Husqvarna 135 Mark ii Review [Upgraded Chainsaw]

Husqvarna has been producing efficient gas-powered chainsaws over the years. 135 Mark (ii) is one of the lighter editions of this brand. It is designed for homeowners who can work around their houses. The machine is perfect for cutting firewood and felling small trees. If you want to make your garden or home yard pleasant, we suggest that you should read this Husqvarna 135 Mark ii review article and buy this lightweight Husky chainsaw.

The 16-inch chainsaw has an X-Torq engine that yields so much power by using only little fuel. Moreover, this engine emits lesser fumes so that the ecology can remain fresh. The advanced air filtration system ensures proper filter cleaning automatically. A side-mounted chain tensioner provides auto adjustments of the chain. Besides, the Anti-vibration method and safety inertia-activated brake give you comfort and confidence to work handsomely. The easy starting system and the reasonable buying cost make this Husqvarna 135 chainsaw more acceptable. So, you don’t have any reason to avoid this chainsaw. Buy one right now!

Exclusive Features That Make Husqvarna 135 Mark ii A Special Chainsaw


This Husky 135 model chainsaw has a maximum bar length of 16-inches and a minimum bar length of 14-inches. The gas-powered chainsaw weighs only 4.7 pounds that is very light to hold for cutting works. Even the weight is 50% lighter than the Husqvarna Mark 120 (ii) is a gas-powered chainsaw. Though the 135 saw is not the most lightweight chainsaw available in the market, it is pretty much comfortable to perform your job. The maximum cutting speed of the saw is 9000 RPM which shows the machine can work very quickly.

A Gas-powered X-Torq Engine

The Husqvarna 135 Mark (ii) chainsaw has a 38 Cubic Centimeter, 2-stroke air cool X-Torq engine. The engine gives an output power of 1.6 kW, which is produced by gas combustion. These X-Torq engines are popularly known as eco-friendly because they use less fuel to generate power. Besides, they play a vital role in reducing gas emissions. Husqvarna 135 Mark ii Engine

Low-vibration System

Too much vibration of a machine is unacceptable. Because of the trembling of your arms, you can’t hold on to the device correctly, and it may bring trouble for you. To avoid this vibration problem, Husqvarna has included an anti-vibration system to the chainsaws. The system is beneficial, and it ensures the operator work for a more extended period without any fatigue.

Quick Release Air Filter

The cleaning of the air filter has always been a significant part of running a chainsaw. Chainsaw air filters often get dirty, so that the consumer needs to clean them frequently. But in this case, Husqvarna 135 MK has a unique air filtration system. The system helps to remove dust and debris from the filter very quickly. Thus, the engine runs properly and can perform to its best.

Side-mounted Tensioning System

A proper chain tensioning system helps the chain to rotate around the bar smoothly. Husky 135 models have a significantly improved side-mounted chain tensioning system that ensures the chain’s accurate movement. The system also provides an excellent way to adjust the chain with the machine.

Automatic Chain Oiler for Lubrication

Well organized lubrication method is very helpful to run chainsaws. We are happy to inform you that an automatic chain oiler is attached with this 135 Mark (ii) chainsaw. When needed, the auto oiler puts oil on the chain. It means the machine can cut materials without any disturbance. 

Easy to Start

Often the chainsaws take a longer time to start. It puts a negative impression in your mind about the machine. Husqvarna 135 MK 2 is very different from those saws. It has a choke and stops button which is combined in one place. It helps the engine start quickly and assures that it can get the air to utilize fuel properly. Easy to Start

Lifespan Time

Generally, Husqvarna produces long-lasting chainsaws throughout the years. Mark (ii) 135 is not different from them. The model offers a 2-years warranty for the consumers. From the public reviews, we find that this chainsaw runs far longer than the expiry time.

Safety Brake

The highly improved safety measures give you the confidence to use the machine more comfortably. There is an inertia-activated chain brake that stops the chain movements instantly while cutting. We find that this brake is pretty handy to prevent kickback injury. 

Smart Performer

Husqvarna 38 cc, 16-inches chainsaw generates a vast amount of power that enhances our cutting ability. This 135 chainsaw is designed pretty well so that it can perform great cutting works within seconds. Cutting tasks like felling small trees and cutting firewood can be done very efficiently. Husqvarna 135 Mark ii

Cheaper than You Expect

Husqvarna 135 Mark (ii) is available very cheaply in the market. The price ranges from $250 – $300. This excellent performing light-weighted chainsaw is more than useful for its users.


  • The gas-powered Husqvarna 135 is more reliable for its extensive lifespan.
  • The machine is made of resistant and robust materials
  • An inertia-activated chain brake provides excellent safety.
  • This 135 Mark 2 model comprises a stop/ choke control
  • Fuel pump helps to start the chainsaw very quickly
  • The internally built X-Torq engine produces lower emissions and uses less fuel.
  • An auto oiling system ensures uninterrupted cutting.


  • This Husky 135 is not great on hardwoods.
  • The machine can’t be run for extended times.
  • It is an entry-level chainsaw.

Final Thought on Husqvarna 135 Mark ii Review

We believe that Husqvarna 135 MK 2 model is one of the best light-duty chainsaws. This device is easy to control and can complete your cutting jobs within less time. The engine is blueprinted so well that it can use less fuel and maintain lower emissions. Air cleaning features, chain oiling system, low vibration method, and inertia-activated chain brake for safety are the outstanding characteristics of this machine. Our research does say that most of the users have given it positive reviews. We assure you to buy a Husqvarna 135 chainsaw without any doubt.


  1. bought it in may of 2022 the saw in january of 2023 would not idle brought it to service center have to order new carburetor. he said it would take about 3 weeks to come in mean while what do i do for a saw


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