Husqvarna 120 Mark ii Review [With Automatic oiler and lubrication]

Gas-powered chainsaws are highly demandable because they can perform cutting jobs for a long time. Husqvarna introduces many cordless gas-powered chainsaws, and Mark 120 (ii) is one of them. This chainsaw has some exclusive features that make it more comfortable to use. The 38.2cc, 2 cycles, X-Torq engine generates immense power so that the user can have the luxury to utilize it for tree pruning, cutting firewood, felling small trees, or hobby works. To get additional feature details, continue reading this Husqvarna 120 mark ii review article.

The engine starts very quickly due to the advanced air purge system and the combined choke/ stop controlling method. The air filtration process ensures proper combustion of fuel to run the engine effortlessly. Chain adjustment seems pretty straightforward, and an auto oiler puts oil on the chain steadily. We truly believe that the Husqvarna 120 (ii) model is the most suitable chainsaw for light-cutting duty for homeowners. The professional workers can also buy this machine for their lighter jobs.

Upgraded Eco-Friendly Husqvarna 120 Mark ii Review

Exclusive X-Torq Engine

The emission of different gases is the most talked of the topics of the world nowadays. Every person has become aware of environmental pollution, and they try to reduce the problem somehow. Like the Husqvarna T435 top handle chainsaw, Husqvarna MK 120 ii (ii) has an engine which is called X-Torq. This engine is specially designed to lessen the emission. It consumes less fuel, and so it reduces the emission of fumes. This characteristic makes Husky 120 an eco-friendly chainsaw. Statistics show that X-Torq engines use 20% fewer fuels than other gas-powered chainsaws, emitting 75% fewer fumes in the air. You can easily realize how pollution-free this chainsaw can be.


Husqvarna Mark 120 (ii) is a gas-powered chainsaw consisting of a 38.2cc, 2 cycle engine. Generally, we find a 16-inch guide bar attached to this machine, but this can also be changed. The maximum bar length is 18-inch, and the minimum size is 14-inch. This chainsaw weighs only 10.7 pounds which is very light compared to other chainsaws. 

Chain Lubrication System

You don’t want interruptions during their cutting jobs because this may slow you down a bit. You desire smooth-cutting operations by using a chainsaw. Husqvarna is meeting their demand and producing chainsaws that have an auto chain oiling system. This method helps to put oil on the chain automatically during the cutting work. It means the chain gets the lubrication needed and starts to rotate properly around the guide bar. This smooth moving of the chain ensures the smooth cutting of the materials.

Simple Tensioning System

It will be tough for an operator to handle the chainsaw if he needs to adjust the chain frequently. This occurrence may discourage him, and he may lose concentration to finish the cutting job. This 120 (ii) Husqvarna model has a simple chain tensioning system that automatically adjusts the chain when the chainsaw is performing its trimming work. Therefore, an operator can have the luxury to finish the job smoothly.

Anti-vibration Process

Vibrations are sometimes irritating. If your arms start to tremble during the cutting session due to the machine’s vibration, nothing can be more annoying than that. That’s why chainsaw brands are trying hard to solve this matter. An anti-vibration method is built to prevent this trouble. There are steel anti-vibration dampeners that effectively absorb the vibrations and help to spare the arm/ hand of the operator. Thus, the user cuts wood with a lot of comforts.

Air Cleaning Method

Air injection is vital for a gas-powered chainsaw. If the air can’t regularly enter into the engine, the combustion process may get interrupted. So the user of the chainsaw always has to be aware of cleaning the filters. The chainsaw of Husqvarna has a unique air filtration system. This process removes most of the dust and debris from the filter before they reach there. That means a user can clean the filters after a long interval and continue his cutting work nicely. Moreover, with the help of proper air injection, the engine works much faster. 

Air Purge System

The Husky 120 chainsaw is much easier to start because it has a developed air purge system. There is a primer bulb built-in to the machine that removes air from the carburetor and fuel lines. So you can start the chainsaw with only fewer pulls. When you pull the cord to start the machine, the bulb provides the correct fuel and air mixture ratio pumping into the cylinder. It ensures a quick start of the saw. 

Inertia-activated Chain Brake

While working with a machine, you need to take the necessary steps to prevent injuries. The chainsaw brands have become very alert and have begun to produce tools with enough safety measures. This Husky model of chainsaw has an inertia-activated chain brake that can prevent kickback injuries. This brake gets activated with the sudden off movements of the chainsaw. You can feel very safe while using 120 (ii) Husqvarna chainsaws.

Hand Guards

We often see that when you begin to cut the woody materials with a chainsaw, the wood particles and debris spread here and there. Sometimes these spreading particles hit on the hands and cause injury to the operator. The handguard of this 120 (ii) tool protects the hands from injuries. 

Combined Choke/ Stop Control

This Husqvarna chainsaw model has a combined choke/ stop controlling option. The system ensures that the carburetor can spray air and fuel mixture to the cylinder. So the engine starts in a quick time. The combined choke mainly helps to start the machine without any delay. It also reduces the possibility of engine flooding.

Cutting Performance

The gas-powered chainsaws are highly known for heavy cutting. This latest version of the Husqvarna 16-inch chainsaw has a strong X-Torq engine that yields great energy to perform many cutting jobs. House-owners use this lightweight chainsaw for cutting overgrown tree branches or slicing timber for their usage. As the saw gives an output of 1.88 Horsepower energy, it can perform at high speed.Husqvarna 16-inch chainsaw


Consumers search for products with extended validity. Keeping this in mind, Husqvarna starts to build chainsaws that have a long-lasting capability. Though Husqvarna 120 has a full 2-years warranty, it can be extended by maintaining proper machine use.

Short feature review of Husqvarna 120 mark ii chainsaw

  • The 38.2cc X-Torq engine helps to lessen fuel consumption and gas emission.
  • The anti-vibration system reduces the vibration levels.
  • An automatic oiler supplies oil on the chain steadily.
  • The advanced air cleaning process removes dust from the filter to maintain proper air injection into the engine.
  • A simple chain tensioning system ensures the correct adjustment of the chain during rotation around the bar.
  • The built-in safety brake reduces the risk of injuries during the cutting operation.
  • A 2-year warranty for the consumers can be extended up to 5 years.


  • If Husqvarna 120 is not used for a few weeks, the carburetor may get gummed. It may take a longer time to start, or you must readjust the carburetor to start the machine.
  • After running for a long time, this tool may stall sometimes.
  • The 16-inch lightweight chainsaw is not suitable for heavy work. You can use Husqvarna 455 Rancher chainsaw that has extended 20 inches bar


Question 1: What is the fuel ratio?

Answer: 50:1 oil to gas ratio.

Question 2: Is the 120 similar to the 340? Will chains from my 340 work with the drive socket 120?

Answer: Yes, the 120 and 340 work similarly. The chain from 340 will suit 120.

Question 3: How long is the warranty for this chainsaw? If something is wrong with the time warranty or defect, what should I do?

Answer: The warranty period for the 120 Mark ii chainsaw is 2 years. If you encounter issues during your ownership, I recommend taking the saw into your local Husqvarna service center to diagnose any potential issues and repair, possibly under warranty, depending on the nature of the problem.

Question 4: How many liters is the fuel capacity? Also, does Husqvarna 120 Mark 2 chainsaw comes with a tool kit?

Answer: The fuel capacity of the Husqvarna 120 Mark (ii) chainsaw is 28 liters or 59 pints. Of course, the chainsaw comes with the necessary tools for operation.

Our Overall Thought

Husqvarna 16-inch 120 (ii) chainsaws are very useful for those who want to work in their garden or backyard of the house. The lower fuel user engine produces a massive amount of power and lessens the emission. The handguard and chain brake provides the operator with excellent safety. The advanced features of this tool have made it quite reliable and comfortable.

So if you are searching for a lightweight chainsaw with robust performance, we suggest that you should read our Husqvarna 120 Mark ii 16 in review article before buying. For any additional information, you can comment below.


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