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Fuel-Efficient Chainsaw Husqvarna 440 Review in 2024

There is a wrong conception in us, that the bigger product is the best one. Many of us think that the most powerful and heaviest chainsaw is the best one, but in reality, the adverse consequence might happen when the bigger one does not match the job class. You have to select a chainsaw that suits your job best and fulfills your demands. So today in our Husqvarna 440 review article, we will discuss the chainsaw that is not a bigger one but a perfect one for the mid-ranged cutting job.

Husqvarna 440 18 Inch Chainsaw is one of the best products of leading manufacturer Husqvarna in the field of chainsaws. This fully-assembled chainsaw is for the homeowners to do their mid-ranged cutting job.

With a powerful engine, this chainsaw comes with all ergonomic features to provide the best services to the users. It has a powerful X-torque engine. It consists of a nice air management system, felling marks, lightweight and easy maintenance. This saw has balanced fuel consumption and carbon exhaustion system. Just like the Husqvarna 450 Rancher, it is an eco-friendly chainsaw.  

Though this chainsaw is made for the purpose of homebound jobs, the professional logger can meet their demand with this robust one. Therefore, we recommend both homeowners and professionals to buy this one. Without any hassle, you can do your cleaning, pruning work, felling, and firewood cutting. It is the predecessor model of the Husqvarna 440e chainsaw. However, we will discuss here with both two chainsaws. 

Gas-Powered Husqvarna 440 Chainsaw Reviews

Let’s see why Husqvarna 440 chainsaw is perfect for homeowners. I Hope all of the features will answer the best. 

Powerful X-Torq Engine

The power of a chainsaw lies on its engine. It is the head of a chainsaw. The Husqvarna 40.9cc, 18 Inch chainsaw has a 2-stroke x-torque engine. Don’t make a mistake thinking it is the usual one. It is exceptional to all as usual engines of the gas-powered chainsaws. An X-torque engine can generate more power than a traditional engine. Another mind-blowing feature of this engine is that it consumes less fuel and exhausts the less-carbon. It copes with the world’s most stringent environmental regulations. That is why this chainsaw is to be called the eco-friendly chainsaw. 

The management of the engine is praiseworthy. For the durability of the engine, you will find it has three- pieces of the crankshaft. Those are forged in two halves and connected with the crankpin. 

The cutting performance of Husqvarna 440 Chainsaw

As the Husqvarna 2.4HP 18 Inch chainsaw has a powerful engine, you do not have to worry about its cutting performance. The engine tells a lot about itself. The engine delivers massive power to the saw in cutting time. The output of the power of the engine is 2.4 HP that is a standard cutting power. The maximum cutting speed of the saw is 9000RPM. The volume or capacity of the fuel tanks is 12.51 fluid ounces. The capacity of the tank is well enough to hold sufficient fuel for marathon cutting work.

The 18 inches bar is sufficient length to cut and fell any small to medium-sized wood. The piths of the chain are 0.325 inches, and the gauge is 0.050 inches that are perfect for a sharper blade. It can cut any wood and logs that come within 32 inches diameter. 

Air management

In a gas-powered chainsaw, air management is an important headache of the logger. Perfect air management can keep the engine well. It increases the durability of the saw. Husqvarna 2 Cycle 18 Inch chainsaw has a nice centrifugal air cleaning system. This system prevents dust and debris from entering the engine. With the help of this system, the loggers hardly have to clean the engine. It offers an improved engine to the users. 

Swift air filter cleaning system

As we mentioned in our Husqvarna 440 chainsaw review article, the chainsaw has a pre-air cleaning system. That’s why the logger does not have to frequently clean the air filter. But after a certain amount of time, he has to check the air filter and clean it. The cleaning process of the air filter is so easy and quick. In cleaning the air filter, loosen the nuts of the filter cover and detach it. Then clean the filter if it is runnable. If it is not runnable or damaged, then replace it with another new one. 

Easy starting

Husqvarna 40.9cc 18 Inch chainsaw’s combined choke helps to the effortless, easy and quick starting system. It also helps in the prevention of engine flooding.  In usual chainsaws, you have to pull the trigger several times. But in this saw, in easy pulling, you can start the chain. 

Snap-lock Cylinder covers

In engine management, cleaning the spark plug and changing it is one of the important jobs to be done. Husqvarna 2.4HP chainsaw has a Snap-lock Cylinder cover that saves time during that management. It also increases the durability of the engine.

Feelings marks

Do all gas-powered chainsaws have feeling marks? The answer will be no. In felling trees, the felling marks of the chainsaw have significant importance. Often the logger cannot determine the perfect direction of felling the tree. Felling the tree in the wrong direction leads to unexpected consequences. Keeping this inconvenience in mind, the manufacturer of the Husqvarna 2 Cycle 18 Inch chainsaw inserted the felling marks into these chainsaws. For this convenience, the loggers will not mistake felling the trees in the wrong direction. The felling marks act as the guide of a direction. These will show the way in which direction the tree should be fell down. 

Ergonomic Maintenance

The maintenance system of the Husqvarna 440 chainsaw is made ergonomically. You will notice, in most of the chainsaws, the handles are plain. The logger cannot keep his hand more strongly in a plain handle, and sometimes it slips off the handle. But the handles of this chainsaw are made asymmetrical. The asymmetrical handles are firmly grip-able. Besides, its soft inlay will also help the logger to the firmly gripping of the saw. Additionally, you feel comfortable pulling the starting trigger. The trigger is made ergonomically. 

Besides, it has an ergonomic cap that can be easily opened. In addition, its flip-up cap is easy to open with just a simple rotation. 

Husqvarna 440 Chainsaw is Lightweight

The weight of the heavy-powered gas chainsaws is generally above 15 lbs. But the weight of the Husqvarna 40.9cc 18 Inch chainsaw is so light. The weight of this saw is 9.7 lbs. For its lightweight, the logger can bring him anywhere for the outdoor cutting works. The lightweight is also helpful for the comfort of cutting. 


As the Husqvarna 2.4HP 18 Inch chainsaw is a gas-powered one, you might think that the vibration of this saw will be much more. But, no, it has an anti-vibration system. The vibration of this saw is at a low level. Its two mess principle effectively minimizes the engine from the handles. It reduces the logger’s fatigue and helps keep him energetic till the last stage of the work.

The noise of the saw is also at a reduced level. The level of the noise of this saw is 102dB (A). That is not so high and creates no annoyance. Be assured that your neighbor will not be bothered. 

However, the high noise is also inconvenient to the logger because it also increases fatigue. As this chainsaw is of less noise, the logger feels no inconvenience in his work.

Easy chain tensioning

Husqvarna 2 Cycle 18 Inch chainsaw has an easy side-mounted chain tensioning system. With less effort, the logger can tighten the chain. There is a single screw beneath the two bolts that keep the saw in the right position. In tensioning the chain, tighten the screw with the screwdrivers and a socket. As a result, the chain will be tightened. After being tightened, it will work in a more smooth and speedy condition.

Automatic Chain Oiling

The oil management of the Husqvarna 440 chainsaw is automatic. The loggers need not oil the chain manually. During the cutting time, the automatic process will seep the chain with oil. The constant lubrication system keeps the chain sharpener and makes it durable. 

Outer Clutch

Husqvarna 40.9cc 18 Inch chainsaw has an outer mounted clutch. It helps keep the saw fluent and balanced during the cutting. In cleaning, you can take the help of the side-mounted attachment. For this system, we can say that the saw’s controlling system is externally and internally reliable in both. 

The additional plus point is that plastic latches on the upper half of the saw are easily detachable. So, in mounting the engine, you can manually take off the latches or get the small screwdriver. After completing this action, the engine will be mounted. For this convenience, you can easily check the engine, whether anything needs to be fixed.


If we come to the context of the safety of the Husqvarna 2.4HP 18 Inch chainsaw, we find many things that ensure its safety. In the management of the saw, it has a kill switch. You can switch it if anything goes wrong. The kill switch is not with critical management. When you release the switch, the engine returns to the previous position.  

Inertia Chain Brake

Husqvarna 2 Cycle 18 Inch chainsaw has an inertia chain brake. With this system, the saw is safe in operation. Moreover, this brake can automatically stop the chain at the time of kickback and emergency. Thus, it protects the logger from unexpected situations and injury. 

Husqvarna 440 Has a Translucent Window

Husqvarna 440 chainsaw has a unique feature that is very uncommon to all gas-powered chainsaws. It has a translucent fuel tank. For this convenience, the loggers need not check the level of the tank with manual effort. Instead, the translucent window shows the level of the tank. In addition, it indicates the time of refilling of fuel.  

Replacement system

Another mind-appeasing feature of the Husqvarna 40.9cc 18 Inch chainsaw, it has a reconditioning facility. The tools and parts of this chainsaw can be reconditioned. If the parts of the saws are reconditioned and replaced, it looks like a new one. So it will keep it as an evergreen cutting instrument.


This chainsaw is made with a low-kickback system. The teeth of this chainsaw are sharper but not so deep. These bites the woods not deeply but speedily. So there is a little possibility of the kickback. The design of the chain is favorable to the low-kickback system. With this amenity, the logger gets more surety of safety.


  • X-tor engine & Sufficient bar length
  • Impressive cutting
  • Pre air cleaning system
  • Easy air filter cleaning system
  • Easy starting and easy maintenance
  • Directive Marks to fell the trees
  • Lightweight Ergonomic Design
  • Easy Chain Tensioning
  • Low-vibration & Low-kickback
  • Inertia Chain brake
  • Automatic oiling process
  • Translucent Window


16 Inch Chainsaw Husqvarna 440e Review

Now, we move to the Husqvarna 440e. It is the updated version of the Husqvarna 440. Though the Husqvarna 440 matches the Husqvarna 440e in its performance and features, there are also notable differences. The notable features of this chainsaw that are not in the 440 are given below with a discussion. So let’s check the Husqvarna 440E II review-

X-cut chain and X-force bar

The bar and chain of the Husqvarna 2.4HP i6 inches are slightly different from the Husqvarna 440. The Husqvarna 440e has an X-cut chain and bar. The bar and chain are more efficient than any others in cutting. They can cut the wood and logs efficiently in an accurate way. 

Tool-free chain tensioning

It is rare to find a gas-powered chainsaw with a tool-free chain tensioning system. In most traditional chainsaws, tensioning the chain is effortful. But this Husqvarna 40.9cc 16 inches chainsaw has a tool-free chain tensioning system. There is no need for a toolbox. No need for the wrench; just rotate the knob of the tensioning of the chain, tighten it. This ergonomic system has reduced the fatigue of the logger. 

Husqvarna 440E II Bar Length

The Husqvarna 2 cycle 16 inches chainsaw has a 16 inches bar. That is also sufficient length in the mid-ranged cutting job. The bar length of the Husqvarna 440 is 18 inches. However, the difference is fewer. 

Power output

The notable difference of the Husqvarna 40.9cc 16 inch chainsaw is the power output of this chainsaw is higher than the 440. The power output of this chainsaw is 2.41, while the power output of the Husqvarna 440 is 1.40. That is slightly different. 


  • X-cut chain
  • X-Force bar
  • 16 inches bar
  • Tool-free chain tensioning system
  • More power output

What is the key difference between Husqvarna 440 and 440e?

The key difference between the Husqvarna 440a and the 440e is that the chain tensioning process of the first one is manual. The user has to use the T-wrench. But in the case of the latter one, the user does not need to use the T-wrench. Thus, the chain tensioning system is tool-free. However, the rest of the differences are a little. 

Bottom Line

If you read the above Husqvarna 440 review discussion, there is no chance of having any hesitation. If you are a homeowner and you need a robust one with an ergonomic design. The Husqvarna 440 is here to meet your demand. You can also prefer the Husqvarna 440e over the Husqvarna 440 for its tool-free chain tensioning system. We can confidently say, with the impressive performance and easy maintenance, it will definitely please you. 

However, though it is fully assembled with ergonomic and safety features, properly following the manual will make the works successful to the fullest. 


What is the warranty of this saw?

The warranty of this saw is two years.  

What is the fuel mix ratio of the Husqvarna 440? 

The fuel mix ratio of the Husqvarna 440 is 50:1. 

What are the accessories of the Husqvarna 440? 

The accessories of this model include the replacement of chain, Pre-mix fuel, case, bar and chain oil, and the sharpening kit. 

What types of work suit the best?

The medium cutting works to suit the best. It is especially for pruning, trimming, cutting firewood, and felling the trees.

Can professionals use this chainsaw?

Yes, though this chainsaw is made for the purpose of the homeowners’ jobs, the professional can also be benefitted using this.

Does it make any difference in providing the warranty?

Yes, the warranty for the commercial and non-commercial is not the same. The warranty for commercial use is 90 days.

What is the oil capacity of this chainsaw?

The oil capacity of this chainsaw is 8.5 oz. 

Can beginners use the Husqvarna 440?

Yes. The Husqvarna 440 chainsaw is not heavier. Therefore, the maintenance of this saw is not so critical. So there is no need to have the experience of using it. So, beginners can use this chainsaw in their homebound cutting activities.

Does it come with a bar and chain?

Yes, it comes with the attachment of a bar and chain. 

Does it have a carry case?

No, it doesn’t have a carry case. If you need one, you should buy it separately. 

What is the level of the noise of this chainsaw?

The level of the noise of this chainsaw is 102dB (A)

What are the components made of?

The component of this chainsaw is made of steel.

What is the fuel consumption rate of this one?

The rate of the fuel consumption of this one is 513/kWh

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