Hydraulic floor jack adjustment screw: setting & replacement

The hydraulic floor jack adjustment screw is a component of a hydraulic floor jack that regulates the height at which the jack lifts a load. It controls the amount of hydraulic fluid that is allowed to flow into or out of the jack’s cylinder, which raises or lowers the lift arm. Adjustment of the screw can fine-tune the jack’s performance. It helps lift a load to the desired height without over-extending or under-extending the cylinder.

How to adjust the Hydraulic floor jack screw?

To adjust the hydraulic floor jack screw, follow these steps:

  1. Find the screw first. The screw is usually located near the bottom of the hydraulic cylinder and may be hidden by a protective cover. Then start lifting the load.
  2. If there is a protective cover over the adjustment screw, remove it to access the screw.
  3. Use a wrench to turn the screw clockwise to reduce the height at which the jack lifts the load or counter-clockwise to increase the height.
  4. Lower the load and then lift it again to see if the height is at the desired level. Repeat the adjustment process as needed.


Different jacks may have different screw designs and placements. So check the manual carefully. Never make adjustments while the jack is under a load, as this can be dangerous.

It is not recommended to adjust the screw on a floor jack as it may impact the jack’s stability and safety. The screw is typically used to fine-tune the jack’s height, and improper adjustment can result in the jack collapsing or not properly supporting the weight of the vehicle.

Where is the hydraulic floor jack screw located?

The location of the hydraulic floor jack adjustment screw can vary depending on the manufacturer and model of the jack. Typically, the screw is located near the bottom of the hydraulic cylinder and may be hidden by a protective cover. In some cases, it may be located at the base of the jack or near the pump assembly.

To find the adjustment screw, the manual must include a diagram or description of the jack’s components, including the location of the adjustment screw. If you cannot find the manual, contact the manufacturer for assistance.

Can you replace the Hydraulic floor jack screw?

Yes, it is possible to replace a hydraulic floor jack adjustment screw. If the screw is damaged, worn, or not functioning properly, it may need to be replaced. Replacing the screw can restore the jack’s ability to adjust the height at which it lifts a load.

To replace the hydraulic floor jack adjustment screw, you will need a replacement screw that is the correct size and thread pattern for your specific jack. You may be able to purchase the replacement screw from the manufacturer or from a supplier of hydraulic jack parts.

Replacing the screw typically requires disassembling the jack to access the screw and may require specialized tools. If you are not familiar with the mechanics of hydraulic jacks, it is recommended to seek assistance from a professional.


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