Easy to Start Husqvarna 445e ii Review in 2024

Gas-powered chainsaws are highly power generators. But they emit so many fumes that our environment gets polluted. Keeping this thing in mind, Husqvarna has been manufacturing chainsaws that can use less fuel and control emissions. Husqvarna 445E II chainsaw from Husqvarna is one of them. In this latest Husqvarna 445e ii review, we will discuss its technical features, advantages, and setbacks so that you can get a brief idea before buying this unit.

This chainsaw is handy for light cutting. The machine is designed to reduce the misery of the users. Many spectacular features together have made this a unique product. The main highlight characteristics of Husky 445e are auto chain lubrication, side-mounted chain tensioning method, lower vibration system, advanced air filtration, innovative starting process, inertia-activated chain brake for safety, etc. A transparent fuel indicator and easy refueling system are the new inclusions to this chainsaw. House-owners use the tool for their light-cutting jobs around the home. But professional users are also encouraged to use it for simple cutting options. 

18 Inch Gas Chainsaw Husqvarna 445e ii Reviews

Gas-powered X-Torq Engine

Husqvarna 445e chainsaw has a gas-powered X-Torq engine. The engine produces a massive amount of power to cut a large volume of wood at a time. Another important characteristic of this engine is that it uses less fuel. It saves the operator money and reduces the emission of fumes. We have found that X-Torq engines use 20% fewer fuels than other gas-powered chainsaws, emitting 75% lesser fumes in the environment. This eco-friendly tool helps us to prevent environmental pollution.

Centrifugal Air Cleaning System

Air injection into the engine is very much crucial for a gas-powered chainsaw. Air helps to complete the combustion process of the gas. So, the user of a chainsaw always needs to make sure that the air filter remains clean. This Husky 445 has a particular centrifugal air cleaning system. The cleaning method removes most of the dust and debris from the filter and provides a proper air injection into the engine. 

Dimensions of Husqvarna 445e ii Chainsaw

This 445 (ii) Husqvarna model has a 50.2cc engine that is more powerful than the HUSQVARNA 435 chainsaw and can generate 2.8 horsepower. Generally, the chainsaw is made of an 18-inch bar, but the length can be extended to 20-inch. The tool weighs only 11.2 pounds (not the lightest chainsaw), but it can perform more than your expectation.

Smart Start

The chainsaw has an easy and smart starting system. There is a primer bulb built-in to the device that removes air from the carburetor and fuel lines. When you drag the cord to start the machine, the bulb provides an accurate fuel and air mixture ratio pumping into the cylinder. Therefore, you can start the chainsaw with only a few pulls.

Flip-up Tank Cap

We often find that the refueling tank cap gets stuck or even gets broken while fueling the machine. It has been a common problem of gas-powered chainsaws. Husqvarna 445e is beyond this problem because it has a flip-up tank cap. The cap is very easy to maneuver. This cap makes it so very easy to refuel the chainsaw.

Snap-lock Cylinder Cover

Snap-lock cylinder cover is another additional feature of this device. The consumer sometimes has to change the spark plugs. This cover saves a lot of time while changing the plug and also ensures the cylinder’s cleanliness.

Combined Choke and Stop Control

The combined choke and stop controlling method is highly developed here in Husqvarna 445 (ii). The process ensures that the carburetor can spray air and fuel mixture properly to the cylinder. Thus, engines get started in a very quick time. The choke and stop controlling system also reduces the chances of engine flooding.

Side-mounted Chain Tensioner

It will be very challenging for an operator to continue his cutting jobs if the chain doesn’t rotate smoothly. It causes interruption during the cutting sessions. The chainsaw has a side-mounted chain tensioner that provides the chain’s automatic adjustments during rotation around the bar. The chain tensioning system improves the functional performance significantly.

Husqvarna 445e ii Features Transparent Fuel Indicator

The users of the chainsaw don’t like any disturbance while performing their jobs. But when the fuel runs out, they can’t but stop their work. So if you have bought this 18’’ Husqvarna chainsaw, you may not have to face this problem. There is a transparent fuel indicator that shows the fuel level of the machine. 


Machine users like those devices which can yield massive power from their engines. Husqvarna 445 has all the qualities to produce immense energy because the engine is significantly designed for that. The forged 3-piece crankshaft of the engine provides maximum stability for the most challenging applications.

Inertia-activated Chain Brake

Before selling a machine in the market, the manufacturer has to make sure of its safety measures. Husqvarna has been producing chainsaws with excellent safety features over the years. This 445e model is not different from others. The chainsaw consists of an inertia-activated chain brake that protects an operator from kickback injuries. The brake activates with the sudden off movement of the machine. This property helps a user grow in confidence while working.

Anti-vibration System

It isn’t easy to hold the machine if the vibration level is very high. Therefore, the chainsaw brands are well aware of this problem, and they are trying to manufacture chainsaws with less vibration. Steel anti-vibration dampeners are built-in chainsaw that effectively absorbs the vibrations. As a result, the user’s arm standstill on the machine and can cut wood with ease.

Auto Chain Oiling Method

The proper lubrication system is required to continue your cutting work without any trouble. Husky 445 (ii) has an auto chain oiling method. This system ensures the uninterrupted running of the chain when you cut woody materials. The auto oiler puts oil on the chain frequently and maintains the proper lubrication of the chain.

Who should Buy Husqvarna 445e ii Chainsaw?

Considering the length and weight of the chainsaw, we can say that Husqvarna 18’’ 445e is a mid-level lightweight chainsaw. It is the perfect one for homeowners who occasionally like to work in their garden or backyard. The highest cutting speed of this chainsaw is 9000 RPM. However, professional users can also use this tool for their light-cutting jobs. 


  • This chainsaw has a very smart starting option.
  • It is an upgraded version of the Husqvarna 455 Rancher
  • The improved air filtration system extends the efficiency and lifespan of the engine.
  • Easy to refuel by opening or closing the flip-up tank cap.
  • A side-mounted chain tensioning method helps the chain to adjust automatically.
  • The forged three-piece crankshaft gives maximum durability to the engine.
  • An effective system minimizes the vibration.
  • The transparent fuel indicator helps to check fuel levels.
  • The X-Torq engine uses less fuel and emits a lower amount of fumes.
  • The Chain brake provides safety from the kickback injury.
  • An auto oiler maintains proper lubrication of the chain.


  • The chainsaw is not suitable for cutting hardwoods.
  • The saw requires a great deal of maintenance.
  • Chain is temperamental.


Can I put a 20-inch bar on a Husqvarna 445?

Yes, you can fit either a 16-inch, 18-inch, or 20-inch bar with the chainsaw.

What is the difference between Husqvarna 445 and 450?

The Husqvarna 445 produces a power output of 2.8 hp. But 450 Husqvarna has a slightly larger engine that gives an output of 3.2 hp.

Does the Husqvarna 445 come with a chain?

Yes, this chainsaw comes with both a chain and a bar. After using this chain, you can purchase another chain cheaply.

Does this chainsaw work with any chain?

There is no reason to use a different brand chain because the chain that comes with it is good enough to work. 

Final Overviews

As I already mentioned in our Husqvarna 18 inch 445e ii gas chainsaw reviews article that the chainsaw can be very suitable for users like a beginner. If any user wants to keep his garden clean and manicured, this Husqvarna 18’’ chainsaw is the right one for him. He can cut firewood whenever he wishes. The lower fuel user engine of this chainsaw saves money and the environment at the same time. The excellent chain brake prevents kickback issues, and anti-vibration technology provides more comfort.  The auto chain adjustment facility and auto chain oiling process give you more freedom to work with luxury. So, we suggest you buy a Husqvarna 445e ii chainsaw so that you can enhance your light-cutting performance.

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