Best Kreg Router Table Review With Expert Opinion

When it comes to woodworking, better tools can make your workpieces extraordinary and your working experience less stressful. On the other hand, selecting complicated, ineffective tools can ruin your whole working experience with a dissatisfying work output. Therefore, choosing the right tool for your work or projects is crucial to determining how your work will turn out. So this Kreg router table review article will highlight some of the significant router tables and their accessory by the Kreg brand. Our highlight will focus on the product’s usability/control, performance, durability, efficiency, and other traits that make those products unique.

Router tables are one of the vital tools that enhances the efficiency of any woodworking project. For example, a router table allows carpenters to process their workpieces with more control and precision. It also enables them to perform complex tasks requiring precise cutting, edge trimming, template work, and grooving with ease. With the changing time and advancement in power tools, the traditional way of woodworking is no longer optimal, and using the right tools such as router tables is a must.

Here comes the big question, which router table will be a good purchase for specific projects or in general. With the emergence of innovative technology for better woodworking practices, the number of manufacturers of these tools also increases. As a result, many options are available for one product from different brands offering unique features, influencing users’ decision-making. However, among the brands, there remains some whom the knowledgeable users trust, and the Kreg Tool is one of them. 

So if you are a woodworking enthusiast and looking for the perfect routing table, we suggest you go through the whole article as we will review some of the most impressive Kreg products in the router table category. We hope you will find this article insightful, and it will assist you in buying the right tool for your specific needs.       

About Kreg Tools Company 

As we will review the router table and accessories by Kreg Tools, we first need to learn a bit about the manufacturers. This American manufacturing company was born in 1989 while its founder was working on a kitchen cabinet. The first product of this company was the Kreg Jig, and with its success, the family-owned company gradually became a trusted manufacturer in the woodworking community.

The Kreg Tools becomes a synonym for the pocket hole joinery tools. Their product development focuses on improving usability and efficiency, keeping the budget at a reasonable range. In addition, employees of the manufacturer company are somewhat professional or hobbyist woodworkers, so they build the products from the user perspective, making them more adequate.

Kreg Tool Company started manufacturing router tables in the 21st century, and users appreciate their products in this category. Furthermore, with 30 years of experience producing power tools, the manufacturer makes the best tools with unique specifications. Therefore, in terms of reliability, the manufacturing company comes strong.

How To Evaluate Kreg Router Tables?

While choosing the right router table, we have to consider some essential product traits that will influence our decision. At first, we need to closely inspect the design, as the structure determines the product’s behavior. Then we can say the product’s building is good if the table is stable, meaning it has well-structured stands and all the other materials, ensuring precise workings. 

Another crucial fact while choosing a router table is the usability of the tool. For example, if the table has a spacious area for working, then it increases usability. Portability features also enhance usability. So if you can carry the table around easily and work on it comfortably, then the router table can be considered the better router.

Lastly, the table’s compatibility with a different router is something the user should check before purchasing the product. The router’s accessories availability and integration are also critical while evaluating the tool. Moreover, users must consider their specific needs and reasons to purchase the table as each product has some unique feature that fulfills particular purposes. 

Industrial-Quality Fence Featuring Kreg Router Table Reviews 2022

In this section, we will focus on some significant router tables of Kreg Tools. We will highlight what makes a router table better. Then, once we understand the features that determine how the table would work, we will compare products based on those features. Now, let’s look at some of the most impressive router tables by the Kreg Tools Company.

Kreg PRS1045 Precision Router Table with Steel Stand


Kreg PRS1045 is undoubtedly the most impressive release by the Kreg Tools in the router table category. This power tool offers everything the workers need from a routing table. At first, let’s look at the design of the unit. It has a dimension of 37.48 x 25.51 x 36.5 inches with a weight of 69.9lbs. One of the best features of this router table is its high-performing wide-area tabletop with a surface area of 24 x 32 inches. This size for tabletop is rare in the routing table, and it allows users to move around on the table with their workpieces ensuring excellent control and usability.

The wide-area table has a 1 inch thick MDF core, which can absorb vibration and offers mass assisting in creating a stable table. However, while we are talking about the table’s stability, the most significant contribution for ensuring it is its heavy-gauge steel stand. The steel stand comes with levelers that maintain stability even on an uneven surface. In addition, the steel stand is customizable for different height use with a range of 31-39 inches giving its users excellent control and usability. Furthermore, the easy slide rough surface of the table with a high-pressured laminate makes the workpiece slide easily. 

The product’s design also includes self squaring T-square (ensures the fence will stay parallel with miter gauge slot) multipurpose anodized aluminum fence that can handle more extensive stocks. It is also equipped with a measuring scale for exact positioning, and it has adjustment locks to avoid deflection. In addition, the two feather boards come as a safety measure, providing support for kickbacks and ensuring the workpieces fit correctly with the fence. It also protects your hands from the router while working. The precision insert plates have 3 level lock reducing rings, and four precision insert plat levelers keep the plate and tabletop surface completely flush. Additionally, the size of the precision plate is 9 ½ x 11 ¾ x 3/8 inches, and it is pre-drilled, allowing mounting of different routers.        

This all-in-one router table has more exciting features, such as its dust management port ensuring the working area remains clean after the routing process. Furthermore, the thick MDF board not only absorbs vibration it initiates noise reduction while working. Therefore, if you are a woodworking professional or a weekend worker, this router table is an excellent choice for your convenient use, and it will serve you with precise performance. Lastly, the sturdy structure of the table ensures durability, and for reliability, there is Kreg Tool company. Now let’s check the key features of this product which I listed in this Kreg precision benchtop router table reviews section.

Package Includes    

  • Router tabletop
  • Precision router table fence
  • Multipurpose shop stand
  • True-flex feather board
  • Router table switch
  • Table setup bar
  • Router table stop
  • Locking casters
  • User manual

Advantages of Kreg PRS1045

  • Wide-area table surface allowing better usability and control
  • Steel stand with levelers for uneven floor
  • Height management of the table
  • Self squaring T-square fence
  • Insert plate compatible with most of the routers
  • Noise reduction and vibration absorbing 1 inch thick MDF top
  • Feather boards ensure safety and kickback protection
  • Built-in dust management port


  • The setup process is time-consuming
  • Weight decreases portability 
  • Price is high considering other available products on the market

Overall this router table is a must for woodworking enthusiasts to accomplish a better working result. This product is also popular among the woodworking community because of all its incredible features and design specifications.   

Bench Top Kreg PRS2100 Router Table Review

The Kreg Tools releases an upgraded routing table with the same capability as the industrial routing table, and it comes in a small portable package. The benchtop PRS2100 has a dimension of 19.25 x 30 x 4.75 inches with a weight of 23.9lbs. As a result, carrying and storing the table is not so troublesome. This excellent mobile router is also easy to set up, and as a result, professional and beginner woodworkers find the power tool fascinating.

Kreg PRS2100 has excellent design integration making it a robust table. It has an edge-banded MDF top with impact-resistant and easy slide micro dot skin, giving the users an area of 16 x 24 inches. The noise-resistant and vibration-resistant top enable users to have better usability with more control. In addition, it has a rigid anodized aluminum fence with quarter-turn locking and adjustable features such as independent sliding faces allowing the user more precision in their routing experience. Furthermore, the insert plate comes with insert levelers and markings on its back for quick mounting of different routers. 

Additionally, the versatile table compatible with most routers features Kreg’s lock reducing ring on the insert plate. The plate measures 3/8 x 9 ¼ x 11 ¾ inches, and it can handle every type, even the more sophisticated routers. The structure of the router table is sturdy, with its rugged steel legs and vibration-dampening rubber feet. With the rubber feet and vibration resistance MDF top, the table makes no noise while routing, allowing the users to enjoy their experience in a quiet environment. While discussing a better environment, the router table features a vacuum shroud/ dust port keeping the working area clean.  

Overall this great router can handle industry-level routing while ensuring better precision and accuracy on the work. The portability, ease of use, quick setup, robustness, and usability of the Kreg PRS2100 benchtop table will not disappoint its user. It will serve the woodworker durably with satisfying performance.

Kreg PRS2100- Accessories 

  • Precision benchtop router 
  • Insert plate with level lock rings 
  • Plate levelers
  • Aluminum fence with dust collection port
  • Bit guard
  • Jointing rods 
  • Assembly Hardware
  • Owner’s manual

Pros of Kreg Precision 2100 Bench Top

  • The capability of a full-size Industrial router table 
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Set up process is straightforward
  • Affordable price
  • Sturdy unit 
  • Steel stand with vibration-dampening rubber feet
  • Adjustable anodized aluminum fence
  • Vacuum shrouding for clean work area
  • Quiet routing
  • Compatible with most routers

Cons of Kreg Precision 2100 Bench Top

  • Plastic parts on the fence decrease durability
  • No feather boards for additional safety and support 

Kreg PRS2100 Table with Additional Essential Accessories 

So far, we have seen how incredible the PRS2100 benchtop table is, and it is exciting to have all these specifications in one router table at a desirable price. However, this router table gets better with some additional accessories for some extra dollars.

The additional accessories include a Kreg 3020 flex feather board(pack of 2), multipurpose router table switch (PRS3100), table setup bars (PRS3100, set of 7), and Kreg twist-lock ring set (PRS3050). With all these functional accessories, the work efficiency of the router increases moderately, and you will be able to enjoy more control and usability.

SO if you are a professional or DIY weekend woodworker, the Kreg PRS2100 and its accessories would be a great addition as a power tool.

Kreg PRS1040 Precision Router Table System


Kreg PRS1040 precision table system is another incredible router table manufactured by the Kreg Tools, and it will take your routing experience to the next level. With its design specifications and features, the unit is unmatched in terms of accuracy and versatility. This fantastic router table system has a dimension of 41 x 32 ¼ x 24 inches, and it weighs around 85 pounds. Moreover, its insert plate is 9 ¼ x 11 ¾ x 3/8 inches, and it can mount almost all the available routers in the.

The sturdy MDF tabletop consists of 24 x 32 inches, allowing better usability for a woodworker. With a more extensive area easy slide low friction surface, it gives room for more versatile work. The cover is a 1-inch thick MDF making the table vibration and noise-free. In addition, the table has an anodized aluminum fence with an adjustable T-square adjustment system. The fence also has locking features and independent sliding faces that ensure no border deflection, and it also confirms the exact positioning of the fence with stock.   

The precision table also has sturdy steel legs with a height adjustability feature. Users can set the height from 31 to 39 inches according to their working requirements. In addition, the heavy-duty stand comes with levelers to ensure stability on the uneven floor; also, it has a pre-drilled feature to mount accessories and customize the frame. Furthermore, to make sure clean working area with less sawdust, the table comes with a built-in dust collection system.

Overall this product by the Kreg Tool is a heavy-performance, customizable, and easily adjustable unit that is determined to provide users with accuracy in routing. For professionals and hobbyists, DIY workers, this complete package router table is a great deal.  

Package Includes

  • Precision router table
  • Precision router tabletop
  • Multipurpose shop stand
  • Instruction manual

Advantages of Using Kreg PRS1040 Precision Router Table System

  • Unmatched router table in terms of versatility and accuracy
  • Excellent adjustability and control
  • Heavy-duty steel stand with adjustable height
  • Precision T-square style fence
  • Compatible insert plate 
  • Spacious surface area
  • A built-in dust collection system

Limitation of PRS1040 Router Table System

  • The price is a little high
  • Less portable

The precision router table system will ensure precision with a stable stand, adjustable fence, and controllable mounting plate. Therefore, if you are woodworking looking for a table that will assist you with better accuracy in your work, this Router table is the right choice for you.

Our Final Thought

The Kreg Tools, another name for pocket joinery tools, have grown tremendously over their few decades of manufacturing experience, and it shows. The mentioned products and their detailed specifications in this Kreg benchtop router table review article give us a clear picture of how incredible their power tools are; from design specifications to performance and durability, the manufacturer company is ace in its products. 

Most of the router tables from the manufacturers are quick setup units that bring excellent value to the Kreg router tables, as other manufacturers’ table setup process is time-consuming and complicated. In addition, the MDF top, aluminum fence, and versatile insert plate allow users to have better control while routing on different stocks.  With better management and adjustability, the product enables its user to get accuracy in their complex cutting, grooving, or designing work. 

Moreover, the growing company Kreg Tools emphasizes the product’s better usability while keeping the cost in check. And with their user-centric perspective while manufacturing products, each of their router tables is better than the other for specific purposes.  So, if you are a woodworking enthusiast and thinking about getting a router table, these Kreg products are the better option for you, and you can choose from various products based on your specific need. For example, if you want a table that assists you with accuracy, you should go with the PRS1040 router table system. On the other hand, if you wish to buy an overall value for the money table, you should select precision table PRS1045.

To sum it up, woodworking is an excellent hobby or profession that allows you to create beautiful projects. Therefore, the right tool is mandatory to accomplish your woodworking goals, and Kreg Tools brings you those essential tools. Furthermore, it will allow you to have a fantastic working experience with more minor complications, and the result will give you utmost satisfaction.


Which router is compatible with Kreg Router tables?

The Kreg tool manufactures its router table, intending to fit all the routers with their table. As a result, most of the router is compatible with the Kreg router table, although there might be some rare exceptions.

Which Kreg router table provides more surface table area?

The Kreg PRS1045 provides a size of 24 x 32-inch surface area allowing better usability and control.

In terms of accuracy, which router table should I buy?

The prs1040 is an excellent addition by the manufacturing company that focuses on the precise cut. 


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