Hobart Handler 140 Review [Affordable 115V MIG Welder]

Are you looking for a MIG welder to accomplish your welding works? Are you confused with the variety of products in the market? Is your budget around 500$, and you don’t know which MIG welder to buy? Well, to answer all your queries, You must check our Hobart Handler 140 Review. This easy setup 115V MIG welder is one of the best available products in this price range.  

If you plan for some household repair work, automotive work, repair shop work, or just some DIY welding work, the Hobart Handler 140 is a perfect choice. This Hobart 140 welder will serve you just fine whether you are a professional, hobbyist, or beginner. 

Hobart MIG welders maintained their reputation for an extended period with their excellent manufacturing work in the welding industry. They focus on building user-friendly welders that will serve its user smoothly and offer longevity. The Hobart Handler 140 mig welder is one of their best-selling products that comes along with all the advanced technology.

Five Position Voltage Control Unit Hobart Handler 140 Review 2023

Quick Setup

The setup process is straightforward, and you can set it up for welding in 5 minutes, even if you are a beginner. In addition, the product comes with a well-described user manual that is easy to understand, and it will prepare you to set up the machine in no time. 

The unit operates in a 115V outlet which is usual for most houses. So you can use the Hobart Handler 140 from your home or garage. For maximum performance, you will need a 20 amp circuit.

The machine comes with accessories that will allow you to start your work right after the unboxing of the package. It includes a 10-foot HR-MIG gun, 10-foot work cable with a clamp, power cord, dual gauge regulator, gas hose, contact tips (0.030in.), quick select drive roll, spool of the flux core wire, gauge for material thickness, and manual user guide. 

As soon as you unbox the product and you have your safety gear on, you will be able to start welding. Again, the user manual will come in handy with tips and tricks to get you started on your project. 

Easy to Operate Hobart 140 Welder

Once you have open the box and are ready to welding, you will find out how smooth it is to operate the machine. It is relatively small, and its weight is 57lbs, enabling the user to use the product effectively. Hobart Handler 140 reviewsThe control panel is clean and consists of two regulators, one on/off switch, and one overload light. Also, there is a predefined setting chart to help you operate the machine. The intuitive settings make the Hobart Handler bring out the best outcome for your welding needs. 

The unit comes with a 5-position voltage control system. One of the two knobs controls the voltage; you can set the voltage anywhere between min and max. The other knob controls the wire feed speed. There are also dual grove drive rolls that make switching easy from one wire size to another. This user-friendly control panel is resulting in smooth spatter-less welding in different thickness level materials.   

Efficient 115V MIG Welder

The Hobart 140 can perform two processes; MIG welding and flux core welding. 

You can use this machine in the following weldable materials, steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. It can weld 24 gauge up to 1/4in—mild steel.  Although it does not have a spool gun, you can weld aluminum from 16-12 gauge. For MIG steel, 24 gauge to 3/16in, and for MIG stainless steel, 18-10 gauge.

Safety Measures

The Hobart welders build their products keeping in mind that it has to last long. As a result, the machine is sturdy and robust. Moreover, it applies some safety measures so that the device can operate for an extended period. 

The most exciting safety feature about Hobart Handler 140 is the thermal overload protection. It will automatically shut down the power in the case of an electrical surge or overheating issue; then, it will take time for cooling and reset.hobart handler 140 mig welder reviewsThe short circuit protection feature protects the device from working against current overload if the machine exceeds its duty cycle. 

There is also a built-in cold conductor in the Hobart 500559 Handler 140. This built-in method protects the machine when it is not in use. Therefore you do not have to worry about damaging the device by keeping it out of work for a long time.  


The Hobart Handler 140 comes with a Hobart Welders warranty. So if you are worried that the low price welder may not last long, the product warranty will take away all your concerns.

The Hobart welders provide parts and labor warranty for five years for the transformer (power source). In addition, the warranty covers up to three years for the wire drive system, control boards, and regulator. Lastly, Hobart welders cover for MIG gun, contactors, and relay for one year (90 days if used for industrial work).

Who Should Buy Hobart Handler 140 MIG Welder?

Different groups of people can use this fantastic product for various purposes. Firstly, if you are a beginner in welding, this product is the best one for you. With a user-friendly interface and operation system, you will not be burnout using this 115V welder. Furthermore, there is no complication in setting up the product for welding, which gives the novice learner and seasonal user a sense of reliability.

Hobart Handler 140 reviewsNow for the hobbyist and the professionals, this product will satisfy your need if you are not thinking about large-scale industrial welding. The features of this MIG welder will allow you to become an efficient welder with a smooth and attractive work output. In addition, the portability and safety measures will also come in handy for all types of users. So if you want to carry it from one place to another based on your need, you can do it easily without damaging the machine or causing any trouble.   

Finally, the versatility of the product will allow you to work on different projects, such as metal artwork, home/shop repair work, trailers, BBQ devices welding, ornamental design welding, sporting equipment welding, fences/garden/lawn equipment welding, metal sculpture work, or for some easy to complex DIY work. The Hobart Handler 140 is highly convenient for all of these works except heavy industrial welding.

Pros of Hobart 140 welding machine

  • This welder can perform two processes MIG welding and core flux welding.
  • The setup process is quick and easy, allowing the user to start working right after unboxing. 
  • The safety measure of Hobart Handler 140 includes thermal overload protection, circuit protection, and cold conductor, which makes the product more efficient.
  • Robust and sturdy.
  • Hobart Welder’s warranty.
  • User-friendly drive roll system.
  • For better heat control, there is a 5-input voltage regulator.
  • Infinite wire feed speed option.
  • Beginner-friendly.
  • Highly efficient and quality arc performance.
  • The product is relatively lightweight, resulting in easy portability.
  • This product allows versatile welding projects. 


  • A cart is needed for movement if you intend to move the machine frequently.
  • The product is not suitable for industrial-grade work.
  • Users will need an additional gas cylinder for MIG welding.
  • A spool gun is not usable with this product.
  • The length (5 feet) of the power cord may create some problems in exceptional scenarios.


The Hobart Handler 140 is the best MIG welder for you at an affordable price. For novice users and seasonal users, no other welder can provide you a service like this product. Also, the hobbyist and professionals can find this product very useful for their non-industrial work.

With its quick setup and easy access feature, most of its users recommend this Hobart 500559 welder. Also, all the functionality this product provides can bring out the best work output. This convenient, reliable, and robust MIG welder will not disappoint you.

Finally, The Hobart Welders warranty will allow the user to use this product without worrying too much. And if there are some manufacturer’s errors, the 5/3/1 year warranty will cover you up. So if you are still thinking about getting a MIG welder, this is the one for you. I hope, you get a clear idea after reading this hobart 140 reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Hobart Handler 140 come with all the upgrades?

Yes, the package contains everything you need to set up the machine. Including a 10-foot HR-MIG gun, 10-foot work cable with a clamp, power cord, dual gauge regulator, gas hose, contact tips (0.030in.), quick select drive roll, spool of the flux core wire, gauge for material thickness, and manual user guide. 

Is the product compatible with household voltage outlets?

The Hobart 140 mig welder needs an input voltage of 115V, which is standard for most home voltage outlets. 

Do I need to buy a carrying cart?

The product is 57lbs which is relatively lightweight than the Hobart 210 MIG welder. However, a carrying cart will come in handy if you intend to move the machine frequently.

 Can I use Hobart Handler 140 for TIG welding?

The Hobart Handler 140 allows only MIG welding and core flux welding.

Does the product come with a warranty? 

The Hobart welders provide parts and labor warranty for five years for the transformer (power source), covers up to three years for the wire drive system, control boards, and regulator, and one year (90 days if used for industrial work) for MIG gun, contactors, and relays.

Do you still have any questions related to Hobart Handler 140 Review article? You can comment on your question below, and I will get back to you ASAP.


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