Kreg PRS1045- Accessories 

The precision PRS1045 router table comes with everything the user needs to start working with it. In addition, the product comes with the following accessories. 

  • Router tabletop
  • Precision router table fence
  • Multipurpose shop stand
  • True-flex feather board
  • Router table switch
  • Table setup bar
  • Router table stop
  • Locking casters
  • User manual

Design Ensures Stability

Router tables extend a regular table with added features that allow routers to operate and create beautiful works. Kreg PRS1045 uses anodized aluminum, MDF, melamine, and steel at the construction level of the table. The product dimension is 37.48 x 25.51 x 36.5 inches with a weight of 69.9lbs. The size is more than usual, and the weight does not welcome portability. However, this strong build table will ensure stability with some unique features. For example, the heavy-duty steel stand is customizable and easily adjustable. The user can adjust the height between 31 to 39 inches, depending on the materials and arrangements. 

The product’s design includes self squaring multipurpose T-square fence, high-performing wide-area tabletop, precision insert plate system, feather boards, and a dust container. The T-square fence style makes sure that the fence stays parallel to the miter gauge slot. In addition, it locks firmly with a dual lock, a paddle lock, and a quarter-turn lock to prevent deflection. The fence also features leveling scales to adjust according to the bits, and the micro setup wheel ensures precision.  

The precision insert plate system of the router table is a versatile feature allowing the table to become compatible with a range of the router. It measures 9 ½ x 11 ¾ x 3/8 inches that mount to any routers, and it consists of 3 level lock reducing rings. In addition, the table is entirely specious, allowing usability for diverse projects. 

Precision Router Table Kreg PRS1045 Review 2022

This Kreg router table is an excellent product that will make your routing practices better. It has a lot of impressive features making it popular among professional woodworkers. This section will cover some of the best traits by Kreg PRS1045.


The setup process is a little time-consuming; however, once you complete setting up the table, you will find how incredible and fun its usability is. At first, the surface area of the tabletop is 24 x 32 inches, which is not very common among the router tables. Therefore, it allows the user much comfort for different materials of different sizes. Also, the wide space area will enable the safekeeping of other relevant equipment.    

Another feature that increases the usability of the product is the height adjustment of the table. Users can adjust the height between 31 to 39 inches for better performance. In addition, the steel stand has predrilled holes for customization and mount accessories.    

Sturdy & Durable

Earlier, we have mentioned that the table’s one of most impressive qualities is its stability. The router table is also very sturdy and durable, and you can rely on it that it won’t break down in the middle of routing.

The table stands are steel which is not common on router tables. The steel stand has levelers to stand still on uneven floors, enabling the table to operate in a strong structure. The tabletop is an easy slide low friction surface crafted from laminated MDF with its spacious area, making the surface smooth for the work. The T-square-style fence is made from aluminum, increasing its durability. 

High Performance With Accuracy

One of the main reasons for a router table is to increase routing performance with precision and accuracy. The Kreg PRS1045 route table ensures that the router can work perfectly. First, the router table is stable, and there is no turbulence during routing, making the output more precise and accurate. 

The precision insert plate mount allows various routers with its three molded level lock reducing rings, making the router work better. In addition, the true-flex feather boards support the fence and materials while routing for better performance and precision.

Built-In Dust Port

The PRS1045 precision router table comes with a built-in dust port to make sure the working area remains clean. First of all, the Kreg PRS1045 design allows the table to generate less sawdust during routing. Therefore the woodworker does not have to struggle with the cleaning process. The shield will keep your face dust-free.

Versatile Route Table

The Kreg PRS1045 is a versatile routing table with a multipurpose MDF fence. The insert plate allows mounting of the different router devices. In addition, the height adjustment of the steel stand and multipurpose fence enables the table to handle routing for materials with different shapes and sizes.

Moreover, if you are a professional carpenter, woodworker, or weekend hobbyist, this table can serve its purpose for every type of user. Although for the first-time user, the price range might be higher.

Advantages of Kreg PRS1045 Router Table

  • Long surface area enabling better usability
  • Sturdy structure makes the table durable
  • Height management increases versatility
  • Dust port for clean area
  • MDF with noise reduction mechanism
  • T-square style fence
  • Heavy-duty easy-sliding with low friction on the surface
  • Featherboards enhances the safety of your hand
  • Steel stand with levelers(for an uneven floor)

Limitation of Kreg-PRS1045

  • Price is comparatively higher
  • Portability decreases due to weight
  • The setup process is time-consuming 


I hope, you have gone through the whole Kreg PRS1045 reviews article to have a better understanding of the product. The precision Kreg PRS1045 is an excellent router with incredible stability and outstanding accuracy. In addition, the product comes with the Kreg Tool’s reliability. If you buy a routing table for the first time, this could be a high-priced purchase for you, although you will not regret investing money in this unit. The versatile product is compatible with every router and user, such as professional carpenter, woodworker, DIY worker, or hobbyist who will enjoy working with it.

The unique features of the Kreg PRS1045 make the product a high-performing, versatile, and better usable table. On the one hand, the product design makes the product capable of smooth work in cutting, crafting, edging, and molding; on the other, it allows better stability, extreme compatibility, and excellent accuracy. Therefore, we recommend that this extraordinary route table can be a great addition to your woodworking tools.


Does the Kreg PRS1045 have any storage compartment?

The Kreg PRS1045 comes with an accessory storage compartment to safeguard your routing equipment.

Is there any noise reduction option?

The routing table has a 1inch thick MDF that is noise resistant, allowing less noise during routing. The dense core of MDF also absorbs the vibration and makes the table more stable during the routing process.   

Is Kreg PRS1045 for beginner use?

With its better usability, a beginner can quickly adapt to this routing table. However, for a first-time table, this is a pricy one.

Does the router table have any safety measures?

The two feather boards ensure safety for the user’s hand during routing. Also, the shield will keep the user’s face safe from dust.

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