Hobart Handler 125 VS 140

Hobart Handler 125 VS 140: Key Differences At A Glance

This article will highlight two of the Hobart welding machines side by side, so people from the welders’ community can get a clear view of both products and select the one that suits their needs. Nowadays, with the advancement of technology, there are many options for electronic or mechanical tools. As a result, the general user often gets confused and struggles to select the right product for themselves. Therefore, we bring you this Hobart Handler 125 VS 140 comparison article to make users’ buying journey more pleasant.     

Before we dive into product details and specifications, we will have a brief discussion about the manufacturer. The Hobart manufacturer has been running the operation for over a century. More specifically, they have been in the business since 1917. Therefore, the company has gathered enough experience to produce unique specifications that provide extraordinarily satisfying performance. In 2000, the Hobart manufacturer started manufacturing welding machines and accessories, and Handler 125 and 140 is an example of their excellent manufacturing capability.

We will discuss the products as budget-friendly, affordable, and complete operation for small to mid-range welding. For example, users from different skill levels can use the machine to work in the house, kitchen, farm, or garage. Moreover, users can use these products for maintenance, auto repair, farming, ranch, or other DIY projects. Therefore, if you are looking forward to getting a welding machine, we suggest you traverse through the whole piece to make a knowledgeable decision.     

Overview Of Hobart Handler 125 MIG Welder

Hobart Handler 125 MIG Welder

The Hobart handler 125 is a welding machine capable of MIG welding and flux core welding. At first, we will take a look inside the product package at what comes with it. 


  • Flexible 8-feet gun with liner for 0.030-0.035 inches
  • Work cable with clamp
  • Power cord with molded plug
  • Two 0.030 contact tips
  • Weld setup charts
  • Owners manual with installation, operation, and maintenance guidelines

This welding unit has 19.4 x 10 x 13.5 inches dimensions with a weight of 57.5 pounds. The compact device with a moderate weight has a metal construction with a carrying handle on top, allowing better mobility with the machine. In addition, the engine supports standard 120V household voltage settings increasing its portability. 

The setting up process is easy, and beginner users can set up the device. The MIG machine generates an amperage range of 25-130amp, and it has a duty cycle of 25% at 80 amp. With these power settings, the machine can weld 24gauges up to 3/16 inches in steel and up to 1/8 inch steel with flux-cored wire.  Additionally, the device has 4-output voltage settings allowing users to set the ark for different thicknesses. Also, for flexibility and matching compatibility with the thickness of the material, the device has a spool hub assembly with 4/8 inches spools.

The Hobart Handler 140 also features a factory-installed gas solenoid, making changing the wire from flux core to MIG more convenient. In addition, as a safety measure, the built-in contactor keeps the wire electrically cold until the trigger is pulled, and self-resetting thermal overload protection protects the machine from excessive heat. Also, the quick release drive roll system gives easy accessibility to thread new wires, and the device has infinite wire feed control. Overall, the Handler 125 is an ideal budget MIG welder that will provide its users with excellent performance.    

Features we liked about Hobart Handler 125

  • Easy setup and maneuverability
  • It runs on a standard household 120V outlet
  • 4-output voltage settings give more welding option
  • Portable device
  • Quick and easy wire changing
  • Infinite wire feed control
  • Built-in contactor
  • Self-resetting thermal overload protection
  • It comes with a warranty package


  • Not recommended for industrial-grade works 
  • Additional accessories needed for MIG gas welding
  • It does  not support standard generator operation

Overview Of Hobart Handler 140 Welding Machine

Hobart Handler 140 Welding Machine

The Hobart Handler 140 is one of the most popular among Hobart MIG welders, and it also is capable of MIG and flux core welding. The product comes with a complete package that includes the following components.


  • Comfortable 10-feet HR-100 gun
  • 10-feet work cable with clamp
  • Built-in gas solenoid valve and dual gauge regulator with gas hose
  • Spool hub assembly (4 or 8-inch spool)
  • Sample spool of 0.030inch self-shielding flux core wire
  • Power cord with plug
  • Contact tips (0.030inch)
  • Quick select drive roll
  • Welding guide and material thickness gauge
  • Owners manual

The MIG welder has compact construction that offers excellent portability with its carrying handle, dimension of 19 x 11 x 13 inches, and weight of 57pounds. In addition, the durable machine runs on a standard 120V household outlet and provides an amperage range of 25A to 140A. It also has a duty cycle of 20% at 90A. Therefore, users from different skill levels can comfortably attend auto repair work, maintenance work, farm and ranch, and DIY projects with this machine maintaining better arc performance

It also features a convenient polarity changeover, industrial cast-aluminum wire drive system, and a sloped control panel that allows the user to access the device’s full potential.  In addition, this welding unit features essential safety measures to ensure durable use. For example, it incorporates self-resetting motor protection and self-resetting thermal overload protection that protects the machine and its wire feed system. It protects the unit from any heat-related damages.

To sum it up, this MIG welder can weld 24 gauges up to ¼ inches in MIG steel, mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. Furthermore, with all the design specifications and power settings, the machine comes with a limited 3-year manufacturer’s warranty making this a reliable welding unit. 

Advantages of Hobart 140 Mig Welder

  • Two processes- MIG welding and core flux welding
  • Easy setup and beginner-friendly usability
  • Self-resetting motor protection and self-resetting thermal overload protection as safety measures
  • Sloped control panel with smooth arc performance
  • Five-position voltage control
  • Quick select drive roll and industrial cast-aluminum wire drive system 
  • Portable unit


  • The spool gun option is not available with the product
  • No capable of industry-grade welding
  • Need additional gas cylinder for MIG welding
  • The power cord is only 5-feet

Hobart 125 VS Hobart 140 Mig Welders Compariosn 2024

Throughout the Hobart Handler 140 VS 125 article, we can see that both the devices are quite similar. For example, both products have nearly identical weight and size, and welding capability is MIG welding and core flux welding. In addition, the Hobart 140 and Hobart 125 have a close similarity between the features. Therefore, to distinguish one from the other, we will list the difference between the products.    

  • In terms of price, the Handler 140 is higher than the 125, making Hobart 125 more budget-friendly
  • The Hobart 125 welding machine offers 4-voltage settings, where the Handler 140 has 5-voltage options. So Hobart 140 is better in terms of voltage variation
  • The duty cycle of Hobart 140 is 20% at 90amp, and 125 has a duty cycle of 25% at 80amp. Thus, 125 has a higher duty cycle  
  • For amperage range, the Hobart 140 is the winner as it gives a broader range of 25-140amp, where Hobart 125 provide a range of 25-130amp
  • Hobart Handler 125 has a factory-installed gas solenoid feature allowing quick changes of welding process from MIG to flux core
  • The Hobart Handler 140 has an industrial cast-aluminum wire drive system for professional welding
  • The Hobart 140 has a higher wire feed speed of 40-700IPM, where Hobart 125 has 88-545IPM.
  • Built-in cold contactor feature comes with Hobart 125
  • The Handler 140 has a convenient polarity changeover

Overall, both the products have more similarities than dissimilarities. For example, both also have safety measures like cold contactors, self-resetting thermal overload, motor overload features.  If you are looking for a welding machine that can accomplish most mid-sale welding jobs, then any of the two products would come to your aid.

Our Recommendation: Hobart 140 or 125?

To conclude this Hobart Handler 125 VS 140 comparison article, we can state that both are incredibly capable of accomplishing extraordinary welding to your project’s needs. However, if you want a specific one, we suggest choosing the Hobart Handler 140, considering the user does not have any budget issues. And if the user is on budget, they can get the Handler 125, which will also satisfy the user. 

Hobart is a well-renowned manufacturer, and you cannot expect any less from their power products. These products are durable, portable, and efficient units that will complete any welding task except the industry-scale, without any complications. 

Therefore, if you are from the welders’ community and looking forward to enhancing your tool collection, get any of the above products, and you will end up with a beneficial deal. Moreover, if you still want to browse more products, we can suggest our Hobart Welders Reviews check out as we discuss more devices from the Hobart manufacturer with detailed discussion. 


Does the Hobart Handler 125 need shield gas?

The machine can operate with or without shielding gas. Therefore protecting gas is not the main concern for using the device.

Is the setup process of Hobart 140 and Hobart 125 complicated?

The setup process for each of the devices is super easy. First, the manufacturer packs the unit with an owner’s manual that tells the user precisely what to do, and in less than 5 minutes, the device is ready for welding.

Which of the two has generator welding capacity? 

 Unfortunately, none of the two has a generator using capacity. However, both of the machines can operate from a household setting.

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